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Cooking with Gibberish #36 Tsukiji Fish Market

Hmm….let’s take a look over here… …..oh….nasty! Tuna fishheads. Nothing goes to waste. The heads and eyes are broiled later. “Rolly Polly fishheads. Eat them up…yum!” How does it taste? That’s an octopus patty. This is with fresh soybeans. He’s eating sea urchin roe! It’s not too bad. Dad, you should try it. Okay. Actually, it’s not like… I’m not crazy about it. But I’m not violently opposed either OMG. This is so good! (It’s delicious, isn’t it?) At first I thought it was fresh abalone because of the shell… …then I looked at the price and said no-way. Then the shape of the meat looks like scallops With lots of fresh wasabi…just the way I like it! Ready or not! Get ready gullet….here comes the wasabi! W-A-S-A-B-IIIII!!! Very fresh. The shiso leaf adds to it. Just the scallop medal or main muscle. No chewy mantel to get stuck in your teeth. All gone!

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