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Cooking With Kade, Catching and Cooking Louisiana Wild Catfish on Cajun TV Network

Welcome back to Cooking With Kade. Today we’re
going to fry some fish on a fishing trip that I went to yesterday with my friends Mr. Pat
and Mr. Ed. Enjoy. We’re going to go out on the boat and check the trout lines. This is
what I’m talking about. Here’s some of the fish we caught on on fishing trip. Now we’re
going to make our egg wash. First let’s add in two eggs. Now we’re going to add in some
mustard. And for our last ingredient some milk. We have about four pounds of filet fish
on a plate so we’re going to put that in our egg wash and then we’re going to put it in
a coating we’re going to make with some Cajun Bait Corn Flour some Cajun Bait Corn Meal
and about four tablespoons of my special seasoning blend. Now before we make our coating we’re
going to put a few fish in our egg wash. You want to make sure you get your fish in that
egg wash good. Now we’re going to mix it with our hands. Now we’re going to put our corn
flour and corn meal and my seasoning blend inside a bag and we want to shake that up.
Are you paying attention. Here’s a tip you want to make sure it’s sealed good and you
want to leave a little air in there so that it has room to move and then you want to bunch
the top then you mix it. But you want to make sure you don’t want a train wreck. Now we’re
going to put in four to five pieces of fish inside of our coating. Here’s a tip you want
to let it drip so that you don’t get your coating all messed up. Watch me mix it. Now
we’re going to put it in the grease. But first here’s a tip you want to make sure you get
all that excess coating off so you don’t ruin your grease. First batch is frying so earlier
my Momma made me some Camellia Pinto Beans to go along with our fish. We’ll show you
the bean recipe another time. Are you paying attention. Now we’re going to flip them. This
batch is done so I’m going to take them out. Remember that tip I gave you last time always
put some onions on your fish it gives it a lot more flavor. Are you paying attention.
Our second batch is done so let’s take this out. Here’s our last batch. You’ll be surprised
that if you fry fish any type of fish how good it will be with some raw onions on top.
Now’s my favorite time. Time to eat. My Momma made me some homemade coleslaw. Now to put
on a little WoW Wee Tarter Sauce. MMM MMM

  • Great fishermen as well as a cook. Awesome job Kade! You are a natural at everything you do. You just can't beat good catfish. I want to go fishing with you!

  • Sorry. I have to leave another comment. Wow. What a plate of yummy food! Onions? Ohhhh yeahhhh man. Cole slaw and beans? Ohhhh yeahhhh! This flat out Rocks!

  • not a catfish eater here little guy, but i would kill a pot of mamas pinto beans, i luv them things,,,,,u do so much in the kitchen, u never cease to amaze me, keep up the good work and jus hav some fun,,,,,that is what cookin is all about,,,,btw, nice trick wit the fresh onions likin that alot

  • Awe man, I love fried catfish. Especially, when it's fresh like that! Glad you included the fishing trip in the video. That looked like a blast!!! Nice job once again Kade! Keep up the great videos!!!

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