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Copes Garša – Fishing in Sweden EP1(4K!) (LV; ENG subs)

I’ll show you the secret spot where the zander are biting. Right here … in Riga. But we will continue further. To Sweden. Anyone here? Hi! Good afternoon! Hi! Armands! Krisjanis. We’ve finally reached our final destination. We are at Krišjānis. At Krišs. Yes, at Krišs. At a zander lake in Sweden. What’s its name? Bergviken. Let’s not drag along. Krišs will show us where we will land the boats and we will get ready. I’ll show you with whom we have arrived here. And so on… Let’s go! We have finally arrived at our destination. At the Swedish lake. In the course of time, I’ll go into more details and show you whats the lake alike, what fish can be caught here. We are hungry after fishing. Let’s go inside! Thanks for pressing LIKE, Kaspars is cured. (Speak English) So to speak, back on track. Good morning everyone! You’ll see him a lot. Our new team members are with us as well. Let’s go to show and introduce. Janis Elsons A member of our team. And his colleague Armands Zalmezs. We cannot do without torment anymore. We will have a competition. In fact, even a few small tasks to make it more interesting for us and you. The big task is to catch the 3 biggest fish – perch, zander and pike. All these fish are possible to catch on the jig. And during these days, we’ll count whose fish will be the longest … we won’t weigh them. The winner will have special prizes. I won’t say what kind of, we’ll show you later. It will be a surprise. What can you say to your defense? I can give you these foam rubbers and we can make a competition. Try to catch fish on them. You can choose two … the ones you think will catch the fish. It’s a Sabalin’s clone … these are scissored … during whole winter The task is to catch fish on this one. I also watch PAL on YouTube … blue and black colours dominate there. Black one. I would advise you to take the longest and with glitter. Of course, whoever catches on it, will get hooks as the prize. Upon your own choice … say 14g, 16g, 18g … such a package. This is a super secret package. Hooks with the right bend. Very good. We have the first anchor. The fish are there. Some. We saw couple. To understand what is what, we will try everything in the beginning. Here is a depth of 10m. We saw some fish in sonar. Look, you can see the zander sitting alone down there. At this spot. Here you can see how it looks at Raymarine sonar. Here we have a nice depth map traced with Humminbird. You can see a nice shelf surrounded by depth. There are good specimens. Sitting there… one, two, three … these are pretty ones. Here are four of them. We will mark them now. How far are they?! 10m from the boat. Twelve … need to anchor at least fifteen meters far. The first zander. Not a great specimen. This one looks like in Koknese … kind of very brown. Like the zander from Koknese. 37cm We should start with something. At the moment we are fishing foursome. Later the base owner Krišjanis will join us. We’ll fish together then. He will tell about the rules and more generally about fishing in Sweden. I realized immediately, that the zander was small. And legal size zander on this lake starts at 50cm. If we say, that the caught fish is a undersized fish, 50cm should be considered. We plan to release the fish. Sure we will take a couple and prepare them. Maybe then we’ll show you. I had a strike! This one is a little better. But not terribly big. This took with a strike … TUNNN! Just the way they seemed in sonar They weren’t big ones . This one is angry. It stroke kind of. In my opinion, this is a Swedish undersized fish. 46cm The whales call out the lynx. We wanted to announce, that we have a 99cm pike in the first cast. We are taking the lead with a pike. The whale calls out the lynx. Can you hear us? Yes, we do. We have the next task, this time from our side. So you take a clicker and count … The boat that first catches 50 zander, will get Jenzi in gold color. Do you agree? Yes, of course. Do you have a clicker? Yes. We currently have three fish. Come on, let’s go! Over. The big Lunker. Not too big, but it stroke well. Is it a pike? Rubber is big. Ophaaaa, look how it has gnawed. A neat jig. This is the legal size fish of Latvia, but whether Swedish too? … Unlikely. Let’s measure it. 45cm The Blue Bird … gets wacked…hei, normal one. Look, what it has spitted out ?! Take it all back and leave. This is slightly different fish. I would say it looks like pike. Here are more. It looks like zander. We have to cast now. The fish is not big. Release it gently. It’s even bigger than I had before. We anchored basing on the picture, exactly where we saw them. 48cm The Sweden is beautiful. We hit the golden fall. With a relatively good weather conditions. At least there is no storm. Colder weather is predicted, but it is insignificant. Just clothe properly and everything is fine. Must enjoy the process. Let’s move on, Kaspars?! Something stroke while lure was falling. Yeah. It stroke twice. Twice while it sunk. This means, that they are actually located higher. But, when we drove, they weren’t there. Maybe it sees lure falling and runs towards it? Couple of fish were deeper, we didn’t see… a little higher from the bottom. There are not many fish here, but still there are some schools. Here is a little bit thicker. They seem often to move. We drive … see them in sonar. We cast twice. Maybe have a couple of bites. Then we check … picture is empty. Fish are moving a lot. It is typical for big lakes. In Aluksne lake white fish are wandering a lot too. At the start I’ve already decided to do handicrafts. As this is a deep body of water, we can use a lot from the World Cup last year. We basically fished the depth there as well. To keep it, I just glued it together. And that’s the lure we were using. Can’t understand, whether they do not bite are they are not here. We should have Ugis Circenis on boat. To show us. Ugis, if you see this, please help. Tell us what color should we use. Tell us, Ugis, what color to use at these weather conditions when its slightly cold. What lure would you use? The water temperature is 12 degrees. Ugis knows, what lure should be used. We fish on random lures. In fact, this is no irony. All respect to Ugis Circenis. Once he took part at Copes Garša. He is at the top of the anglers pyramid. What’s the matter?! We didn’t understand, please repeat. Have you caught anything more? I had a bite moment ago. Must say, that we haven’t had anything. The picture is very good everywhere, but it doesn’t seem to eat. Have you tried the drop shot rig? Tried a drop shot rig for three times. But we should go to the big water area. Maybe the fish bite there. We also have the same idea go the large shelf. Try to catch the perch. Well, maybe we go? Yes. We’ll try the shelf at the exit, you mentioned. And then we can go outside. Okay, we’re leaving. We will wait you there. Whats the biggest zander you have? 54cm And the perch? 37cm But two good size fish got away. How good? Above 50cm. Did the line broke? No, just got away. I have a soft micro lure rod. Couldn’t properly hook them. Did you fish on micro lure rods? Yes, I am. Then you’re in the lead right now. But we are better in head count. How many do you have? We have four. There are four perch and two zanders. And the little perch we didn’t count. Come here. You can catch little perch as much as you wish. Around 20cm in length. We have fifteen zander. Smaller and bigger. Three Latvia’s legal sized fish. The plan is as follows … Krisjanis is back from work. Let’s take him in the boat. I’ll talk to him. Due to exchange of experience, both Armands will swap the boats. This is the plan. Let’s go after Kriss! Who will come over to me? Me. And then also our guest. OK. Tell us about your base. Could we say, that it is place for friends only or is it still public? I can say that we select from all people the coolest ones … like you. At least we have gone through the filter. Like they don’t come with the idea of ​​having a fridge and ten ice boxes for bringing all the fillets to Latvia. No, we don’t need it. Those who arrive, they come for ​​fishing, to taste the Swedish nature, to look around and explore the lake. Then you have the opportunity to come again. Next time you know the conditions and have a better total picture. This year is a peculiar year. Unexpectedly the cold weather has come. It changed from a very hot weather to a sudden cold. All this coincided with the HPP repair. The water level was lowered. Around half a meter. After the water level dropped and the cold came, everything changed here. After that, not much luck with the catch. Fish are stunned. They are spread all over the lake. Thank you for calming us down. You can always catch one though. They have to be searched and you need to understand, what they are doing and where they are. So, we’re on a lake, where one of the biggest river is flowing through?! It could be one of the largest, but definitely is the longest river. It starts in Norway. Upstream, where good trout spots are. According to papers, there is a large zander population here?! What about perch? You told me once. Tell me again … about the perch, the nets and what happened here. It was while ago … I don’t remember exactly. Fifteen years ago, the perch was industrially fished here. They were multiplied a lot. And it was decided to fish them out. So they did. The catch in the nets were profound and big. As a result, the perch in the lake were gradually disappearing. But recently, again big schools with good-sized fish are being caught and found again. We should find them too. I’d like you to tell me again, what I need to do to fish here officially. Are licenses required or not. Both in this lake and generally in Sweden. As a tourist you have to buy a license. You can buy a yearly or a weekly card. The weekly card is valid on this lake only. If you buy a yearly card, you may fish in a region, that includes several lakes. Is it similar to our fishing licence? It is similar, but covers small region with about 200 lakes. They aren’t big ones. Many are small somewhere in the woods … crosswise. There is a separate licence wherever resources are supplemented. A daily or yearly card, which is very expensive. If you do not plan to travel several times a year, then it is definitely more profitable to buy a daily card. I am wondering, how much such card costs? It differs. – 120 euro … 200 … 250 …
– Is it per year?
– Yeah! Compared to us … we have just under 14 euros. All the places, where the licences are expensive … Look, I have a fish. I think a little zander. A little zander comes to me. We will sort this out now. The relationship. Yes, small one. Latvian legal size fish, undersized in Sweden. It is only in this lake. We could continue about the legal size of the fish. Tell us what kind of fish you may take here, what size? The zander starts from 50cm. Anything over 50cm may be kept. Four zander per day. All zander above 70cm must also be released. The main accent is on the large ones to be released, as they are the most productive fish for the population here. I think this is a right decision. I hope, that this will be accepted in Latvia as well. I don’t know, if this is globally possible, but the lakes that are managed, should do it. Cause big fish are the ones, that make the biggest contribution. I have heard, that there are violations of internal rules at many other places. The locals are not comfortable with it. In the end, they will do anything, that no one can come here. There will be prohibitions, huge fines, reduction of fish count you can keep, etc. In the end the normal people will suffer. Those who really want to come and have a good time with family or friends will suffer. Relax from work, your daily routine. I don’t like it, whether it’s Sweden or Latvia, that people need those mountains of meat. I believe, that any body of water can be fished out to some limit. A good example is the Åland islands, were came fishermen throughout all Eastern Europe. The sea can not be fished empty … but they did it in the end. Every water can be fished out. Especially nowadays. With all the crazy gadgets I’m familiar with. I’ve never ever seen such before. Where you see absolutely everything, that happens in the water. Drop the screwdriver and see where it stands. This one hit the lure well. This one is better. This might be the legal one. This one will probably be over 54cm. My rod is up to 10g. But this one is good. How do I get it out? I’ll take it with hand. Wait. Not yet. I with hand. Because I have a micro lead there. This is the biggest zander. Well … 50cm. 52cm Caps! He is a professional zander angler from the river Daugava. You have to measure?! – We still are competing for the biggest fish.
– No one has canceled it. Individual competition. – It’s angry.
– I’ll help you, so we don’t torture it. 52cm. Nice. For the time being it is the first legal size fish. Listen! Put him in the boat. He has a thermal camera and I have one interesting experiment I think about. I have the first Swedish legal size fish. The fish activity dropped in the evening Its getting dark … but look what I found … like I said … a thermal camera. What is this? It is a small device, that recognizes differences in temperature. In other words, we can see with it during day and night, when it rains and in the fog. I like all such kinds of miracle devices. We’ll do all kinds of experiments, when we can. I was already filming and watching how the heat is released. Interesting. There is one thing that concerns us as an anglers. When we catch a fish, we pull it out of the water … the water temperature is 10 degrees … and the fish also have 10 degrees. Then we take it by hand … we have 20 degrees … and in fact the fish have a terrible shock. That’s why the carp and trout fishermen are not aloud to take the fish by hand. So for the sake of this experiment, I’ll take a zander and see how it goes. What it looks like … how the heat from our hands remains on the body of the fish. A couple of seconds, but in reality it is a big shock to the fish. This particular specimen will get it, but in the good name, we will understand, that, if we want to release the fish then we do it quickly, carefully and with wet hands. We will see what is shows with dry and wet hands. OK. You shoot and I’ll pick it up. Look, I take the zander. One, two, three … and now I’m taking my hand off. Very pronounceable. And the heat is still there. Its already 5 sec. Still … Your two fingers are there. That means, it still feels the heat. Your fingerprints, all your fingers are still clearly visible. Now let’s do another experiment. It was with a dry hand. I will now try a wet hand to understand, if there is any difference Now I moisten the hand. I take it with wet hand. Actually, you have a big difference between both hands. Now very minimal. I think in the video it will be possible to see as well. I take it and in a way I release it. It would be. Around 3 to 4sec. It is much less. This is one good example. Listen, this made me think. I supposedly knew it, but now it was so obvious. Usually people talk about it, but so far it has not been shown so clearly. I think we’ll release that fish. This is our experimental rabbit. It left quickly. Already? It was at the same temperature with water. Yes. Look! Bye everybody! See you later! They don’t know what is the prize. Do you see?!


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