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Cranking Spring Rip Rap for Bass

You know when you’re fishing rip rap this
time of year a lot of people just go up and down the rip rap and that’s what it kind of
looks like I’m doing. But as catch fish, get hung up in certain places, see little out
cropping of rocks along this rip rap shoreline. I’ll save it with my GPS by saving a waypoint
with my Garmin. Because what you’ll notice when you come back through these certain areas
you’ll get bit again and there will be a consistency to where you get bit along this rip rap because
this is all man made rock and there’s places where there’s little rock slides that went
out a little bit farther. So as you start to get comfortable of what these fish are
holding on and maybe little sweet spots along this rip rap. By saving a waypoint will
allow you to come back later on as I come back up at the other direction ready to catch
one. I might even sometimes change up. I’m throwing a red crankbait but maybe I’ll get
to that spot that I feel like has a fish and maybe I’ll throw a big jig down there to fish
it just a little bit and just fish those small little zones. As it looks like I’m just going
up and down the rip rap randomly, I’m actually really paying attention to where I’m getting
bit and what the rocks are doing in the water. There’s One! He pull off, I had him! But see
it came right off that little rock out cropping. Let’s see if we can get him to bite again. I’m not sure why he pulled off, but he did. So what I want to do because I got bit right
there is number one I’m going to look at what the rocks look like. So as I’m looking at
that there’s a little bit of a hill right they’re with different kind of rocks and I’m
sure it looks a little different underwater. So I’m going to save a waypoint right here
on the screen so then as I turn around and come back up through here again I’ll really
start to put together where these fish are hanging. There’s a fish. Pretty good one too. Nope not a good one,
but it’s a fish. Had him hooked in the top of the head so he
was dogging me. Little red crankbait this time of the year
when the water temperatures are cold you want to focus on red because it’s just a killer
combination or a real deep crawfish and that’s what we’re doing here. I’ve got it rigged
up on 15-pound P-Line fluorocarbon, Medium-Heavy rod which is kind of a beefy rod. It’s not
a real big fish, but the is how you catch fish on these river systems this time of the
year. When it’s early spring and those water temps are cold, believe it or not that bright
red is the deal.


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