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Creepy Neighbor Grindr Catfish Story Time (with Shotgun!)

Who wants to hear a story? I moved into an apartment complex and one
of the wonderful parts of being a gay man is that you get to use this app called Grindr. If you don’t know what Grindr is, first of
all, why haven’t you ever watched my videos before? But basically it is a location-based app for
gay men. It’s supposed to be a hook-up app so you find
all of these people online that are like close to you and you see a picture of them in theory. Usually you see more of a picture of like
you know their torso. Hi I’m Michael how are you doing? So I’m on Grindr and one of the first people
that sends me a message probably about a week or so after I moved in was a guy named Jason. We talked a little bit. What made him creepy was that um he said,
“Oh, I saw you moving in.” And I’m like, “That’s cool.” He’s like, “Yeah, you’re in apartment number…” So he’s very close by. I have yet to figure out which apartment he
actually lives in because he hasn’t told me, but he knows where I live. And apparently his window looks at my front
door. But that narrows it down to like… five potential
places and I’m not entirely sure which one it is. But the story gets better. So he’s got his Instagram linked or at least
he did have his Instagram linked. I got bored one day and I ended up clicking
through to his Instagram profile. I’m looking through and guy is gorgeous. Like model gorgeous. And I will just go ahead and like… put a
picture right here. But he’s hot. Like Adonis hot. But he only has like 12 followers on Instagram,
which is weird. I mean I’ve got like 250 followers on Instagram. Are you following me on Instagram, by the
way? He’s got his first and his last name on there,
so that makes him easy to stalk. So I start looking him up on Facebook and
I’m not finding anything, which is also weird, because who on earth is in their 20s and also
doesn’t have a Facebook account set up? So I figured, no problem, maybe it was private
or something like that. I ended up Googling him. I found absolutely no mention of him anywhere
except for on Instagram. And I thought, “Okay, fine, he’s using like
a fake name or like a shortened version of his name, something like that, he doesn’t
wanna make himself easily stalkable.” Not all of us are uh ballsy and stupid enough
to use their real first and last name on the internet. But what I did find was a model that shares
his last name… and a lot of pictures too. So I look further into it and I find this
guy that’s named Dario Espiet who is a Puerto Rican model. He’s got a Facebook page set up. I’m looking through his Facebook. He’s posted all sorts of pictures that are
very strikingly similar to what this guy Jason has posted. And for a while, I really didn’t care about
this. I’m like, you know what, if you’re gonna be
a catfish, that’s fine, like it’s not any of my business. Until he started sending me these really vulgar
messages overnight one night. So I wake up and I get some like… very intensely
sexual messages of all the things that he wants to do to me. And normally I’m just like very uncomfortable
with this in general, but when it’s a catfish and he knows where I live and I don’t know
where he lives or what he looks like or anything about him, I start to get a little bit freaked
out. And that’s the story of why I keep a shotgun
under my bed now. Sad part is I’m not even joking. If you’ve ever been catfished before or if
you’ve had a weird-ass experience like this, or if you’ve found one of your very close
neighbors on Grindr, let me know in the comments section down below. Also make sure that you subscribe to my channel. For this month, I’m uploading every single
day. After this month, I don’t know when I’m gonna
be uploading. Probably twice a week. Something like that. I also make t-shirts. The more you know. Happy hump day and I will see you all tomorrow.

  • Yikes! Yeah, I'm not comfortable with people knowing exactly how far away from them I am. A coworker of mine visited from his office in DC and he had Grindr open at work and he said there were 5 guys active at our company all hands meeting, which I kind of didn't want to know. Stay safe!!

  • …I guess it was some arab/indian guy…maybe he really lives not far..nothing dangerous anyway – it's just his manner to communicate..I'm sure he has several such 'chat-friends' and uses the same words for all)))

  • You must consider that any weapon you have can possibly be used against you. I would suggest a baseball bat and learn to strike the knees. I have a Ruger 22 caliber take down rifle that I use for sport shooting. I can't protect the house with it because, by the time I get all the locks off, assembled, and loaded, it would be too late. Smashing someone's knees, however, is very satisfying, and they don't die from it.

  • omg! call Nev and Max we got a Catfish afoot! keeping a shot gun under your bed is probably a good idea in general.

  • my cousin lives next to my house and tried to flirt with me on grindr. he didnt know it was me, and I turned him down. Straight up ignored

  • deleted that shit today. them no face profile scare me talkin bout come over โœ‹โœ‹โœ‹โœ‹โœ‹ um hell no

  • Got catfished by some guy that claimed he was 45 and in the military stationed on the Nigerian border. He wanted money so he could take leave to come visit me. One, his pic was too young looking for a 45 y/o. Two, if you are 45 and in the military you are a career soldier and should be making a ton of money. Three, the app located him 15 miles away. I called bullshit and turned his ass in. He was probably involved in a Nigerian scam ring. It is sad that these guys are preying on those trying to find love. Sadly too, he probably easily created another profile and is continuing to prey on the nieve and vulnerable.

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