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Crocodiles hunting the gnu – Wildlife in Serengeti EP03, #02, 누우 포식하는 악어들

One of the most difficult parts
of making this documentary was filming the crocodiles hunting
the gnus that came to drink water. The first thing we had to do was to find
the place where the gnus go for water. But even the locals said
it is difficult to expect where in this long river the gnus
will come.Choi Sam-gyu, Director Well, then let’s place our camera
about here.Park Hwa-jin, Camera Director
Since they can go somewhere else,
just park the car right up there. – Leave the car here?
– Park it right here. – Wait here.
– Camera should be here. Take a quick shot here
and then let’s go up the stream. – To the other side?
– Yeah, to the other side. Gnus didn’t come to them.
We had to search for other locations. We heard the gnu herd was
moving toward the Grumeti River
from the savannah of Serengeti, but we couldn’t find any signs of gnu. After 15 days of exploration… we finally heard a pleasing sound. We did find the scene we wanted, but we found it tough to
take the scene from the beginning. The gnus reacted very sensitively
at the slightest movement. We decided to move to a better spot
and hide themselves under the camouflage. This is a great spot for shooting. The camera was set up
and we waited for many hours, but gnus didn’t show up. At that moment, the gnus were finally spotted, but they didn’t come down
to the river easily. The hinderer was the crocodiles. The crocodiles of the Grumeti River
waited for this very moment for a year. The hunting finally began. Hungry crocodiles were standing face
to face with them, but the gnus couldn’t control themselves
with the river of thirst quencher. This one was lucky,
but it was just the beginning. The crocodiles drowned the gnu and began to take bites of
the muscles and bones of the gnu. The gnu’s body was torn into shreds
in the twinkling of an eye. No matter how sharp it may seem,
crocodile’s teeth were not meant for chewing. They swallow the whole meat
with bones. The scene was taken by
a 520mm zoom lens that can close up the face of
an animal 50m away from it. In the last phase of hunting,
a mother gnu was caught by a crocodile. It was dragged into the river helplessly. The gnu suddenly started to struggle
to walk toward the riverside. The imminence of the gnu for survival… The hunger of the crocodile
that waited the whole year. No party could yield
this matter of life and death. To be or not to be.
It is the natural selection. Fellow gnus began to leave it
behind one by one. The gnu struggled more frantically
only to make the situation worse. When it lost its balance,
the crocodile took the lead. Are we destined to look
at the last moment of this gnu? But a miracle happened
in front of our eyes. The exhausted crocodile gave up the gnu. 30 minutes of desperate struggle for life! Sometimes the instinct of survival is
stronger than all might of the world.


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