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Daiwa Zillion Fishing Rods with Randy Howell | Bass Fishing

Hi guys, Bassmaster Classic Champ Randy Howell
here at the ICAST Show 2014, Orlando, Florida. I’m at the Daiwa booth today. I want to let
the BassResource guys that are watching me right now know about the new Daiwa Zillion
rods we’ve got out now. They’ve introduced the Zillions here at ICAST, this is a rod
line that me and Ish and Andy Montgomery, and Brent Aylor. A lot of guys have been working on development
of these rods. They needed a model specific rod that we could all have like a specialty
type rod, and Ish helped me make an eight foot swim bait rod that’s a big power rod
for swim baits, Alabama rigs, and big deep crank baits, so he did that rod. Andy’s got
a good jig skipping rod, like 7-2, you can get them from 6-6, 6-10, 7, 7-1, 7-2, 7-4,
7-7, 8′, 7-11, there are a lot of models, so anything you want, Zillion’s got it. So this is an X45 construction, much like
the high $500-$600 Steez’s rods, the same X45 with that rigid blank that you can feel
so it’s not brittle, makes it flex really well. This rod is an awesome rod, it’s got
a really new reel seat design right here, it’s got the Fuji SIC guides that are tangle
free guides, and they’re very very light, about half the weight of the existing Fuji
guides that we had in the past, so with the new reel seat, the way it holds in your hands,
very smooth, it’s just an awesome feeling rod. Check out all the Zillion rods at,
get all the details on it. It’s guaranteed you’ll catch some big bass and you won’t be
breaking the rods when you swing them in the boat, so good luck, God bless you, I’m Randy

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