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Deep Fried Roast Beef by the BBQ Pit Boys

(upbeat music) ♫ Gonna smoke me a fatty brisket – [Narrator] Welcome to Today we’re deep frying
roast beef at the pit. And it’s real easy to do. Alright, here I have
a four bone rib roast. This weighs about eight pounds, alright? Take a look at that. Oh man. This deep fried roast
beef is gonna be good. The first thing you wanna do is season it. And season it good. All over. This is gonna give you a layer of flavor at the end of this deep
fry that’ll knock you out. We’re using SPG. At least use some salt and pepper. Or your favorite seasoning. And as you can see here, we had our butcher tie the
rib bones to the roast itself. You can have ’em do it
or you can just tell ’em leave it alone. You could separate the bone from the meat at the end of the fry. But alright now to prepare
it for our deep fryer, we took our old hickory
and made a starter hole. Makes it nice and easy. And with our deep fryer we
have this kind of apparatus. Yours might differ. But you can figure that out. And we’re just gonna mount it right on. Oh man. Wow, it looks good enough to eat already. Now we’re melting some butter
and some smashed garlic. Alright some crushed garlic. And we’re gonna use a meat injector. And we’re using a meat injector to get the flavoring inside this roast. Now if you just used the seasoning and did an overnight
sit in the refrigerator, it doesn’t work. Seasoning does not penetrate
the deep and dense meat like you think it would. It would only season the outside. So we’re gonna inject the flavor deep in. Butter and garlic, whoa. It’s gonna be good. We’re gonna be eating good tonight Martha. Oh yeah. Now prepping some veggies for the fry. Use what veggies and sides you like. Now, time for the deep fat fryer. We’ve got the oil, in this
case we’re using corn oil. And we’re gonna drop it in to about 350 degree Fahrenheit oil. That’s about the perfect temperature. Slowly drop it in to
avoid too much splatter. Just like that. (laughs) And we’re gonna deep fry this at about three minutes a pound. So we got about eight pounds, we’ll go 28, 30 minutes,
somewhere in that. And in the miracle of time,
a half hour’s gone by. Take a look at that. (laughs) Oh man. Crispy. This is gonna be good. Whew. Can you smell that? It smells good. Alright. Took it outta the hot oil and we’re gonna let it set
for at least a half hour. There’s no rush. And that’s gonna give us
time to prep the sides. And for the sides, we’ve
got some potatoes of course. Yeah. It only takes a few minutes,
get ’em nice and crispy. And we have some fresh cut string beans. We’re gonna fry them
just for a minute or two. We wanna get ’em nice and crispy. If you’ve never had these,
you gotta check it out. We’re adding some garlic powder here, we’ve got some white pepper. Add some salt. And these are nice and crispy. And as an option, you add
some red pepper flakes just like that. Oh baby. Alright. If you’re gonna eat veggies,
this is the way to do it. And one last thing, we got
some fresh picked corn. We slice it up into smaller pieces. And we’re gonna deep fry that. It only takes a few minutes. And if you’ve never done deep fried corn, you’re missing something out of your life. Alright. The veggies are fried. Now it’s time to cut this roast up. Just cut the tie strings right there, the chef strings, the butcher string. We’ll separate the bone, like I said, the butcher did that previously. You may have to cut yours if you let him keep those bones on. Remove the string. Pull it off this rack. Are you getting hungry or what? Take a look at that. Lord have mercy. Alright, let me slice this off. Nice, crispy texture on the outside. Look at that. Medium rare. Don’t get any better than this. To heck with that deep fried turkey. Grab yourself a roast beef. Let’s plate it up. Oh yeah. And of course, those rib bones are pit master privilege. (laughing) And of course, as always, we do apologize for eating
in front of ya like this, but we call this pit master privilege. Thumbs up. So the next time you’re thinking about doing a deep fried turkey, skip it. Grab yourself a nice, big
rib roast or roast beef and deep fry it. It is good. (explosion booms) And when you’re looking
for a recipe for your pit, check out


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