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Deli Style Tuna Pasta Salad

Hi guys, I’m Laura Vitale and on this episode
of Laura in the Kitchen, I’m going to share with you a real, I’m going to say Classic,
it’s a real classic deli style tuna pasta salad, it’s like the mayo version of the tuna
pasta salad, now I have a tuna – an Italian tuna salad that I made a couple of years ago
and I shared here with you. That’s my other all-time favorite tuna salad,
it’s got potatoes in it, it’s something I grew up eating, but this is a different vibe,
to me this is so 70’s, this is so classic barbecue kind of I don’t know, it’s just so
good I wanted to share it with you because if you’ve got people that are not big tuna
fans you will convert them with this recipe a thousand and one percent, you have to just
trust me, and everything here it’s really basic ingredients, but I’m telling you they
make for an amazing tuna pasta salad. So, I’ve got my pasta of choice which are
little mini bow ties, or I like titillini here, or I like some little shells. I’ve got my water up to a boil, I’m actually
just going to add those right in because those will take a little while to cook. Along with a healthy pinch of salt because
you want to make sure that the water is well salted, you’ll need some frozen peas, hang
onto those and about a minute before the pasta is done we’re going to add those in. Tomatoes, carrots which I’ve got some shredded
carrot sticks here that I just bought at the grocery store so I’m going to run my knife
through them and chop them finely. Finally, you’ll need some celery, some red
onion, some fresh dill, you’ll need some tuna, make sure it’s sustainable tuna that you feel
comfortable with purchasing and you drain all the liquid out of it, and you’ll need
some mayo, you can use light mayo or regular mayo, you’ll need a little bit of sour cream,
but this also works really well with Greek yogurt, plain Greek yogurt. You’ll need a little bit of Dijon mustard,
some granulated garlic, a little red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. That’s everything that you need. It is so easy, but trust me when I tell you,
it’s absolutely dynamite, we love, love love this recipe so much, it’s one of the best
tuna salads I think ever. It’s just delicious, and like I said, it’s
a real classic. I’m just whisking all of my creamy components
here for the dressing, and if you don’t want to do pasta, say you want to do like a low
carb thing, you can do this with cauliflower. Just make sure that you cut it small, very
much like my cauliflower pasta salad that I’ve shown you in the past, just make sure
you cut it small and it’s not going to be absorbent, it won’t absorb the dressing, like
really cling to it but it will still be delicious. So what I’m going to do now is I’m going to
just give my carrots a rough chop, if you’re using regular carrots, I would just shred
one carrot here, otherwise if you dice it, unless you dice it really fine, it’s going
to be just a little bit too hard to bite down on. But you could add it to some boiling water
with the pasta and let it cook down a little bit, and it’ll soften it, so the world is
your pickle boo, you do you. I’m going to go ahead and dice my celery,
when it comes to celery in pasta salads or in salads of any sort, you really try to get
the heart of the celery stalk so that they’re really nice and tender, and you save the outer
ones for soups and stews because these are really tender, and it’s wonderful in a salad,
but the outer ones are just a little bit too harsh, too stringy, so these just work perfectly. So I’ve got my carrots, celery and onions
that I finely chopped, I also got my cherry tomatoes, I’ve got my dill, I’ve chopped everything
up nice and small, cherry tomatoes about bite size or the size of the pasta I’d say. Add those right in, then you need a good pinch
of salt, this is your chance to flavor the dressing and the tomatoes so you want to make
sure that you don’t skimp on that. And a good amount of cracked black pepper. And now you’re going to go ahead and add your
tuna. And you’re just going to mix all of this together
before we add the pasta. I mean this is delicious as-is right now,
to be honest with you it would be a really good tuna salad for a sandwich or something
like that. But, it’s even better when it’s coating pasta,
because I think everything is better when it’s coating pasta. I do like my carbs, I do like my pasta what
can I say. Speaking of, cooked it at the last minute
I went ahead and added the peas to the pasta, rinsed it under cold water, just to stop it
from cooking any further. You know this is just a half a pound of pasta
and look how much it makes. It makes a ton, so if you want to go ahead
and double the batch and use a whole box of pasta, then you really will feed a small army
really happily, you just gotta go ahead and take your time to really make sure that this
is well tossed together. My mouth is salivating because it’s so delicious,
and even though it’s creamy, you can see we didn’t add like a cup and a half of mayo,
you know? It wasn’t much it was about a half a cup,
a little shy of a half a cup, and a little bit of sour cream it’s just perfectly creamy,
it’s going to be full of flavor, now I’m going to go give this a taste right now because
you know, impatient, and this looks good and I just gotta. But this gets better and better the longer
it sits in your fridge, so, uh. That, I’m using the same fork because there’s
nobody else here today. Just us. The tomatoes are full of flavor, they’re really
juicy, the peas are sweet, it’s not like a really heavily fishy, it’s just perfection. It’s perfection, it’s perfect for a party,
perfect for a get together especially if you want to do a throwback to classics. You will love it. Go to to get the written
recipe, this is going to go in the fridge for a while before we go ahead and eat it
for dinner, I hope you have enjoyed spending time with me, and I will see you next time. Bye.


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