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Diatomix Visión

looking at the landscapes of the Mexican field diversity crops full of colors thousands of questions comes how do plants grow how good they are to process everything from the ground to give us everything we need to be healthy and strong to plant them I understood that health does not depend on medicine but from the nutrition of the earth Nature has provided us with everything necessary to live healthy this is where the study of the soil led me to explore how it works how the plant produces minerals proteins carbohydrates fats oxygen and Chi octagon that large responsibility of life not responsibility for interest we have a ROM context the study led me to silicon dioxide as an important part being an indispensable role in human health being therefore the master of ceremonies that gives order to all the elements resulting in their optimum development it lasted a year of researching of silicon sources among them a diet amide algae this smart article perfect structure and its composition with the most assimilable silicon in its most humble expression company America one worldwide level naively without seeing the great challenge in the subject of the great companies of fertilizers we began as the fifth initiates its development in the dark the solitudes that no one believes in the potential it was a period of two years trying hard placing the material on the floor pushing not letting go believing like we seed we just have to wait because the small the atonia will be doing their work on the ground during the crop cycle six-month monitoring observing studying guess comics is born the project started without any capital it was the least important since the more abundant was the strength and the disposition of the team to bear fruit because we believe this is a tool of well-being [Music] this is how we started a network of distributors where initially the customers who use the atomic you [Music] in this way with a vision of working in a group from very well-known people in the field began to jump in [Music] thanks to these experts and its participation sharing their knowledge directly in the field with the plans and participation in the Maine’s National Forum symposium expose Congress having the opportunity to always be surrounded by people better than ourselves in all aspects achieving the creation of a safe market what brought us to new challenges now to achieve the supply of the market through a secure business we form a secure structure five regions are established each region is studied by professional technicians in its own characteristics of soil climate regions crop marketers the four main types of customers are identified special customers houses customers government program wholesale distributors trading companies formulating or non branded customers leading companies generating new products in combination windy Atomics or a new company brand exceeding in 2018 national coverage projecting to 2019 to break Mexican barriers reaching the international market for leading companies in other countries these will give us the opportunity to continue investigating the Atomics fashion for life

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