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Did you miss me?? 15+lbs of Bass!!

well yes welcome back I know it’s been a
while since I’ve uploaded a video I apologize I’m going to do a video in the
future kind of explain where I’ve been the whole summer but this videos long
enough so I’ll keep this short and sweet this video is b4 went up north at
Boundary damn in May so I know like four months ago
but it’s still relevant you know because you can still go there now you can still
catch some bass maybe they won’t be in the same places but of course come May
you know so that’s only like what eight months away just think about it opening
day of open water is only like eight months away it’s not even that far I
know I know I love ice fishing too obviously got more ice fishing videos on
my channel than anything so I am looking forward to that as well I do have some
hats available for purchase on website I’ll leave that in the description below
to where you can go to pick up some hats if anybody wants thank you everybody
that has purchased hats so far I’ve got a couple left not many with a couple and
then we’ll move on to some other merchandise in the future
slowly slowly getting in to everything but like I said this video goes back to
me bass fishing yeah here we go well everything’s going good we’re about to
take off I just want to dress one thing so
important to boating open water it’s dangerous
life jackets and kill cord do not go without it I lost one of my best friends
when I was 20 21 he worked at a fishing lodge
I never wore a life jacket and worse kill cord he was younger
boater it’s a toss out of the boat it’s all we know God blast you Aaron miss you
don’t leave your loved ones at home wondering if you’re gonna come back let
them know that you’re wearing your kill cord your life jacket especially if you
were alone but do it anyway even if you’re with other people it’s cool these
life jackets are easy to put on they pretty much stay out of the way the
whole time of your fishing kill cords they’re simple to forget about but you
just need them how attached if I fly out I at least have a chance please please
please okay enough preaching let’s go bass fishing okay we are fishing and we use it a
couple different baits right now I got a whacky style rigged worm Texas rig they
call this with a little bullet sinker here tungsten and then I have a bead
there just to kind of give a little bit of cushion on the knot I’m gonna be
working with way up the shoreline here one way and then probably the back way I
have fishing before I have caught fish here before so I’m hoping to score
obviously the goal is to catch sure to see what my five biggest bass will be if
I can catch five acity fingers crossed I wish I wouldn’t have forgot my foot
pedal though have been nice there we go
what is it what is it it’s a bass it’s a bass it’s a bass it’s a nice one it’s a
nice one it’s a nice one yeah first one of the
day oh it’s a nice one too
yes that took a while I went to a different set up a little bit smaller
let’s get this flipped around look at that baby right there that is an
awesome start Wow first fish to the open water season
whoo-hoo like I said I went to a little bit
smaller setup okay I’m going to shut this off Talon down
throwing a live wall for a second that feels so good
fish is showing a live wall for a second I’m gonna weigh him really some damn so
I went to a little bit smaller wacky style here with the probably about
a quarter ounce weight pretty small a little bit smaller bead and then I went
through a weedless hook here just because I’m beginning lots of LJ with
the other one I tried a flipping jig as well nothing but this is probably about
my tenth cast with the spinning rod here a little bit later set up and boom the
other one instantly so maybe maybe maybe maybe that’s all I needed I don’t know
I’m on the other side too which is about probably what a half a degree warmer so
maybe that has something to do with it too but we’re gonna get this fish out of
the Live Well get him weighed and we’re on our way to five fish that’s one okay
let’s see what we got here first fish two pounds 14 ounces
let’s lock them in right there okay first fish is locked in at two
pounds 14 ounces I’m gonna get it back in not now giant but it’s a start man
where do I want this net who panic in the disco that was crazy
oh so nervous huh get so nervous okay I love having the talent because I catch
that fish telling down I can work this area a little bit more accessories
anymore in the area it’s nice yeah I get that telling down right off that point
Oh what’s the big dots that’s a big bass telling down that’s Big Boss Big Boss
oh yeah that’s a big bass that’s a big that is a big bass look at that puppy
John one yes I made a big long cast out the end of this point and nailed them he
come up a jump like instantly okay it’s taking a while but we are on them come
on okay and dumping the live well real quick just to get a quick drink three
pounds 14 ounces let’s lock that puppy in there okay she’s locked in gonna get
her back on quick look three pounds 14 ounces Beauty fifty so I’ll be like completely honest I know
very very very little about bass fishing like very little it’s definitely one of
my weakest species and that’s just because well Saskatchewan doesn’t have a
lot to offer boundary though like we do have some large East which is nice and
they’re pretty good-sized that’s two fish and I’m already over six pounds there we go number three baby number
three that was cool well this fish has been caught a couple
times fish number three we got a quick weight on them two pounds 14 ounces
locked in boom two pounds 14 ounces fish three so right now we are sitting at
nine point six seven pounds not bad but not crazy good yet not gonna lie this LJ
is a pain in the neck to fish around but so I fished a whole other Bank on the
other side out a bite hold a fish I’ve caught three on this side but the water
temperature right now it’s a whole degree and a half warmer it’s why
electronics play such a huge factor in to to figuring oh what’s going on if I
went down that side down this side caught three
I wouldn’t know that probably the biggest factor why there’s no fish on
that side was the water temperature so now like just I know I need to look for
the warmest water possible probably in this little this little arm type of
thing so yeah electronics play a huge factor I know everybody says ah you
don’t need fish finders you don’t need this you only technology trust me it
will help you figure things out big-time stay
down stay down stay down yes Oh
trolling with her off telling down that’s a nice bass in the bag Oh get
that baby boom Oh am I having a blast I’m so glad I came bass fishing today
I don’t do this often but so nice that this is available for me right here I’m
gonna get him in the live wall real quick and figure out what she does on
her first she’s wanting it all her tails rad there that could be from using the
bed not sure fish for is three pounds six ounces let’s lock it in on number
four check mark locked in three pounds six ounces see you girl don’t throw your plastics in the water
keep them in the boat throw them the garbage there we go yeah yeah yeah yeah stay down stay down stay down stay down
stay down come on – five baby is a big one I think
that’s my biggest of the day biggest other date right here oh yeah chunker
chunky monkey fish five is oh I thought it’d be my biggest one not
quite 3 pounds 8 ounces I’ve got to lock that puppy in Lock 3 pounds 7 ounces it
locked in app let’s get that girl back in the water okay so I’m sitting hot I think this is
pretty respectful 16.5 five pounds now I’m trying to
replace two pounds 14 ounces nothing wrong without at all that’s my five fish
total maybe we can get bigger but my goals accomplished was to catch five
bass smokin remember guys I’m not a bass fisherman so you can make fun of my hook
sets I know music is spinning around right now and most guys use bait caster
nails I do have bait casters I was using them I just went to a smaller weight and
the bite for the most part has been very very light last year I was here there
were two years ago I guess it was they were like thumping I’m right now they’re
just kind of just picking them up so I’m glad I had the lighter set up with me
all it is is a medium heavy bass rod fast-action
eight 215 pound line recommended and three sixteenths to 5/8 ounce of a hook
and I said I’m using or a weights or whatever lure I’m using probably about a
quarter ounce so it just fits right in the middle of all that it’s perfect it’s
been a great rod for this new doubt and the braided line also pays off big time
because of the no stretch so when you’re cast a little bit further out you can
feel them pick it up it’s just that so much more sensitivity 2500 strata
I’m still using my ice line which is ten pound power Pro probably a little bit
like new I should be running about a 15 pound I’ll throw all the numbers for
this exact rod down below so if you want to use something like this for Texas
rigging bass it’s what you can pick up it’s it’s a bottom line illumise bottom
of the line Loomis rods they’re East six X’s but they’re actually very good rod
this probably rods probably about 150 US I think somewhere around there very very
good rod there we go maybe stay down oh man
that’s fight like crazy got him got him got him I just pitched it into a bunch
of little weeds here and voila I think it’s gonna be a little bit of an upgrade
I’m not a hundred percent sure but we’re gonna find out it’s got a beat two
pounds 14 ounces for an upgrade scale zeroed apparently I’m getting text
messages I’m so popular I’m not popular I’m not popular I’m just kidding okay
what do we got three pounds one ounce so it beats that so I gotta lock it in
three pounds even lock it in right there replace that fish done oh yeah just like
that fish six of the day upgrades my bag have to replace the bait no idea what
this even is missile you gotta know if this is like name brand new or what but
hey watermelon rad and no watermelons a giant popular
I know watermelons a super popular color in the bass fishing world so I bought it Oh baby whoo baby okay I don’t know if
this will beat my other one but that’s eat you give them a quick way but I
don’t think this is a three pounder scale zeroed oh geez it is three pounds
even so we are replacing a fish dun dun we don’t have a fish under three pounds
in her bag today how awesome is that well as you can see not in the water
anymore got pushed off by a little bit of weather plus 1into around a few
things with a boat get her all ready to go but if I talk about the rods real
quick this was the rod I used mostly I talked
to about it on the water loss there the e6x lower entry level Loomis rod very
affordable for this good quality of rod super impressed with it I could use a
little bit lighter of a tungsten weight here rig rat wacky style caught all my
fish I was also throwing gol 2 this is also
uh an entry-level Loomis Rob they don’t make the gl2 anymore that is replaced
now with the e6x so that’s what you would go to there
this way I was throwing though this little bit heavier rod I was throwing
about a three-quarter ounce jig here never caught any fish on that never
hookers and then this is my more precis rod here this is an NR X and I was
throwing wacky style regula not to but I was thrown about 1/2 ounce tungsten
weight here’s just a little bit heavier than spinning rod I figured this rod is
probably still handled the quarter ounce tungsten weight but I know that I build
a finesse in just a little bit more even with that smaller rod yet so that’s why
I went to it so those are the three rods I had today you saw nothing but the
spinning rod but I did use them all kind of switch them around a little bit
match your rods to the the lures that you’re throwing not the fish that you’re
catching obviously you don’t want to go too small for rod though either right I
wasn’t using my my walleyes gear for the bass because they pull a little bit
harder you want to drive that hook into them really really good and then get
them in the boat as quick as you can because you saw their super acrobatic
and they can shake hooks easily I never lost send me today was a win for sure I
end up a sixteen point nine pounds so Jess try seventeen pounds not too bad
I know I can do better but hey now have something to go for the next time I’m
here I caught eight or nine bass total nothing smaller than team 2 and 1/2
pounds type of thing I think the smallest actually was 2
pounds 14 ounces so it was definitely a very good day can’t complain at all the
Alumacraft was awesome I’m so stoked with my purchase not gonna lie
I just smiled all day fishing off the front Pat platform all this room to film
in it’s awesome like I got the prop dialed in a little bit yet there I got a
17 pitch prop on it right now I’m gonna go to a 15 catch that should give me a
little bit more max up my heart PM’s there for the motor as well as probably
slowed down my trolling speed a little bit right now just in gear with the RPM
tack all the way down or the control that has a normal puppy named Clark I
can get down to 2 mile an hour to get down probably one point six to
nine hours hopefully so yeah I’m gonna go to 15 pitch prop keep you updated on
the whole boat and how things are going but so stoked loads on the trailer like
a dream anyways you guys thanks for watching
slow video don’t know how long it’s gonna be yet if I know when I added it
but as always guys get outside


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