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DIRT VS NO DIRT PROOF Planted Tank Substrate Time Lapse of Growth

– What’s up fish tank people. Dustin’s Fish Tanks bringing it to you with the old school video. That’s right old school players to new school fools. Cash keep it jumping like kangaroos. We’re scheming on the barbie we not trying to lose. And I’ll be got dammit they done changed the rules. Not that you guys are into
old Outkast or anything unless you’re (mumbling). But anyway, today I wanna
bring an old school video. Gonna be down here in the basement. Now I got the B 26 down here and I moved the 10 down here. But back in the day, I don’t know if you guys remember this, but I used to have four 75s against this wall right here including one reef. Yeah, believe it or not Dusty
got salty back in the day. So I had a reef set up here, you’ll see a quick glimpse of that. But I wanna show you guys today the importance of substrate
in a 50 50 aquarium. A 50 50 aquarium was
half dirt on one side, half plain gravel on the other and you can see the
progressive plant growth. Thanks to a video that I added. I didn’t add it, my dude Andrew added it. But whatever. And yeah I can show you the growth from two weeks to two weeks to two weeks on and you can just see the growth. And I’ll teach you a little something about how important substrate is. I’ve also got a guest cameo from someone who is no longer with us. And my old 90 gallon with a bunch of neons in it. Enjoy. So I wanna show the 50 50. So I’m gonna call this
tank the 50 50 from now on. All it is is a 75 gallon tank that I’m going to do half with dirt. That half. And then the other half without dirt. I’m gonna do my best to make sure that I do an update of this
once a month give or take so I can show the growth
with and without dirt. I think it’ll be pretty crazy. I just happen to have this
tank half full of dirt. And to give you some perspective I’m gonna show how I can stick my finger down in here, hold on a second. I got my kid strapped to me so bare with me. I’m just gonna take my
finger and just shove it down so you can see the front. I’m just gonna shove it down to about you know a knuckle or so. (baby blabber) So you can see that. So that’s about how much it was in. And that’s how much dirt I used. So this should be good. There’s gonna be a lot of plant growth. I’m gonna use three species maybe more. Very easy ones. Jumbo val. I’m gonna use some baby tears. And I’m going to use a
bunch of the ludwegia repens ’cause that plant is
awesome and can be grown a bunch of different ways. If anyone has any other
plants they want to see grown. Dirt versus dirt. I shall probably put some rotala in there. Probably some star grass. I’m gonna aquascape ’em
basically like just a mirror just like one side looks
just like the other. So there’s no discrepancy. And that’s pretty much it. So I wanted to show the tank once again with half dirt half excuse me half no dirt and we’ll roll it out. Alright quick update. Undoing the 50 50. I got my tank is draining. It’s gonna be I’ve got just a tiny little bit of water in there. You can see it’s like a little bit above my finger whatever. And what I’m gonna do since it’s wet is I’m gonna use this Miracle-Gro. Miracle-Gro please start sponsoring me. And I’m gonna put it in here and then I’m gonna cap it with this. And there’s no way to
do it holding the camera so sorry. But I’ll show you it after I cap it. So I’ll do a quick video of how, how high it is. So, putting the dirt in. That’s how little bit of water in there. Alright so here’s the 50 50 tank and this is what we’re doing. We’ve put two five gallon buckets of water in here from out in the back pond. And I put a bunch of
jungle val as you can see on this side and this side. And I actually put too much water in so I’m gonna have to siphon that down to like just
basically the gravel level. Just kind of get some of this junk out. I’m gonna scoop out some of all of this. Some of the top that’s floating ’cause that’s just gonna be a problem. But then you almost gotta
have enough gravel around. So I have this bag I went and bought for 13 bucks at the local pet supermarket. There’s my cat Gogo. And it’s actually a
little bit bigger grade than I would have liked. You can see it through the bag. I like for it to be smaller than this but this stuff will work okay so your regular old fish
gravel that you buy will work. You don’t need to buy
all the expensive stuff. Just get cheap stuff. I mean would the finer
stuff be better, absolutely. And actually I’ll show you I have, you’ve seen it in some of my tanks but I have some of this. This real fine stuff. I’m not gonna use it on this tank ’cause this is an experiment tank. But this stuff rules. It’s that real fine grade. It’s like an onyx kind of powder. But anyway, to do the dirt right, you gotta lower the water level down, add more gravel. ‘Cause otherwise you’re
just gonna be floating with all these parts
and particles and stuff. So basically I’m lowering the water level to make sure that there’s
less stuff floating around. I’m just gonna kinda bury as much dirt as I can. So ideally you know you don’t wanna have this whole when you’re putting the gravel in. And that’s Nola, she’s strapped to me as usual. So as soon as we put her down we’re gonna get on this. I also I bought some airline tubing ’cause I’m gonna hook the bubbles back up on this thing ’cause these boys need as
much oxygen as possible. But they are getting so freaking sweet. So that’s what’s up. Update in a second. Alright so here’s an update. I’m siphoning water from my 75 with my rainbows in it. Into here. Now you’re not supposed
to do that typically ’cause they have different bacteria. So like I just wouldn’t go and put fish into that tank right away. Because you know these this tank is just wired differently and I wouldn’t take any fish from another tank and just put them in there even though that tank is like healthy. So what I’m doing though
is I’m draining water because as far as the
scope of this project all we’re trying to do is do a half dirt and show you guys the dirt. So if you look over here. We can see that there’s a bunch of stuff floating on top of this. One of the dudes asked me the other day like what’s up with
all the stuff floating. You just gotta roll with it. It’s just part of it. It’s messy. You can’t clean it up. Now what I’m gonna do in a second here is I’m gonna scoop all this up. And I recommend if you don’t have one get a big ass net. ‘Cause this net is a big ass net. And you can see it’s like almost as wide as this. So what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna go like this. I’m just gonna scoop out all this crap. And one of the things that you know sucks
about dirt tanks at first is you gotta do a lot of this extra crap. I mean you’re gonna have stuff floating in your water like
all these wood chips you know. But it’s totally worth it though. ‘Cause once you get it
going it’s just like whoom. So I’m gonna get this out of here. And this duck weed is
actually a good thing. It’s kinda messy right now as you can see. But it will be beneficial
to keeping algae. ‘Cause I’ve got a lot of extra nutrients. ‘Cause half of it’s filled with dirt. But the dirt I’m using has
actually already been used. So it won’t be too bad. That’s why it’s pretty sweet. That’s why you always gotta
keep your dirt around. Like if you tear down a tank, keep it ’cause it’s already been submerged and soaked and all that. So I got all of this out of there. And I’m gonna have to do this again. But what I’m gonna do though, instead of doing this a whole bunch, I’m just gonna do kinda like a wet run. Like I’m just gonna fill this right here. You know, check for leaks or whatever. And then, gonna drain all that out. ‘Cause that water’s just bad. And then I’m gonna go back and have to fill bucket
after bucket from the pond. Because the rainbows are gonna go in here and I’ve killed two batches of them so I’m not screwing this one up. But in this tank I’ve concluded we’re only gonna do three species. We’re gonna do jungle val, some baby tears romansticus something I forget the scientific name, and something else. So if you guys wanna see a plant grown. And this crispito loves, I just gave it more light, it just grew like ’cause I got rid of all the
crap that was floating in there. So yeah that’s what’s up. We’re keep doing this though. Having some fun, baby’s asleep. Things are rolling, and these guys love the current. (hip hop music) And I got the 50 50 looking good. I’m sorry. I put the rainbows in,
this tank is hot right now. This is the side with no dirt. This is the side with dirt. And I added a bunch more plants. And you’re probably looking at, I don’t know we’ll call it, we’ll call it, I don’t know 18 19 bows of mine. So I wanna show you guys this, check it out. These guys are are really hot. And the cool part is I didn’t have to do really shit to get them in there. I just took a bunch of
plants out of my 220 and threw them out in the pond. And Boesemani rainbows. If you look on Fishtank TV you’ll see a post called my rainbow fish fucking that’s them doing it. And you can see how they spawn and this is the activity after the spawn. So this is just like a few of them but if you back up you can see ’em all. And I’m thinking about
just leaving them in here. (sighs) Let’s see here. So somebody told me to make longer videos. I’m tired man I can’t make a long video. It’s Monday. I had a long day. I wish I was playing
with my tanks all day. But let me show you what we’ve got going on in this tank. As far as like plants. So we can do a pretty good comparison, ’cause I think it’s pretty evenly matched. On the dirt side we got the baby tears, I added one micro or not micro sword, dwarf sword and I’ve got this, ludwigia repens. And then in the back I’ve got jungle val. Somebody was asking me, a lot of people actually asked me, what’s my favorite beginner plant? Without a doubt jungle val. I mean there’s no there’s no beating it. That’s a good plant. Let’s go on this side. I wanna show you. And this side kind of the same deal. And what’s kinda interesting is I put the bigger better sword over here and it looks like it’s doing really well. And then I also put another one over here and again there’s no dirt on this side so who knows but right
now they look about even but so yeah this tank
has taken a couple steps in the right direction. I’m really excited. The fish make it pretty hot too. Something about looking at a school. Let’s count them one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 I count. And what I did just to mix it up, I’m running out of time, what I did to mix it up was I took some and I put some of them over here. In the 90 gallon. So you see there’s some of their brothers. Chillin’ so. That’s what we’re doing. And I wanna do an update
on the 50 50 tank. I’m in my baby sleeping voice mode. But the 50 50 is finally starting to show the dirt is taken the lead and I’m just gonna give
a little example of that. Nothing big, this tank is gonna turn
out really really dope. This is actually the
giant bag of baby tears that I had. I need to probably put some of these down in here. But anyway, the 50 50 is, oh shit that has white stuff on it. The 50 50 is starting
to differentiate itself. Like the, if you’ll notice the plants over here are just a little bit taller and growing a little bit better. See how tall like right there. The jungle val, obviously. And then you can see the new
leaves on the sword coming in. And then the dwarf star
grass is like real low and compact. And growing in. And I’m gonna do a comparison over here. The jungle val is not as high, still growing good but not, I would say not quite as well. Still kind of in a close race. But you won’t notice as
many as much new growth on that one the sword or this one looks kinda krunk. And then the star grass
is not doing as well. So also the baby tears, look at the baby tears here. No dirt. Baby tears, dirt. Baby tears I mean, you know, what more do you want. And oh by the way, those boesemani are wicked. Wicked. I can’t wait for them
to be all big and huge. So I’m having fun with this experiment. When I was down in Atlanta I
didn’t shoot too many videos obviously except for the
one in the pet store, but I did update Fishtank TV quite a bit. And that was a lot of fun. Looking at old videos, updating stuff. And I’m really excited about busting out this book. I don’t know, I feel like a lot of times people get too
complicated with this shit and it’s like you just gotta keep it easy. And I think people got too many opinions. I mean we’ve all got opinions and everybody’s got their own thing. I mean there’s sweet tanks that don’t have dirt in them. So I’m not gonna like you know hate on other people’s styles but I think a lot of you guys
just getting into the hobby there’s like too much
information coming in. And you kinda just have to
pick somebody to listen to. Obviously I hope it’s me but I mean my knowledge came from listening to all kinds of people but nobody in town was doing
dirt until I got into it. And they thought I was nuts but the Walstad method is the way to go. I’m loving these rainbows though. I’m thinking about, I don’t know, I might just leave it dutch. I was thinking of adding a piece of driftwood from outside in here but with the 50 50, I just
kinda wanna keep it like you know one side the other side so. But that’s what’s going on there. So yeah I can’t wait ’cause by
the time the rainbows get big all this jungle val, all this star grass, all this jungle val’s gonna be huge. So it’s like the tank is
kinda like growing together, you know what I’m saying? So yeah, that’s what’s up. Thanks for all the comments. I’m really having a lot of fun with this. It’s cool when you guys check it out and I’m like hearing like yo that’s sweet. I mean it’s just fun you know you gotta have
fun with this stuff. It sure beats television right. So oh I talked to my dude Brian, he’s got a write up on anubias. So if anyone wants to know about anubias I’m gonna get that up tomorrow so that’s it. Having some fun, later. (gentle music)


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