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Diver Puts Shark In Trance To Remove Hook From Mouth

COMM: While free diving off the coast of Jupiter, Florida diving guide marine conservationist
Michael Dornellas came across a dusky shark with a fishing hook in its mouth. 00:20
MICHAEL: You see, most sharks out there sadly have hooks inside their mouth. Certain hooks
rust out, certain hooks don’t. Shark in this video was a stainless steel hook. I have
seen them work all the way back cutting open the jaws of the shark. 00:34
COMM: Because this hook wouldn’t have rusted away, Michael knew he had to try and remove
it. 00:45
MICHAEL: I tried to keep as hands off as I can on the sharks. But in this incident the
shark was very mellow so I put him in a tonic immobility, and gently removed the hook. 00:57
COMM: Tonic immobility is the state of temporary paralysis experienced by sharks when they
are turned upside down. And while he makes the process look easy, Michael is always respectful
of these creatures. 01:12
MICHAEL: It was a little bit difficult. You have a 10-foot shark moving around underneath
your arms, and you have a lot of teeth to deal with so, it’s a very delicate matter
when removing a hook out of a shark. 01:27
MICHAEL: I spend a lot of time in the water with sharks; the comfort level never goes
all the way up. There is always an on edge feeling, but I work with sharks for a …for
a living. It is never 100% safe. There are precautions that you can take but nothing
guarantees your safety when swimming with predators of this magnitude.


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