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Downrigger and Dipsy Diver Rod Holders – Cannon Dual Axis

Mark Courts, Break Time Charters
up here in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. You know, one of the products that I think
is really cool from Cannon is the Dual Axis rod holders and where I utilize them the most
is on my dipsy setup. I’ve got my low diver
here, my high diver here and one of the cool features about them is that I can adjust
the rods in any which direction I want. Simply by pressing the button, giving
that rod a twist but you’ll notice right now that my rods are fairly close together,
if I get a bite on my high diver right now I’m going to have a little issue, so
what I like to do is just adjust that back one click, it gets a little separation. The other thing I can do is click that one
up. Now I’ve got a little bit more separation,
but the really cool feature is if I get one on
it’s real easy for me to take the rod out of the rod holder, and I can do it one-handed,
simply by raising it up and grabbing the rod out. I’ll adjust it back down and the other cool
feature about them is they’ve actually got a pin system
in here so for your rod butts that have a gimbal mounts,
I can keep my line counter where I can read it at all times. If you’re looking for a really cool product,
check them out at

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