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Drone Shark Alarm – Hover UAV

We were running shark surveillance for
the DPI and what we found there was a need for an additional warning. We wanted to create a lightweight device that was really loud. With this alarm system it’s
real time so literally as soon as we see a shark and identify it as a hazardous
shark we can activate it there and then on the spot.
So where the shark is we can target it so everyone around where that shark is
will be able to give that siren and often surfers are a few hundred meters out to sea. We work really closely with the lifesavers as well. Our pilots are all trained in how to identify what is a hazardous shark. The beach only needs to be closed for something that is going to be a threat to the public. We are a commercial
operation and professional at what we do we’ll always be easily identified on the
beach with signs posted. I would like for everyone to know what
the alarm sounds like so they get used to it so if there is a recognised shark
operator on the beach then they hear this alarm they will know to come
straight in. We wanted to make sure it was light enough to be able to talk to more
commercial drones that may fall into that subject two kilo category. This in turn
would make it more cost-effective across different beaches and for Councils to
take it on as a way of increasing safety on our beaches

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