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Duckett Fishing Reels | Bass Fishing

Hey guys. Casey Martin here, FLW Tour Pro. We’re at ICAST and we’re at the Duckett Fishing
booth, and one of the hottest items that we have here right now, everybody’s been anticipating,
are the Duckett fishing reels. They come in two different models. There’s a seven bearing and eleven bearing,
and you can also get them in two different colors. You can either get them in this black color
or the white color that Duckett is famous for. So check them out. We’re at ICAST. Again you can get seven bearing, eleven bearing,
black, white. They also come in three different retrieves. You can get them here in a 5to3, 6to3, and
a 7to1, so check it out. Duckett Fishing, the new reels, hottest thing
on the market.

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