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Easy Home Made Tuna Crackers For Cats! Quick and Easy Recipe Plus a COMPETITION!

Hi Everyone! Is your cat a tuna fiend just like my Rags? This week we have a recipe for you for a treat called tuna crackers and they are really really easy to make Ragsy absolutely loves them and they are a great way to treat your cat They’re really very easy to make with ingredients that you can get from any supermarket Ok, so for this recipe all you need is 1 6oz can of tune in water which you can just get from any supermarket 1 and a quarter cup of all purpose flour, I’m just using plain flour Two eggs and a little bit extra flour for when you’re rolling them out Now the first thing you want to do is pre-heat your oven to about 175 degrees And line a baking tray with baking paper What you want to do is empty the tuna into a bowl and along with the water Right and then all you need to is put the flour and eggs into a bowl and mix it up Ok, next go in the eggs Once it starts sticking together like this, you can go in with your hands If you find that your dough is still a bit sticky, just put in a bit of extra flower just to make it all stick together properly Ok, so it’s all combined, just get a little bit more flour And just dust it on to your surface Ok and then using your rolling pin Roll it out until it’s about quarter of an inch thick Ok so that’s about one quarter of an inch thick and now you can just cut the treats using a knife into any shape you want Make sure they are sort of about an inch maybe or maybe half an inch Ok, this is our first batch. Now this batter is a little bit fiddly so don’t worry if they don’t come out in sort of unicorn shapes And these are going to go in the oven for between 8 and 10 minutes Once these treats are thoroughly cool, they can be kept in an air tight container for a week and a half Now let’s see what Ragsy’s verdict is Well as always, Rags really enjoyed these treats and if you gave it a go, I really hope your cat did too If you did give this recipe a go, please let me know in the comment section below or tag us in our social media @relaxmycat We’ve got something a little extra special this week – we’ve got COMPETITION for you! We would like you to share your best cat care tip in the comment section below! For your chance to win this KONG rattle catnip toy Please leave them in a comment section below and Ragsy will pick a winner and we will announce it in our next video Thanks for watching this video guys, we really hope you enjoyed it! If you did, please give us a big thumbs up and if you haven’t done so already, hit that subscribe button Me and Rags, we will see you next week Say bye Ragsy No? You’ve got be patient Ragsy, they’ve got to cook first!


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