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Easy Prawn Pulao Recipe | Prawn And Rice Recipes | How To Make Prawns Pulao With Coconut Milk

Prawn rice recipes hi friends today
we are going to prepare coconut milk rice with prawn and green peas
ingredients coconut onion green chilli lemon
coriander leaves mint leaves green peas garlic cloves ginger cinnamon stick bay
leaves clothes chilli powder the salt basmati rice cleaned prawns soak the rice in a water for 20
minutes blend ginger and garlic into paste in a
mixer jar take a mixing bowl
add prawns ginger chili garlic paste salt squeeze the lemon well and set aside about 30 minutes coconut milk preparation remove the
coconut flesh from the shell grind the coconuts in a mixer jar and
filter the milk preparation for prawn pulao add oil to
hot pan add marinated prawns and cook till the prawns release the moisture
transfer the prawns to a plate and set aside Now transfer the gravy to a bowl add oil in the same pan add bay leaves
cloves cinnamon chop the onion like this and add it to
the pan now add garlic green chili mint leaves, Green
peas, salt and saute it, water ration is 2 :3 3 measure the milk and water in the same
measuring cup measured for the rice three cups of water for two cups of rice Add Prawns ad Ghee and close the lid cook about 15
minutes in the low flame now open the lid and stir gently the
delicious Prawn Pulao is ready friends I believe you enjoy this prawn
and rice recipes cook for yourself and write your comments thanks for watching
see you in the next recipe


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