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Egg-Fried Rice Noodles with Chicken – Gordon Ramsay

first off for those tokens now these are rice noodles into a bowl and just pour hot water over the rice noodles soak and rehydrate 12 to 15 minutes to stop and up if you’ve got a wok perfect if not just a normal sized frying pan with big sloping sides pan on get it really nice and hot chicken breast very lean hardly any fat on there you’ve got this little Phillips just slice that off now the secret to getting it really nice and thin now to cut it into strips take your knife keep it nice and flat on the board and sort of slice it in half like a sort of scholar like that we call this butterfly in the chicken take a rolling pin and place then gently roll over the chicken all it does is sort of flattens it allows you to slice it even thinner and the thinner a slice of the chicken sort of crisper it gets the quicker it cooks slice it in half just start slicing these nice thin slices and the good news is one chicken breast can serve two or three easily next wash your knife and finally slice garlic the thinner the garlic the crispier this is a young tender broccoli just slice them down want a bite to the broccoli and normally you sort of paste the dish with 1/3 noodles one-third vegetables and one-third of your protein chicken with a dish that takes literally minutes to put together it’s really important to get everything organized everything needs to be your fingertips touch of olive oil pan really nice already just starting to smoke drop the chicken in first salt pepper open up those little strands of chicken nice once we started to sear off the chicken get the garlic in now let that get really nice and crispy and the way to do it is this sort of spread and with chicken the garlic of the side of the pan you see why it’s so important to cut the chicken thin strips because it colors and cooks at the same time as well really really crucial now that garlic getting really nice and crispy rocking in feel strange putting raw broccoli in like that normally the blanch in boiling water draw it out of it not that crunch now slow sauce that helps to season it but also stains beautifully soy sauce in lovely except for the one take it out [Music] to be a pan a little wipeout little teaspoon of olive oil get out what really nice the oiled again drain your noodles a beautiful this is a really exciting way of finishing this quick stir-fry very classic two eggs in whisk up the eggs and give that a really good whisk [Music] sort of almost spread it on the side of the pan lightly season the eggs noodles in chicken and broccoli in and give that a really nice mix you want the egg to sort of almost bring the dish together that eggs cooked [Music] I’ll show you that nice the even distribution of chicken broccoli garlic lovely I just finished that my fresh life and they have very simple delicious stir-fry with rice noodles [Music] now this is angel passed a nice thin pasta takes 304 minutes three fingers one in front two behind and this part of the knuckle


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