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[ENG SUB] 가을 배스 낚시는 런커의 계절? 으음..?! Autumn is the season of Big Bass?

Hi!Guys! Today! I came to Goryeong! This is a river in Goryeong I started early in the morning and I arrived here It’s nice that it’s not cold yet I thought it would be cold in the morning But it’s good, it’s good to fish! Today.. I wish I could show you bass Surely I brought this Paracord lure! But depending on field situation I’ll choose the lures and Paracord lures! Well, Let’s go! Hey, guys! I’ll use this Jighead I made first! At any cost! I will set a success seal! Well..! Maybe not today; Now this field situation is First, the water is clear I can see the river bed! And it’s not deep The river bed is stone! My favorite! Get stuffed that Paracord.. Guys! Putting Paracord lure away I’ll use spinner bait this time Guys, Spinner bait wasn’t good choice I’m going to use crank bait this time Oh.. it shouldn’t be No, It’s too early to be disappointed! Crank bait was wrong Well, guys! This time I’ll use the Neko rig! There is no reaction at picturesque scenery Guys, do you remember? Neko rig is, Hopping! Hopping! Stay.. Hopping! Hopping! Hopping! Stay.. Hopping! Stay~ You know? That’s it! These are the fries! So many fries! I don’t know you can see this, there are a lot of fries! It came! I got this!! hey..! What happened now There are a lot of plants in front of me I got a bite shaking lure near plants! Though the size is very small They are hiding in the plants inside! So I don’t have to cast far Guys! The bass I met first day is sensitive today Because it’s sensitive! Hopping! Stay~ slowly stay~ Staying enough~ I think I should operate like that Why are you so white Guys! It’s bass, bass! Baby bass! Guys! I caught a mall bass with Neko rig I’m not here to see that little bass This~~ I came to see the bass as big as this Do you see the submerged tree over there? There is a point that it would be good to use punching So I’m going to try punching! Today I.. brought all this and that! No reaction to punching. (There aren’t, nothing) Neko rig again! It came! Wow.. Today is really Neko’s day! I want to shout ‘It’s mine!!‘ like this Only small ones are coming up Really this is.. Hello? Like the one I just caught and another I can’t shout ‘It’s mine’ Too small to shout ‘It’s mine’.. Too small.. Wow~ guys, it looks like there should be bass here? At the point where should have bass! If I cast but no fish! Then! No way~ I want to eat chicken skewers! Chicken skewers~ What the hell are you saying? Guys, in front of me There’s a hill that seems to have a story Could I say it an underwater hill? I think there’s fish where there’s a story I think there’s always fish where there’s a story Fish, please bite this.. Just one~ Please bite just one~ Then I!!! Guys! In the field I came I saw a hundred of fries until now No, about 2 hundred? Maybe it was about 3 hundred! I won’t come again here until these fires grows, really! If these fries grows, I think there are a lot of bass here? About.. After 10years? You know Nowadays Many people says it’s really hard to fish But.. Really.. It’s too much.. Everyday sensitive.. Everyday.. huh? Pooh.. Is this a grasshopper? The grasshopper is stuck in the bag, guys Wow~ You look so plump Don’y you run away if I bring the camera so close? Oh~ What are you doing, washing your face? Anyway, it’s such a visual that I don’t want to hold by hands Oh no, this is.. No.. come on Oh.. The bite is No, There’s no bites, nothing! I don’t know if there is bass or they don’t bite Damn it I’ll use shade worm this time Well, let’s use everything I have! I have use this and that! If I can’t catch any fish Then, Oh, well.. I don’t know! Guys, it’s really hot suddenly! It’s like summer, summer! I’ll use Ika with no sinker this time Let’s target the shade in opposite side Subscribers.. I failed today.. I tried to succeed with Paracord lure I made Damn it.. But I caught 2 small bass with Neko rig This is fail, fail! It’s not what I wanted Well, If I got bass 30~40cm in length though it wasn’t Paracord lure I would say ‘Well.. I can say it’s success!‘ Bullshit But if I keep on trying, one day I would succeed, right? I think so! I won’t give up, that’s it! It will come out someday~ Today I think I say this words often Because of bad field condition.. I was in good condition, but the field wasn’t The autumn has big bass.. I don’t know But the weather is so nice today! Our subscribers~ Then thank you for watching video today! I’m gonna go home! Bye!


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