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[ENG SUB] 초간단 참치주먹밥

A can of Tuna, 3 bowls of rice, Mayonnaise, Sesame oil, Small bowl and A larger bowl First, prepare a larger bowl. And put the r.. rice in it. A double more Adding some sesame oil x2 Put some salt in it. Rub it, forking rub it. Holy forking hot.. I recommend using a rice paddle. (Sigh) I used 3 bowls of rice for a can of tuna.
(It’s your personal taste!) Put mayo enough amount Just picking up half of a 1 bowl of rice Make it flat. Add tuna enough amount in it And cover it with half the leftover rice. Put it together beautifully. If you hold it and turn it around, you’ll see the shape. Hit it like this You finished one~ Then make another one.. Doing like is easier than hitting it lol Second one is ready~ you are ready too~ Finally all ready already… Are you forking kidding me? They are cute.. (Cuteness) 2 spoons of soy sauce in a heated pan then put some honey enough amount Bring to a boil soon. Stir quickly. If it’s a little bit sticky, move then. Place 3 rice balls on a heated pan. Spread the sauce you made on them. (Sound of delicious..) Spread on both sides. I’m not good at flipping as well. (Pat x2)


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