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– We’re going to play a board game.
– Haha. Transformation! – Hello.
– Ha-ha. – We’re going to play a board game.
– Ha-ha. – Hello! We’re about ot start one. – Let’s say hi first.
– Okay. – Shall we?
– 2, 3. 8 makes 1 team!
Hello, we’re ATEEZ! 8 makes 1 team…
But where is Min Gi? He is away to do something. He will be back soon. – What are we going to do?
– Today, like the drawing that Yeo Sang showed,
we’re going to play a game. – Do you know what it is?
– No. – First time to see this. – There’s the punishment.
– What’s that? Before we say that, – I guess they can’t see the game
because of the monitor. – Really? Before we play this, Can you see the laptop here? – Here.
– What are we going to do? This draws a lot of attention! Driving dance challenge! We’ve paid a lot of attention
and watched some. The agency also has – collected interesting video clips.
– Really? So, we’re going to show some reactions. We have seen many reaction
video clips to our music videos. We’re going to do that. – Are you excited?
– Yes. But you don’t look so happy. – You don’t look happy.
– I’m fine. – Let’s watch something.
– Shall we play? – Shall we? – The top one, please.
– I see. I was curious. – It’s uploaded on social media.
– Fans can’t see this. I guess they’re a family. Oh, they do this. – Family members.
– Four of them. – Kids are so cute.
– Cute. Shall we watch the 2nd one? In the middle, the mom
tries to stop them. – Oh, our image is added to this video clip.
– To make a contrast. Let’s play it. – A vacuum cleaner?
– Yes. Oh, very nice. They’re doing well. That vacuum cleaner.
Yeo Sang and I tried to do something similar. – They did it first.
– They did. You have to bring an innovative idea. Let’s watch the 3rd one. – Shall we?
– Yes, please. Oh, feeling. – Mopping.
– Using a rake. . – That’s short but impressive.
– Right. There are a lot of video clips. The 4th one. Many international fans
applied to this event. I won’t say this person’s nickname. I guess this person likes to
cover K-pop dances. Very nice. Point choreography, even. – That’s the same.
– He’s good. We can say the ID, too. How can we show the video clip?
How? Turn it around?
I see. – Starting from the first one.
– No, starting from this one. From now on? – The 5th video clip.
– The 4th. – That was the 4th one.
– Oh, right. – Here we go.
– Time flies so fast. Please read the ID. Konichiwa… Here it is. Kawai K Covers 22. ATEEZ “Say My Name” challenge. Shall we turn it around? – After watching or..
– After watching together. Go! He’s riding something. At home. Today’s star Min Gi is here! – Min Gi, we’re watching the cover dance.
– Dance challenge. We were watching the
driving challenge video clips. – Shall we show this to fans?
– Yes. I’ve watched several things. Some fans do that
in innovative ways. Right, some are very creative. I guess I’ve seen this. Right, we watched together
yesterday. – Gestures.
– How can we show It’s hard to show to fans. – Firm no.
– We can’t show this to fans. What we thought interesting
was Kawai Cover… – Dance 22.
– Dance 22. Next one, Roketina. – Roketina.
– Okay. – What does it mean?
– I guess we can’t say this social media. – You can read the ID.
– I mean, the social media’s name. I guess we can’t say the name. Media with pictures. – You know?
– The picture… you know, The social media where
you upload a lot of pictures. You can add hashtags. The Box, the photocopies.
Yes, sir. Please show that. I see. So, we’re going
to watch it first and let fans see this. – The 5th one.
– Shall we? Let’s watch first. Cute. When going to copy… This fan uses this gesture
for everything. Cute. Let me show this. Yeo Sang can show it to fans. – How can I play it from the beginning?
– Just press it. That’s what we saw it. We saw that. I guess it’s hard to show it to fans. I guess it’s hard to show
what we saw, and we recommend you find it. If you type driving dance challenge… Driving dance challenge. The view count is 5,500. – A lot of people watched this.
– I saw this in the morning. – Really? This fan really did a great job. Let’s read the fan’s ID. – I don’t know how to say.
– Let’s just read it as it pronounces. I don’t know.
Scottiemawn. Oh, he’s great. He did the most of our choreography. Great job. He’s such a good dancer. We have to learn from him. How does he know moves exactly? That’s exactly the same
to what we learned. He knows the point. – He’s amazing.
– Amazing. He’s such a good dancer. Awesome. Yeo Sang, will you bring the
cam and show it? Everyone, there’s “HALA HALA” video clips. – Hold on.
– Can we show this first? Hang on. It has the viewcount of 13,000. – It’s awesome.
– Awesome. Scottiemawn. – Please show it to fans.
– He’s such a great dancer. Hang on. Then, this… – Don’t take it off.
– Just bring it, with the stick together. Then, I will flip it around. – Okay.
– Good. – Be careful.
– I saw it now. – This is what we saw.
– That was the beginning. Let’s see this. He’s a good dancer. – Yeo Sang, thank you for your support.
– Yes, I’m the cameraman. Cameraman, right. Shall we bring this close
to the cam? So that he can bring it right away. It’s a bit embarrassing
since I am too close. – Let’s do this.
– It’s a bit tilted. Hang on. Cameraman. – Yeo Sang.
– Yeo Sang. – Done.
– It’s okay now. Then, this… Done. – It’s done.
– This is the 7th one. – 2, 4, 6.
– How many vdieo clips do we watch? I guess we’ve checked out
where the cam was. 2, 4, 6, 7, 8…
This is the last one. We move on to the bird. – Really?
– Bird? I see. – It moved on to the bird.
– Yes, I will fix it. – The bird?
– Yes, the social medium that tweets. – Grandmothers… Let’s watch it
from the beginning. – Nice. Let’s turn it on. Here we go. That’s so cute. I guess her granddaughter
taught how to dance. – Awesome.
– So funny. – This one, too.
– Please show this one, too. – They look so happy.
– Yeo Sang. Don’t touch this
when we bring it back… – Like this.
– You can put it like this. Here we go. – Shall we stay like this?
– Shall we? We can move behind. So, do we keep showing this part? – Like this.
– Okay. That’s a good idea. It’s so much fun.
Please flip it around. Come to us. San, please control this. – Good!
– Great! – Everyone is in the frame?
– Good! – I guess Yeo Sang’s arm will hurt.
– Will you exchange seats? – It’s okay.
– His hand is shaking. Hold on. Let’s do this. It’s very nice. – Please tell your father,
grandfather… – Or family members. You can teach how to dance
to our song, to your mother or grandmother. The choreography is not that
difficult. It’s easy to follow. – The 2nd video clip.
– Let’s watch together. We’re watching together. Okay. Give me that.
Let’s not do this two times. Then, they can’t see us. – We can’t show our reactions.
– Okay. San, will you turn on the volume?
From the beginning. Oh, there.
We can show our faces. What a great dancer! – What’s the ID?
– What’s that? The ID. Wow, an amazing dancer. – This is the one.
– Thank you. Thank you. What would you say?
When we take a face picture in close up. I don’t know. You’re not that trendy. – You don’t know it either.
– I’m an outsider. – Yes, outsider.
– Outsider. Excited. I can see
Atiny tonight! Yay! Close-up shot? Here we go! They’re good at dancing. – Should we show this, too?
– Our choreography is not that difficult. The dance level is like,
you can dance during a party. – Done?
– Dance for parties. – Let’s go.
– Party. – Here we go.
– Let’s get it. – Party. – Here we go.
– Party. Cute. – They got the groove.
– This is the one. Thank you. Way to go! – Thank you.
– Thank you so much. – In general, they’re so good at this.
– Amazing. Next time, let’s do a flashmob. That’s nice. I guess I’ve seen
a similar video clip. Here we go. Hang on. Let’s stop it. I will flip it around. Let me play it. 1, 2, 3. She’s holding something. – She’s carrying something.
– Cute. – What’s this?
– What is she holding it? – She’s carrying something in her hand.
– What’s this? – She’s carrying something.
– Is she feeding a dog? In and out… – In and out…
– Right, She’s feeding cats. – Right.
– She’s feeding cats. Oh, my picture is in her profile. Wow, in that split of second… Atiny’s dance challenge. I saw she was copying
our dance for In and Out. The crossing one? Right. Good. – We have two video clips.
– Only two are left. Two video clips are left. Next video clip. Let’s watch together. – Let me play it.
– Here we go! Is it a school? – Three of them.
– The last one’s so groovy. This is it! They have such a nice idea. Behind… – Thank you for the nice idea.
– Good. Let me read this fan’s ID. I will do that. Here it is. Di-Verse. – This is the fan’s ID.
– Di-Verse. – Thank you. Good. Hang on. Please keep going on. – Last one.
– This is the last clip. It’s okay. The last one. Hong Joong? – It’s Hong Joong.
– Cute. Again. – Starting from the beginning.
– Isn’t it a Minions? – So cute.
– Really cute. That’s my type of video clips! – It’s choppy.
– I guess the internet is not stable. – What’s the ID of this fan?
– Yun Ho’s Light. There’s his picture
with the concept of “HALA HALA”. – Good. – The next thing…
– No. We’ve seen all. – Have we seen all?
– Yes. – All right. Let’s set this up again.
– Yes. Hello. Today’s cameraman
Kang Yeo Sang. A lot of fans participated in the event. We’re going to join
the driving dance challenge event. If you give a lot of ideas… Shall we play a song? We’re going to join the event.
If you participate in the event, we will appreciate it and
participate in the event with new ideas. If you keep posting such video clips,
we’re going to check them out on V LIVE. We’re thinking about
creating something new. Some uploaded
and some didn’t. But we’re thinking about it seriously. We’re going to participate it. – If we knew that fans would do
such a great job, we should’ve done it before.
– Right. – Have you seen Seong Hwa and my video clips?
– That was legendary. Last one was….
How many times did you film it? I guess 10 times. – Taking something in a trash can…
– That scene took a lot of time. It went well, unexpectedly. Sound. You did this in the last part. – True.
– Point dance. It was good. Hope you participate a lot. Please actively participate in this effort. I’ll turn on V LIVE right away if there’s anything interesting. Like this. – Next segment.
– Dance challenge reaction is done! Thank you very much. Laptop is… – I want to say something.
– Go for it. We had an interview yesterday. Can we talk about it? – Of course.
– Who will go first? – Addictive dance moves.
– Min Gi, introduce us the song “Say My Name”. “Say My Name” is a song with addictive melody. It’s an unforgettable song. So hope you enjoy listening to the song. He wasn’t like that yesterday. Addictive… I didn’t do that. Addictive melody and dance. – I monitored it.
– It’s already out. Hong Joong, please introduce our new album. – I forgot about it.
– Okay. I said something like impact. Addictive impact. – You said it well.
– What is addictive impact? Min Gi was supposed to hand me the microphone after his turn. I tapped him twice but he didn’t give me. I tapped him like that. And I just did nothing. – And then he passed that on to me.
– Jong Ho also stuttered. You were confused with ATINY and ATEEZ. Jong Ho did a best job in the rehearsal. – But he made mistake on the live.
– He was nervous. Deeper charisma. ATEEZ’s stage is. He was supposed to say “We will show you”. And it would have been an end. Nature was supposed to do an interview after us. I didn’t say the “and” part. I kept reminding that to myself. And and and and and. And then I said only ATEEZ’s stage. After thinking about “and” that much. – If you think to much it’s not good.
– I learnt that we don’t get nervous on the stage and we don’t often do so. We were with MC and other artists which made us feel nervous. So we were very nervous. Okay. Min Gi wanted to talk about it. – Okay, will you explain this board game?
– Okay, the board game. Woo Young is playing it. This game is. What is the name of this game? – Shark game.
– We made it. Shark game. – It looks like shark’s teeth.
– it’s a mouth of shark. There are many seafoods in here. – Seafoods.
– It comes out if you turn it like this. Taking away shark’s food. It’s all stuck on here. – Roll the dice.
– Okay. – Depending on your number.
– 2 or 1. You do fishing. We just got important news. This game’s title is “Watch out for the shark”. I’ll say the shark after watch out okay? – Okay.
– Watch out for the shark. Okay. Let us know the rules and punishments. Do we play individually or in pair or in group? Watch out. Jong Ho watchout. Got it. On this dice. Yeo Sang, show them the dice. – I’ll.
– On the dice – Towards the camera.
– Turn it over. – There are drawings. It says whether it’s one fish or two fish. – It think only one side has two fish.
– One side. – One side.
– It’s not good when you get two fish. That person should choose two. – More likely to get punishment.
– So I’ll explain. Decide how many you’ll take out from the shark. With this rod – take them out.
– According to the number. And the mouth closes you are done. – What if my hands are in here?
– You use the rod. – We put safety first.
– Shall we show it closely? Okay. – Yeo Sang, hold it up.
– It’s very mellow. – There are lobsters.
– Tada. Show them shark’s face. – Tada.
– It looks similar to Min Gi. It looks similar to Min Gi. Yeah. Why am I similar to these things? That’s why we watch Min Gi across river. – Wow.
– Today, We watch Min Gi across the sea. Watch Min Gi. – Wait.
– I can’t do this. – I’m so embarrassed.
– Same. I think we are going to do whatever we want on this live. – We have penalties.
– Which ones? – Do you know about it?
– I do. They just showed us. I didn’t know. So the punishment. Aegyo video for our belated fans. Three of us who lose the game. On social media they will upload the video. – The one Hong Joong made before.
– Oh no. – Legend video?
– Quiet. Yeo Sang will show this and San will read comments. Reactions. – Rock scissors paper?
– Shall we start? Okay. Let’s choose the side by rock scissors paper. Rock scissors paper! – Rock scissors paper!
– No! Are you going to go first or later? – First is better
– I’ll go first. Okay! I’ll go first. Game king Yun Ho love it. – I’ll roll the dice.
– It’s better to play later. – I’ll play it later.
– Why are you laughing? There are 10. – It’s better to play later.
– Of course. – Why am I going first?
– Roll the dice. – It’s difficult to lose on the first go.
– Yeah. But if you get 2 fish here. Choose one. Turn it like this. They should see how it closes. – Just set the camera there.
– They can’t see the shark. – Really?
– Yeah. I… I’ll film it for you. Yeo Sang is the camera director. Okay. He’s passionate. – You should film it horizontally.
– Like that. I’ll get lobster. – How do I play this?
– Snap! 1, 2, 3! – Next turn is Min Gi.
– Looks similar to this. Watch out for Min Gi! Two! – 1.
– Let’s change the game’s name into Watch out for Min Gi. – Watch out for Min Gi.
– If I got two, I might have cried. You cry all the time. He cries at least once a day. He doesn’t get it. – Next.
– It makes me nervous. Don’t do it like that. – Just like this.
– One. – I was a bit surprised.
– Anything. – Your eyes are wide open Jong Ho.
– Oh no. Just go for it. Seong Hwa will get 2. Almost failed. Okay. It only does that to me? I think we Yeo Sang will take turn too. Camera directing is very dynamic. – Sorry.
– Dizzy. Why does it take so long to play this game? – Just show them this shape.
– Don’t show them the dice. – I think I’ll not take turn.
– Two fish for Yun Ho. – Two?
– Lucky guy. Don’t come to me. – San will be the one.
– No! There is only one red left. Should I pull that out? If you pull two of them, I think it’d be cool. 1, 2, 3! – Wow. It takes long.
– Then 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. I saw a comment “Hong Joong will fail”. I remember your ID. I’ll find you. One. “Yun Ho, just lose the game for them”. – Really?
– That comment. San, take the camera and Yeo Sang will sit down again. – San will take the camera.
– Well. – Okay.
– Two. One. No one got two yet. I think it’s lobster. – Huh?
– I think it’s lobster. No not that one! I got it right. Woo Young fails the first round. – Cautious.
– Let’s show them this. – It’s very scary.
– Min Gi. It’s Min Gi. You will… Wait. Do you want eye contact with Min Gi Eye contact camera. Seong Hwa… – Woo Young is the camera man from now on.
– Okay. Fans say they want aegyo videos. Congratulations Woo Young. Woo Young, do you want to continue to play? I’ll just put them in. – If we go three rounds, Woo Young will do it alone.
– Nice. Can he pick one? – Nope.
– The rule was to pick 3. Aegyo. – Yeosan go there.
– Come closer. What is it? Continue Jong Ho. If we do it. And make NG. – Right.
– It’s very embarrassing. You are alone. – What are you doing?
– Mosaic. Okay. We’ll start over. Rock scissors paper. Rock scissors paper. – It’s our game habit.
– I did it without knowing it. I’ll choose one. You should go first. – Are you serious?
– It pops up as soon as you start playing. – Yeo Sang, I got 2 before.
– One. Hold the camera. I’ll hold it. – Nope. Woo Young should appear on the live.
– Fans will be sad. – He might do a portrait mode.
– Check it out. – No it’s okay.
– Woo Young is the culprit. – He has history.
– He did that before. We reached 4 million hearts. Celebrating this, we’ll show you Hong Joong losing the game. Lose! – Why are we so good?
– Why? Do we have yellow lobster? – He turned the camera.
– Nope! – Don’t. Focus on the game.
– He didn’t. – I think they can see the game if you put the camera here. – It’s okay. We are not all in the camera if you place it here. – Done.
– Once. – All of us should be on the live.
– But you are not in it. – Okay.
– You shouldn’t have lost the game. Fool. – If you look down on me I’ll put mosaic on you.
– Okay. Green one. – Seong Hwa.
– We are so noisy. The second is Seong Hwa. – Hold the camera.
– With Woo Young… Jong Ho, Min Gi and San sit closer. – So that you can be in the angle.
– We’ll pull all of them out. Hong Joong and yunho should get closer. – Losers can’t be on the live?
– Yeah. – Is it?
– Sometimes we’ll change the mode. – Okay.
– It’s fun. On the camera… – Ready?
– We are doing a good job. – What are you two doing?
– We’ll film ourselves until you get ready. We are not on the live while you play the game. You are greedy. Mosaic! – Greedy?
– Good job. – Please listen to “Just Friends” by MeloMance.
– Hey. – Woo Young.
– Too talkative, mosaic! – What are you doing?
– Self mosaic. We you want to look good, just lose the game. “My dog looked at me, surprised, when you made loud noises”. Sorry. Yeo Sang. Rock scissors paper. San first. I’m little nervous. – What should I do for the aegyo video?
– Will you just pull one out? – Did you roll the dice?
– You did. – I didn’t.
– It’d be fun if he gets two fish. One only. – Do you feel something?
– Not at all. Pick one. I think it’s that one. Just pick the other ones. – Can I?
– Nope. Just do it. Pull that one quickly. It was San’s acting. – One.
– It’s two. – Nope. One! They want you to do a portrait mode. They want to see you guys. That’s why we did the mode while you are getting ready for the next round. Lobsters… A comment says “Min Gi will lose”. 1, 2, 3! Two! – Two!
– Oh no. – Two!
– Should I pull two out? – Two.
– They turned the camera when we shouted two. My reaction was good. My reaction was good. – Yeo Sang, can you do it again?
– It’s finished. You didn’t film when Jong Ho got two. – Yeah.
– Sorry. – It’s producers discretion.
– “Just Friends” by Melomance. One more. Is it bad for me? I think it’s like. – Oh no.
– I think it’s you. – I think I’m lucky today.
– You are not the one? Two! – You roll the dice for me.
– Me? – Yeah. – It’d be fun if you get two.
– Two! – One.
– It’s fallen down. Like a traditional game. – Watch out shark.
– It’s not good. ATEEZ’s love ATINY. I’ll read you one cheering comment. I’ll read you one cheering comment. “Yun Ho will be the one. Stop being a lucky guy today”. – They want to see aegyo video.
– I’ll try to do so. But it’d be lucky when you lose. It’s a small chance. Nope. Okay. It won’t come to you. – I thought it would finish there.
– Two for San. – Two!
– For aegyo. – If it’s going to be two and two. What’s good for you?
– Oh yeah. – I’ll pull it out right away.
– Do it all at once. – It’ll not come to me.
– Red! – I think you need to be effortless.
– We found the new camera angle. – What is it.
– It’s unrealistic. – But this is very realistic.
– really? – I’ll see.
– It’s good. Then just place it there. – I didn’t expect my turn.
– Why, they are filming us. – Mosaic.
– Yeo Sang didn’t expect to play it. Please remove it. – They are filming us.
– If you go against us, mosaic on. – One.
– I think it’s green one. – Let’s go San.
– How many are there? – Four?
– Hong Joong is done. – I want to play this game more.
– Two! We have four and he got two. – Red.
– He didn’t expect his turn. – I’ll pull the red ones at once.
– Okay. – You come here.
– 1, 2, 3! Wow! Min Gi! Two! – Okay.
– If you get two, it’s finished. It has fallen down. Do it again. Two! Hold it. Wait! – We are almost there.
– It’s okay. – We don’t have to do this.
– It’d be fun. But what if it doesn’t close after pulling out the two? – Just go for it.
– San’s moves. – 1, 2, 3!
– Huh? – It’s not working. – We are not supposed to pull two at once.
– Let’s just say Min Gi lost the game. – Playing agin?
– No it’s Min Gi. – It’s Min Gi.
– San as well. – Let’s ask our fans. What should we do? Should Min Gi do it? Or rock scissors paper between San and Min Gi? – Why do I do rock scissors paper with him?
– Good idea. – That’ll be good.
– Do rock scissors paper. If Min Gi loses, he’s the one. If San loses, we play it again. – Again?
– Rock scissors paper. – One more time.
– We’ll play it again. – Please take a seat.
– It’s good here. – It’s okay.
– Our fans won’t like it. – They want to see you guys.
– Okay. While they prepare, we’ll turn the camera. Seat here and do the reaction. – Okay.
– Please seat on the edge. – Okay.
– We should do the camera setting again. Please do it as you think. Laughter. How do we do this? Let me hold this. Wow. Many comments are saying that they want to see Woo Young and Seong Hwa. – So…
– Was it on the live? My moves? – Yeah. Done. – I think we can’t do repeated moves.
– It’d be fun if San loses the game. Go in. – We are okay.
– Can you tilt back the camera a bit? Angle. – The camera.
– Angle. – Like this?
– Okay. – Like that. Come here. Little bit downwards. Well done director! – Okay.
– Six of us will play. Rock scissors paper. It’s our habbit. – Rock scissors paper.
– Rock. Rock scissors paper. – Look at this.
– I don’t know. It’s tilted. – Oh it is.
– I’ll go first. – Okay. – Roll the dice.
– It should come little forward. – Two!
– They can’t see it well. Okay. Good. – Good.
– Good camera setting. – Wait.
– I’ll turn this. One. San, passed with one. It’s too easy. He likes to throw the dice. I think he’s doing it intentionally until he gets two. – One.
– Wait. When Min Gi plays it and we can tell some seafood it about to pop up and someone hits that one. So you get two at that time. Okay. Let’s do this. Don’t do that to me. – I think I’ll get something.
– I think you want to lose the game. – No, I feel like I’m going to lose the game.
– I think you want to lose it. – He might want to do Aegyo.
– Okay. One. From my point of view, that yellow crawfish really bothers me. With the crawfish’s pincer, shark’s stomach… What are you talking about? – I made it survive!
– Reaction please. Surgery successfully finished. – You should show us a nice reaction.
– Give him a big hand every time he picks one. What happened? – Good!
– Good! One! Nervous. – Nervous. – I like that.
– What will happen? – Green? Really?
– Will the surgery turn out to be successful? Doctor Yun Ho! – I like your reaction.
– I can’t catch it. – Nervous. – One!
– Succeeded! Good, great reaction. – One.
– Okay, one. What’s that. – He’s being ignored.
– Crawfish! – One!
– Bravo our leader! – I didn’t expect my turn would come.
– Good job. – He’s nervous.
– We should refrain from making noise. – Two, two, two will be perfect.
– Okay. – Two!
– Oh! Let’s change the game’s rule. – You can’t do that.
– No. – It’s confidence.
– Okay. Fans will see your hands bleeding at a fan signing
event. – Fan signing event.
– Sorry. – How about taking it off with mouth?
– No, no. – No.
– Don’t do that. Don’t. Just do it. My turn will never come, because there are five. I’m at risk. Manager who brought this will be angry. It may not work again. Never. That will make the two responsible. – Pick one.
– Let’s go, the youngest. We’ve got 5 million hearts! And about 30,000 people are watching this. I’ll try hard for the 30,000 viewers. For 30,000. What are you, MC? One. I just made some tricks. They must be missing Jong Ho. Go. Wait. – Pick one.
– We should have done it continuously.
– Right. Bye. Gosh. – Gosh.
– Why did you stop making reactions? – One! – Yes.
– The youngest. – Are you satisfied? – Good.
– Okay. One. Not Yun Ho? – Then one between the two.
– Green or red? – Yongho, you want to sing?
– I’ve been picking… – Let’s have a singing time for Jong Ho.
– Okay, for three minutes. – Not now.
– Not now. Okay. Not again? – Two!
– Two! – I saw it.
– But… One would be good. – Let’s play it.
– Throw once again. – Pick one.
– One? Throw it once again. – One would be funny.
– Two! Just take it out one by one. Okay, Yeo Sang and I will take two out. – It doesn’t work.
– Give me that. Be careful. There were two. – Two.
– That’s right. You picked two. Two. – I thought that it was out of order.
– Rock scissors paper. Yes, Hong Joong got two. It was me. – No, not really.
– The four should film a video while being cute. Four, including Yeo Sang. Four, okay? – Okay.
– I’m in. – I have an idea.
– Tell us. Three will get a penalty, right? Can we play this game once again for fun? – Losers should go buy ice creams!
– With another penalty? During this live, What are you doing? – Sorry.
– Don’t make our leader feel angry. – I’ll be upset.
– Sorry. – Don’t do that.
– I want to emcee. – You want to come to my room?
– I’ll take care of it. Jong Ho, tell us. San, Min Gi, go back a little.
They cannot see Jong Ho. Jong Ho, tell us. – What will be the penalty?
– Penalty? How about that?
How long we have done this live? 50 minutes. How about losers go buy ice creams
in five minutes. With a company credit card? No, his own card. I don’t like that. – Why?
– Let’s do it with a company card. – Why?
– Company card? – Yes. – Company card.
– Just do an errand. Too much. – Company card?
– Okay. – Do we have that card now?
– Yes. That’s just TMI. Okay, any errands will be okay. They like it. – “Flick on Jong Ho?”
– No. Why are you angry? I said I would buy ice creams. – They chose ice creams that cost 3,000 each.
– Right. – I paid a lot.
– I like that penalty. Here’s TMI.
He also bought ice creams for the staff. I paid just a lot. – So you got angry?
– No. – I love you.
– Did you feel as if you were wasting money? No, let’s do it. Hong Joong bought me fried chicken. Rock scissors paper. Go first. – Go first.
– Go. Your language trick. Me too. Sorry… Choreography teacher. (Korean pun) Vocal teacher. (Korean pun) Bye. Bye. – Take care.
– Take care. – I want to eat a goldfish bread.
– My own way of throwing a dice. – This…
– Don’t do that. – The loser will be accompanied by that cam.
– One. That’s a good penalty. I got it! Let’s show them how we spend time together. – Don’t be so mean.
– Right. – You were so mean.
– Mean. Go. I can’t catch it. – Jong Ho!
– Okay. There’s expertise for this. – Look at this, green one.
– You called silly? – To our fans?
– Silly? – This will be taken out.
– Green? Okay. If it really happens… – Two!
– Two! This one, please.
I believe this can be taken out. – In my opinion…
– Woo Young, they cannot see Yeo Sang. – Don’t go that far.
– No. Why did you get upset? That’s what Woo Young looks like. – Look at this.
– No! No, I’m Ttoong. – Two.
– Two. – Yun Ho, two.
– It’s not a driving challenge, it’s a “two challenge”. Okay, two. – Two challenge.
– Can I get these two in a row? – No.
– “In a row” is prohibited. – I don’t like that.
– Sorry. This or this. Try these two. – Okay, I’ll try.
– Two. Yun Ho, go get ice creams. – Expensive ones.
– Hagendaz. I’ll buy what I want. – You should just eat what I would bring.
– Okay. Don’t buy things like Babamba. – Ice creams for the staff too.
– Let’s stop playing games. – Come here. Let’s gather.
– I want one with chocolate and almond. – I’ll go get ice creams.
– Yun Ho! – Bye! – Okay.
– Don’t take that. – I know. Yun Ho is leaving. I’m center. I’m leaving. – You should say that you will come back
– I’ll come back soon. – We don’t have much time.
– Just 5 minutes. – Let’s start.
– Only 3 minutes is given to you. Wait. – Woo Young!
– Can I try? Give me that. You should be more polite. Okay. – Let’s put that game aside.
– Really? I want to try that one. Jong Ho wants that.
Bring that crocodile game. – Crocodile game? What’s that?
– Crocodile game. – It’s just similar.
– I’m scared of that game. – Using our hands.
– I’m really scared. We should use our hands. – Seong Hwa, give me that crocodile game.
– Okay. Crocodile! You should not press like that. – Oh, like this?
– Woo Young, go back a little. Okay, okay. Crocodile game is back! We should try it again. What happened? Come closer. – Here. – Closer.
– Okay. What will be the penalty? Just for fun? – Okay.
– Something should be at stake. How about loser acting cute here for 3 seconds? Jong Ho will have been arrived then. – Anything other than acting cute.
– What else? You want to act cute? Just do it. Fans want that. That’s not the penalty. What? – Should I say this?
– What? There’s a picture of me with this pose. – They don’t like it.
– Yes, you should stop doing that. Cute, isn’t that cute? Your face is just cute. Okay. What game you want to play?
What should be the penalty? Let’s play this game til Yun Ho comes back. Can I say something? – What is the penalty you want?
– What? – Finger flick. – That would only benefit you.
– No, that’s too painful. We would not be able to be at our
fan signing event later today. This is… – What do you want?
– Third time. – Third time!
– What do you want for penalty? Penalty? This. – Stop.
– Stop it. – No one’s concentrating.
– The penalty… Is there something you want? – Here’s one that is being mentioned by a lot of
– What’s that? Write down what penalties you want please. – Penalties!
– Okay. Any recommendations?
They say Min Gi should do whatever he wants. – Min Gi wants.
– Min Gi,what do you want? – I have no idea.
– Cute. Clean up our home. Give his ice cream to others. Give? They couldn’t hear it. Just give hearts to them. Heart! – Then…
– “Sexy dance”. “Act cute”. This one is being mentioned by so many people. – What’s that, aegyo, be mine?
– Be mine aegyo? When Jong Ho, Yun Ho and I did a live last time… Am I an outsider? There’s something that was on. – I know that.
– I have no idea. – Okay, let’s do it.
– What should be the penalty? – Dance to “Say My Name” without song.
– Okay. – To one’s favorite part.
– Okay. – Rock scissors paper.
– I just heard a door opening. – Let’s start.
– This fast? Rock scissors paper. – Let’s do it rapidly.
– He’s here. Wait, just for seconds. – Wait.
– We’re playing a game. I’m leaving! – Let’s finish it fast.
– Yun Ho, come join. – Come here. Oh, we can do it while eating ice creams. Daddy is here with ice creams. Enjoy! – The same ones?
– Not everything. – I want one with chocolate and almonds.
– Chocolate and almonds? – I don’t eat Bibibig.
– Okay, then Yanggaengbar. He bought this again. – I don’t eat this.
– Okay, then this one. My favorite! You said that you want Babambar. Didn’t you say that? – He shouldn’t have be selected.
– What’s that! What? Who said that? – Me!
– I’ve kept silent. – I’ve kept silent.
– Me too. – I really did.
– Me too. I’ve kept silent. Put these down. – Let’s choose ice creams through game.
– Okay. – That’s a good idea. – No.
– Okay, good idea. – No.
– It’s done. – I want that!
– Come. – Through game!
– This one’s mine. What? – I cannot join this game!
– Yes, you can. Let’s play a game altogether.
Come here Yeo Sang. We are so childish. My favorite! Give him a chair. – Okay, this game?
– Yes. – This…
– One that is selected can eat that. – Really?
– One that is selected will distribute them. – Okay!
– Okay. “Yun Ho’s taste is just like my dad’s”. – Seong Hwa, come here.
– Okay. He chose these for purpose. Good. – Ready?
– Ready. – I have it fixed here.
– Oh? Okay, how about the selected one chooses
first? – Distribute!
– Distribute? Selected one distributes ice creams. Let’s just start. Ice creams are melting. Yeosand and Seong Hwa. Rock scissors paper. Okay! – Let’s start.
– 1, 2, 3. Selected one should distribute. The camera is tilted. Just press that. Wait. – What’s the problem?
– Just do it. – No problem. 1, 2, 3! 1, 2, 3! I got that three times in a row. Min Gi. – We should be selected?
– Selected one will distribute ice creams. It’s my turn. Good! – Good!
– Seong Hwa will give ice creams to us. Hey, I bought them. – Seong Hwa!
– Go. – Hey! You look perfect in a blond hair. – Seong Hwa!
– Hey! Okay, this is yours. Wanna change with me? No, you can’t exchange. – Your hair is a perfect match with you.
– Exchange not allowed. Okay, this is yours. Hey! Go. – There are few left.
– Say something. – He gave this to me.
– Thank you. – Babambar for you.
– Thank you. – It’s the color of your hair. – What do you want Min Gi?
– Anything. – Too much TMI.
– Anything you want. – This is really good.
– Try it. – No. – No, hodumaru.
– Wasn’t there a plastic bag? Why did you buy 9? – Enjoy!
– I want this! – No. Why are you so aggressive? He doesn’t enjoy hodumaru, and he’s now
stealing Woo Young’s. – Try this one.
– How does it taste, yanggaengbar. The same as babambar? – This is the first time I saw that.
– Me too. – The same!
– One more. – There’s one more. Why? – This is good.
– Mine is also good. I don’t like it. He’s picky. Be careful not to drop it on your clothes. We enjoyed games altogether, let’s wrap up. and we took on a driving challenge. Oh, and don’t go out for ice creams, it’s too cold outside. And try yanggaengbar. Wrapping up? How about reading some comments before
wrapping up? Sorry. Okay! I’ll read some questions. We should go to prepare our fan signing event. “Be careful, there’s too much fine dust”. “It’s too cold, even colder because I drank iced
americano” Why? – I drank iced americano this morning.
– It’s too funny, yanggaengbar. – “I should study, and you came back”.
– Yanggaengbar. – “Yeo Sang is cute”.
– What? “I love ‘Say My Name’, good luck ATEEZ”. “Be careful for fine dust”,
“Let’s eat ice creams”! “What’s your favorite ice cream flavor, Min Gi?”
Mint chocolate. “What about ‘Say My Name’ without the song”? You’re just reading comments for yourself. No, “I love you San”. “I want ice cream”. “I enjoyed a lot”. “Sorry, I can’t go to Korea to see you”. Don’t be sorry, we’re thankful. “Too cold”. Time to wrap up. – Did you read some?
– Yes. – No. See you at a signing event. What? – Tell them.
– I love you. – Tell them why you laughed.
– Why are you eating two ice creams? Three. I won’t do this! I’m Jong Ho, a new leader. Let’s wrap up here.
2, 3! Thank you, leader’s back. – Wait.
– Yeo Sang, come here.
– Can I say something? Of course. I bought these ice creams for fun, not my taste. Someone said my taste is just like her dad’s. Dad? Okay. Not filming. – Yeo Sang, show that.
– At the end. Seong Hwa! And… – Stop!
– Wrapping up comment. – Okay. Please look forward to aegyo clips of Hong Joong,
Seong Hwa and Woo Young. Three. “Wink please”
1, 2, 3, 4! – Okay.
– Time to really wrap up. Don’t say anything. – Yes!
– Okay. – Sorry. See you at a signing event. Thank you for watching this live. Let’s say bye. Yeo Sang will show you something. It was ATEEZ, 2, 3! 8 makes 1 team! Thank you! – See ya!
– Bye! We’ll read some more comments! “Please listen to what Hong Joong says”. “I look forward cute wink”, “Aegyo”. Please listen to what Honjoong says. – Ha ha funny, confused.
– I should bring that to home. Sorry.


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