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English Food – Real FISH AND CHIPS! (Americans Try British Food) – Cornwall, England

Good morning, adventurers. We left our little container home at the YHA this morning, and we came to where are we right now? We are in St. Austell where we came yesterday. Oh yeah, St. Austell where we came to the brewery. But we went out this morning to hit up a coffee shop because I had to finish the vlog uploaded get a little bit of work done, but now yesterday We didn’t get a chance to try some Some proper fish and chips a lot of you guys told us that We shouldn’t try it at a pub because last time we did our food video We try to go to the pub. So we found a place that’s like on the coast it should be a proper chippy We’re gonna give it a try We accidentally went right into the middle of town. This place is very touristy, so we’re dodging people left and right Nikito’s a champ though. He’s on it. Doing my best here not to kill any cute dogs So we supposedly had a hundred percent chance of rain today But the rain kind of held out for most the morning until just now. It’s getting gross out here So we’re gonna have to try to find a couple ponchos or something if we’re gonna survive our time here in England. We jump to a new shop in the carpark and grab these trash bag looking things They might not look the best, but they were eight pound fifty. They do the trick Still do the job, yeah I come prepared It’s absolutely miserable outside So we were running around trying to find a spot to sit and eat because this place is take away only, but then all of a sudden after like ten minutes of fumbling around we saw that there’s a sign that they have an upstairs Specifically for when the weather is bad, which I take it is a lot of the time here. So this is perfect we were kind of hoping hoping to Fight the seagulls and sit outside, but I guess this will have to do But the fish looks just insane you guys check that out (looks like a real fish) Yeah, yeah, it looks awesome. That’s amazing and they fried it right as we ordered it Which was amazing Yeah, so we got to see him like dip it in and do the whole thing. That was awesome. Yeah, lots of the vinegar and salt on there I think it’d be great and they gave us a ton of chips We actually only ordered one large and they kind of split it up between three of them So I think we got a little bit more than we bargained for Oh yeah You ate it all but this tiny little piece Oh my goodness I feel like the – the coating is like a food all on its own It’s so thick and awesome and that fish is perfectly tender, look at that thing Alright, my turn to dig into this thing. That steam is crazy. That’s really good It’s like perfectly fried. It’s really funny because they put so much salt on it But it doesn’t really taste like that much salt. I was a little scared I think the vinegar helps to lighten it a little It is so crunchy and delicious I can see why you guys recommended us to go to like a proper place on the coast cuz this is actually really really good Definitely like step up from the place that we went to in our food video. Which was still good I maintain but this is better Also these chips are awesome usually I don’t really like um like thick chips like this. I think in the safe It’s more common to do them super thin uhm.. But when they’re done, right, they’re crispy on the outside and kind of gooey on the inside, and that’s the way I like them But they also put vinegar and salt all over the chips too. Which is great The fish and chips were amazing as expected. Thank you guys for the recommendations Now we are going to go back out into this sludge. This sucks, hasn’t let up a bit has it? No, its gotten worst. So after that all that salty fish we were really wanting something sweet So we’ve come to an ice cream shop called the She Sells and they have all kinds of flavors. I just stuck with the classic chocolate that so really simple That’s like Chocolate, Chocolate chip i got the Eton Mess with i guess this is Raspberry some strawberries and meringue and all cuz it’s amazing but it’s very light What did you go with? I got black currant and cream. You wouldn’t really find this flavor in U.S because we’re gonna use black currants But it’s pretty dang good. Yeah, you probably wouldn’t find this in the U.S. Yeah, it’s pretty exotic So apparently this is Kelly’s ice cream in here, and they’re saying I think it was started nearby and St. Austell but it’s like cornish cream and milk that goes into it. Which is really cool, so it’s local Super legit Cheers Well that was delicious. We got super soaked Uhm.. Eric had a call to do he had to get some work done So we popped into a coffee shop, but now we are headed to the other side of Cornwall Or I guess just straight kind of west of where we were towards specifically Trevornick. I think is where we’re staying tonight We’re gonna be staying in yet another cool little spot This is a euro tent so it’s supposed to have a couple of different rooms like a full kitchen, dining area and beds But we don’t have any bedding and they don’t supply it so we’re on a mission now to find some. I’m really not sure what to expect out of this place. I don’t really look at any the pictures I think it’s like a whole little like family area so I think you can camp there And then they have like a restaurant on site and also a bunch of activities that you can do think it’s a holiday park. We found the Sainsbury and we’ve been desperately looking all over the store for like some a sheet set or something and we decided to go with these uh Sleeping bags. We’re each gonna get one I think So that’s gonna do the trick. Hopefully, that’ll do it How much are they 9 pounds 75? It’s probably the most affordable option. Oh no there’s only two of them. So we’ll have to get something else. That sucks That one’s only eight pounds. Oh So we found this Duvet for 10 pound. I think we’re gonna put that on the bottom this on the top Will have something going on Is that gonna work with both of you? I don’t know We’ve just arrived at the Trevornick Holiday Park Which is where we’re going to be staying and this guy is going to take us to our Euro tent Look at this little thing Check this place out How cool Ok, so i guess this is the living area. As you can hear it. It’s still pouring down rain But we’re nice and cozy in here Woah This is pretty fly Oh yeah they have a double one Check this out so this room over here, and then we got a couple more rooms over here This is awesome. Yeah, this is pretty neat like they got this little kitchen set up in here stove and everything yeah It’s a Euro tent Yeah, and we got a TV Alright, we’ve gotten all checked into our Euro tent and now we are going to the restaurant that’s kind of in the middle of this little tent settlement here We’re gonna grab ourselves some grub. It’s getting kind of late. We’re getting pretty hungry now. Yeah it’s like 8:00, it’s so funny we were just talking about how all of these little RV’s have tents that zip on to the outside Yeah, like these right here. We’ve never seen that before is that just popular here? In the states literally not in my life have I seen it. Yeah this place is really interesting it’s got that whole campsite area out there, but it’s also got like this whole restaurant area too. So we’ve just stopped in one of the restaurants couple called Fodders. We just ordered and I think it’s gonna be pretty good. We got a couple of appetizers Nikito’s got some chicken pate which I’m not usually a fan of pate But I’m trying to come around so I think I’m gonna have to give that a try So this is a chicken liver pate, and if you watched our recent video in Missouri We tried chicken livers, and we weren’t huge fans of it, but I’m trying to come around to it Hmm. That’s really funky It, I mean it just tastes like liver It’s got that like irony taste to it, but I like it better in the pate form because you get mostly cracker in there (so you like cracker) Like how many eat it I like crackers with a little bit of liver on them. Maybe no liver The food here actually looks really good. I went with Roast chicken and ham you can see there’s a little ham under there And of course some mashed potatoes to go with it and that side of vegetables because we were feeling like we haven’t been eating Very healthy lately and what did you go with? I did the cajun chicken And it was supposed to come with chips but I did veggies instead so I got veggies, coleslaw, and salad, all the vegetables Nice goin’. We had to get the good to go box So they don’t go to waste We are done with dinner and we are back in our little euro tent it’s a little chillier than we thought it was gonna be I’m glad we ended up getting the uh The duvet and the sleeping bag Nice and cozy in here. Okay, look at our little room over here You guys hear that rain. It’s like pounding. Yeah, it hasn’t stopped all day. You look like red monster in here things going on Um as usual. We will make sure to link to everywhere we went today and the places we’re staying so that you can book them and check them out yourselves. I think we’re gonna try to warm up a bit Maybe watch some TV cuz where is oh there’s a little TV in here check it out. And that’s gonna be it for tonight, so goodnight adventurers! See you on the road.


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