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EUROBANX 4 with Alan Blair and Oli Davies – CARP FISHING FULL MOVIE

I keep having these recurring dreams of beautiful pine forests and big scaly carp Here we are again if you ain’t driving you are tying Are you excited Al I’m proper excited I was just saying to you a minute ago For sure every year we do this it is always sick But I don’t know what it is about this year but I’m really buzzing Super buzzing I got relatively organised beforehand and caught up on things I needed to do I put a lot of time into planning it so I have lived it over in my head so many times now Dreaming about it and thinking about it And we are here On the tunnel again It’s going to be a big one more countries more places more people hopefully more carp The adventure begins lets do this Look at the temperature 28 degrees We are actually buzzing for this Proper buzzing Sun is out tunes are on traffic is light We have had no issues so far We are early 2.12 it says we are going to arrive We are on time in my agenda it says 2.30 arrival time Fingers crossed lets not jinx it We have had some bad experiences in years gone by So far so so good First stop was Ostend in Belgium to meet our old friend Giovanni Vanhooren Yes Gio nice to see you man In a car in Ostend Alan tying rigs deja vu man Yeah we have been here before Well not actually here but Gio is just sorting himself out and then I’m going to have my face painted You’ve been looking forward to that I’m not having a tiger I’m not having a flower or a butterfly I’m not going for the rainbow look I’m getting camo’d Yep Gio has organised for me to have my face painted And then I’ve got to take a photograph I think I’m not quite sure what but I’m sure artistic director Giovanni Vanhooren Will point you in the right direction I’ll just push the buttons Finally I have a piece printed in Monkey Climber I though he would photoshop it when he mentioned the concept of Camo But he has gone and booked a makeup artist What are you tying anyway Slip D No hesitation there and not just one Well you never know I might have a productive night Ok we will follow you Gio took us to a nearby lake to check it out with a view to returning later to fish but with a trip like this in May you always run the risk that if the weather is warm the fish could be spawning That is scorching We have a problem the fish are spawning Bad times Bad bad times Well we have arrived at our second venue of the day This is the Monkey Climber syndicate I have been pretty blessed to wet a line here a couple of times before Once with Chloe and Myah not long after she was born We caught some bangers I stopped off last year and nicked a nice one off the top but you have not been Ol have you First time It’s a cool little lake small and intimate But having just visited a water and seen them all thrashing and spawning I’ve got my fingers crossed that they are not going to be doing the same here I’m not holding my hopes too high to be fair It’s beautiful Gio One hundred percent they are down that end or on that treeline there Why are your fingers crossed Double crossed triple crossed toes crossed Please don’t be spawning crossed crossed crossed Fingers crossed Gio firmly What’s that Alan That’s a banger Belgian banger Look that’s well up for a pink pop-up Well up for a load of riser pellet mate look at them out here The entire lake’s stock is down that margin And they are not spawning No they are not spawning One of the greatest sights an angler will ever see A load of carp mooching around on the windward bank just waiting for some floaters to drift over their heads But before we got down to fishing it was face painting time Yo Nice to meet you I’m Rex We are on the beach of all places Having a beer with some lovely people in the sun What are you going to do now This lovely lady is going to paint my face I’m really excited about that They told me we could go carp fishing in Europe then the next thing Photoshoot done we headed straight back to the Monkey Climber syndicate eager to wet a line Right see you later I’m going fishing They were all over the surface earlier and there are still a few We will have to see if they come up for a few of Al’s floaters It’s a bit of a shame Al the light’s gone a bit hasn’t it It’s totally different Not impossible but harder than turning up with bright light and being able to see every fish There is one there a nice one actually I had a go floater fishing for a couple of hours Stressed myself out and got really hot and flustered But they weren’t having it It’s the same couple of fish going round and taking the odd mixer I think we missed our opportunity to be fair but I was having such a lovely time having my face painted By the time we got back here the light had disappeared the clouds had moved in and I couldn’t really find them Just the the odd fish taking the very occasional mixer It’s just on dark and I’m going to put a couple of bottom bait rods out for the night I’m keeping it really simple just fishing both rods in the edge with a little tiger nut rig Then I’m going to kick back with Gio and do this interview for Monkey Climber Fingers crossed I should get a take at some point in the night Morning Al Well it rained all night It did actually rain all night from 10pm all the way through It’s been raining on and off this morning It’s a bit of a gloomy one but Two orange H blocks That’s one for me and one for Al So we are really late Really late We have got to get across Belgium Holland then Germany to get a ferry But let’s have a look at them I caught a koi Not really what you come to Belgium to catch but I love a Koi You slipped up Mr Koi and yours well One hour it took A very beautiful carp Yeah lucky boy lets have a look at them Well we started with a carp Of course that’s what we do Belgian bangers Your one is cute He is interesting He is very plump and thick set We caught one We are late but we caught one We left the Monkey Climber syndicate behind and got on the road heading for Denmark Long old drive mate but we have made it Through Belgium Holland and Germany and now we’re on the German coast and we are going to catch a ferry Change country Denmark Is this the first ferry we have been of for Eurobanx Yeah That’s pretty cool Today has been a great day I have witness Oli eating MacDonalds for the first time ever I do feel a bit sick but I was very hungry You can have a moan for five seconds go MacDonalds is horrible Enough Yeah we are getting on our ferry and it’s not to be the last one of this trip actually This one is very short at 45 minutes We haven’t had to wait around long which is a right touch I have actually been to Denmark Have you Yeah I have This is a new one for me Never been to Denmark Now would it be cheeky if I went and did a bit of drop-shotting off the front of the boat It’s probably overstepping the mark isn’t it Possibly yeah Let’s go exploring Welcome to Denmark We are in Denmark So I have got us a gift Ol A little mantlepiece souvenir lets call it This is Hans Christian Anderson and I ain’t got a clue who he is He is going to be our lucky charm So we have got about an hour’s drive We are meeting up with a guy called Claus I haven’t met him before but we have chatted on the phone and via email Seems like an absolute top geezer and certainly knows his way round a fishing rod He has lived here all his life and caught some incredible fish We are going to spend a pleasant evening with him with the rods out and try and catch ourselves our first Danish carp I’m really excited looking forward to meeting Claus and checking out the surroundings Well well well It’s been a long day on the road but we are in Denmark Long day with very little sleep poor eating no water but I am buzzing First of all we met up with Benjamin in the IKEA He has brought us 5 minutes up the road and it is everything I thought it would be Ok it’s not quite set in a Scandinavian pine forest but boy is it banging Seen a few fish seen some mega likely looking areas There is weed there are some shallow areas some deeper areas We have got about an hour until it gets totally dark so lets get a few rods flicked out and see what the night brings It’s going to be a choddy attack as it’s weedy I’m probably going to stick the waders on as well and go for a paddle around See if I can locate some clear areas I want to catch one We need to catch a Danish carp Oli Let’s do this The sun was setting as we arrived for an overnighter at a large open access public water on the outskirts of Copenhagen a beautiful mature gravel pit around 30 acres in size and lined with reed beds and snags My carefully laid traps were sprung at first light Yeah I thought it was a tench as it was a jagged head shaking battle But here is my first carp from Denmark Very nice Let’s have a look at the big one Got here yesterday evening and saw the amount of weed in the edge and although you get a drop in a lot of places I decided to fish chod rigs It’s safe as you know they are always fishing for you I fished a 15mm White Scopex Squid pop-up with about 100 freebies which is quite a lot of bait really when you are trying to get a quick bite But it has gone at first light this morning Well I did a fine piece of angling this morning I had a lie in and while I was trying to sleep I was rudely interrupted by my first Danish carp A well deserved lie in Well it didn’t really happen Not much sleeping Another lovely common Not a big one but a really nice dark one I reckon he is going to put his dorsal up as well for the pictures Welcome to Denmark That is a lovely carp Let’s go and have a look at your one What one Just as we were about to photograph this something special happened Big fish big carp I see him Nice mirror Lovely mirror I baited in the rushes with the intention being that I could see anything that came in to feed Rather than just bubblers I wanted to see the rushes knocking and banging It’s a really good indicator There goes another pair of trainers sacrificed to the cause Really nice one Thankyou Ol Big fat mirror cod Big fat Danish mirror cod Everyone is raving about this bait It is in the Instant Action range It’s not one of the high price point baits full of crazy expensive ingredients It’s the first time I have used it but everyone at Nash was harping on Candy Nut Crush Candy Nut Crush Yeah it’s good A bit of that Tiger Nut Slush a bit of sweetcorn some boilies and a bit of flake What a carp We rocked up in Denmark not 12 hours ago and met up with Claus and had a lovely evening chatting and understanding this special place here They left us to it and we got to it and we have caught some fish including this mega carp I’m made up Fishing right in the edge not watching them take but some proper close quarters stuff It was a really slow take I picked the rod up and the fish was already up in the water Almost immediately it flanked near the surface and I knew it wasn’t a small common Big old paddle on him Oh mega carp Well I have just prepared another chod rig We got here last night and there was a lot of weed so this was the rig I opted to use and I fished all rods on this setup Pretty simple with a light lead and boom section and my normal chod rig The main difference for me is this fluorocarbon leader which is actually my main line Normally I would use the Cling-On leader as I absolutely love it but I think when the water is really clear it does pay dividends to use the fluorocarbon So that’s the difference to me It’s ultra heavy and sits on the bottom with a simple but very effective chod rig Hashtag in and out Goodbye Denmark and thank you for having us Where are we going Sweden never been there Well Denmark was good we were here for about 18 hours Was it really that long What’s the time now 3pm wow Yeah Denmark was exceptionally kind to us We caught a carp which was all we set out to achieve The weather has been amazing the people have been lovely Now we are going to go and meet Calle and I can’t remember the other lad’s name I have met these lads before they have got a successful tackle shop Proper mad keen carp anglers So we are going to visit them at the shop and then get the rods out this evening First things first lets program the Sat Nav Sweden Ready to navigate 75 miles From the outskirts of Copenhagen it should have been a simple drive to get us to Sweden across a toll road but the satnav had other ideas and we found ourselves approaching another ferry terminal instead we jumped on the ferry for the short hop to Sweden but as we arrived in Sweden things went a bit wrong Captains log starlet who gives a @£$% I’m sat here on my own because Alan didn’t make it off the ferry Because he didn’t listen to me as usual Because I’m Mr Negative Now we have got separated and he has left both his phones in the van so @£$% knows where he is No idea I’m sat outside the ferry port there is nothing else I can do except wait Is there What would you do Drive up and down with a chance of missing him Or sit tight I don’t know He’s a @£$%^&* @£$% I know that much 3 hours later Hi mate it was like being a little boy lost No-one wanted to help me You are safe now Thank’s Ol for rescuing me I came down and the ferry port was empty and they had started putting cars on I thought sweet he can’t be far he was the last car on I walked off and came to that being roundabout but no Ol So I waited about half an hour Then I counted 8 ferries 4 H&S 4 Stenaline but no Oli Now I’m getting cold and goosebumps and I start trying to find a mobile There are no public phones in Sweden so I started asking all the shops cafes and bakeries No-one would let me use their phone So I went back to the terminal did you have loads of missed calls No She let me use the phone loads Then she has convinced me you have been nicked by customs That’s the only possibility He can’t be your friend He’s my best friend won’t have just left me She is like the only thing that could have happened is customs have taken him away I asked her to speak to customs for me Customs told her they can’t disclose that sort of information At 7pm she asked me where I was going to sleep I said I don’t know So then I have gone and booked a hotel room used the phone and checked out I just kept coming back there because I’m thinking if he is coming out of the ferry as a for passenger I didn’t come out as a foot passenger I came out as a car Anyway I’m only going to tell you once I @£$%^&* told you Yeah you did tell me I won’t have time Anyway done So our delay meant that we were arriving at our first Swedish destination later than we had hoped Hello bro are you alright Yeah you I’m alright I have had a bad afternoon And what would he be driving but a Saab When in Sweden Drive a Swedish whip Calle had brought us to another public lake of around 20 acres and being a lovely warm Friday night it was busy with other anglers so swim choice was limited as luck would have it I actually found some carp in the snaggy margin of the closest swim to the car park with just a few hours to nick a bite i used the bait boat to drop a bait down the margin as stealthily as possible bait was simple just some Scopex Squid pellet and a little particle soaked in sweetcorn extract and a piece of heavily glugged fake corn as a hookbait. I kept my rig simple and strong too; armour link hook link super sharp Pinpoint Fang X hook and 65lb Clingon leader Well it has been a day of highs and lows that is for sure We had a mega start in Denmark and then a low getting lost just as I got off the ferry in Sweden Big 3 hour delay missioning around trying to find Oli I have no phone Oli had all the phones Yeah added stress to an already exhausting day But we are in Sweden now We hugged it out Luckily I got back to the van and Oli didn’t shout at me and he would have had every right to We were both tired and hot Eventually we got to Sweden after a quite significant detour Thank you Calle has brought us to a beautiful lake I’ve seen a few fish milling around in the edge There are some nice snags down to my left here There were some people actually picnicking on this bench when we got here but they were quite accommodating letting me squeeze in and drop some rods out which was good There have been a couple of fish roll at very long range So we’ll see I’m optimistic Last coffee before bed We are going to have a lay in tomorrow Yeah unless we get a wake up call I’m not setting any alarms let’s put it like that It’s been busy up to now and I could do with a bit of sleep Hopefully that natural carp alarm clock won’t come until about 8.30 that would be good See you in the morning man Thank you man You seem to have doubled your money there Al Another great night So my first ever visit to Sweden we went carp fishing And I caught one Two Mad chuffed We were discussing it last night that this one didn’t look easy It’s a big water and we got here late but with a bit of careful searching I tracked down a few fish in the edge Definitely young fish The lake had quite a severe fish kill so these are recent introductions but the future is bright Tactics were really simple I did use the bait boat just because I was fishing so tight to the margin I couldn’t easily cast there because of the overhang Little drop off inlines Armourlink hook links Fang X hooks and a single bit of plastic soaked in Sweetcorn Extract The only thing left to do was to reel in the last two rods Oli’s shouting at me come on let’s go I’ve been waiting There is me messing around sorting out the van having a big tidy up Gone to to get the rods reeled the first one in As I have gone to get the second one it has actually gone I quickly stuck it in the net and caught a lovely little mirror just before leaving What a result There is a chance the way the conditions have changed It has gone dull and the temperature has dropped massively They might start having a munch now but as much as we could sit here all day and catch a few more fish we have only got 3 days in Sweden and I want to see as many different places as possible Travel around the country checking out loads of cool places So we are going to say goodbye now and get on the road and meet a guy called Gary and see what the fishing in the Northern part of Sweden has to offer Let’s have a look at this little beauty and hit the road Come and see I gave them some maggots earlier It’s their first ever fishing trip with their grandson Lovely carp This is what I imagined the carp in Sweden to look like How did you get on No fish Next time This is a carp He loved holding the maggots Ol You can touch him It’s a really beautiful one This is why we have travelled all the way from England to Sweden Just to catch one that looks as amazing as that It’s these beautiful scales that we love That is why we come to Sweden Definitely Carp like that Thank you so much it was our lucky day Nice to share it with you Thank you Fishing out of the back of the van Yes please It’s ok not to pay It’s ok to park behind your swim Don’t be ashamed of not using a barrow and doing 3 laps of the lake in the hours of darkness Just rocking up and flicking them out is cool It’s pretty cool man and it works Clear as well Shallow Snaggy Anyway welcome to Lillatjarby this is one of the free public waters in Sweden This one is a good one Are you happy Alan Look at him go too fast for my old legs It was great to finally meet up with Gary Benney he is a cracking lad who was actually born in the UK but has lived in Sweden for the last decade he works in the fishing tackle industry and he is a mad keen carp angler he is also associated with the Swedish Carp Fishing Group and was the perfect guy to help us catch some truly special Swedish carp So it’s a mad spot So I walked round here earlier with a bucket of bait and they were just nutting out in the middle of these snags and beyond them I probably disturbed them when I stripped down waded out and put a bit of bait out there Mental spot That night the temperature did drop so we lit a fire to sit round had a beer and dined on the most delicious kebab with a stunning starry night overhead it really was the loveliest of times It was a bit of a funny one We put an immense amount of effort in last night both Oli and I placing our rods To the point where I used some goggles and lowered the rigs down onto little sandy areas There was a lot of weed out there but I found the odd sandy area that had obviously been cleaned by the fish Got to bed early because it is an important day today as we are going somewhere really quite special We got an early night and woke up this morning not having had a beep Nothing absolutely nothing You couldn’t have scripted it We found the carp and positioned decent rigs and bait in front of them No nothing So I set to with a Bread Bomb and a Sawn Off and decided to wade around the lake So I have done that for the last two hours And I got one He is not massive He is still sat out there in the net Let’s get a quick picture and get on the road Yes and she’s mine Mega mega mega What a lovely carp Al Made up This is why we have come to Sweden To catch truly epic carp like this No monster but I couldn’t have wished for more Buzzing I like Sweden Sweden likes you too That last carp that is what a Swedish carp looks like He puts all his fins out and his dorsal and he behaves And he shows off how splendid he is Summed up perfectly The next one is going to be 20 pounds 24 pounds 27 and 3 quarters 31 finish it on a 31 Then you can photograph my 44 We left Lillatjarby behind heading for a place called Haga everyone we had spoken to on our journey knew something about it describing it as a truly amazing place surrounded by pine forest and containing some very special carp indeed neither of us could wait to see it for ourselves it was the dream location a lake steeped in history having been hand dug in 1901 the current owner is a gentleman called Jonas who had been handed down Haga from his father and his father before that it was created as a fish farm and has been in his families ownership for 3 generations stocking carp since the 1930’s not only across Sweden but also Belgium, Germany and even the UK would you believe I’d heard whispers of this incredible place but never seen any photos just tales of the most stunning carp I was ever likely to see first of all however we had a pitstop to make of course at a park lake it was a stunning lake covered in lilys it was going to be jungle warfare so I drew for the 3lb sawnoff I was going to need it to extract whatever lay beneath the dense lilypads Gary is like a kid at Christmas and he hasn’t even got a fishing rod in his hand Mate I love it There is a carp there If Carlsberg made park lakes they would make them exactly like this Mate he is a nice one too Sweet Look at that Uncaught park lake mirror Thank you guys We stopped at a supermarket to get some supplies I was hungry so I went in Next thing we are at this little park lake Heaven we are at a piece of heaven It’s in the middle of a housing estate There is a load of work going on down one side It is covered in lilies and look at that carp Second cast with a Bread Bomb and a big chunk of bread You just can’t go wrong At this time of the year it’s such a deadly method Well I can’t quite believe it I have gone and caught a second one He charged right through the pads as to be expected What a fish Birger come in for the picture mate Tell us the beautiful story you just told us It’s a really nice fish I was living very close to here before around 15 years ago I had a small bucket of 20 to 30 small fish like this No way this could be one of them They were almost dead There have never been any carp stocked before or after Only grass carp So yeah 25 small dying carp Look at it a survivor It’s really really nice Well thank you for doing what you did 15 years ago and giving me the opportunity to come and catch it now Come in Lovely Thank you guys Blown away mate we have to get her back and get on the road Haga No-one can stop telling us how amazing this place is Pit stop carp over lets hit the road We are trying to get hold of Jonas to let us in It’s hard to describe how excited we were when we pulled off the main road onto that dusty dirt track that would eventually take us to Haga i had dreamed of this place for months and months Are you buzzing The whole way I have been going come on Are you buzzing You don’t need to ask me do you That is special We have got a plan We are having a Swedish feast at 8pm The rest of the afternoon and early part of the evening will be spent preparing the rods We have both seen a few fish It’s definitely too coloured to do any proper stalking but getting fish grubbing around on an area on pellets and flaked boilie or hemp that kind of stuff hopefully we can hold them there until we come back round later and lower rigs in I’m so excited but it’s not going to be easy fishing Far from it you can feel the pressure on your shoulders If nothing else we are going to get properly fed I could do with some nice food Well it’s going to be every man for himself for a few hours Al is going to get his rods out and I am going to get mine out This is a special place Got to work now Can’t waste the opportunity Special country we love Sweden Go get them Al What a place Let’s get some rigs tied and get on it Oh Jonas that is what I am talking about Real steak Cheers I’ve just got back into my swim after the most fantastic dinner Lovely glass of red wine I’m round here now being totally quiet and whispering You can’t hear anything other than the boys on the other side still having a social The loudest noises I have heard are bats twanging the line and mosquitos buzzing round my head There are a few fish out in front of me I flicked a couple of chod rigs out just trying to keep disturbance to a minimum and I’m crossing my fingers that I get a take through the night I really want to catch one I always want to catch one but I really want to catch one from here It is a special place I’ve never fished anywhere like it so much in the wilderness and forest Even if you walk close to the margins they are all suspended marsh and reed beds and it’s sending out tremors all the time They definitely know we are here It’s going to be a hard task to get one but lets see what happens through the night As soon as first light comes round I’m going to be up fishing a float and a couple of grains of corn Or half a boilie trying to get one that way But I’m not going to rest until I’ve got one until of l I’ve got one in the net I really want to catch one of these incredible Swedish carp Lets see what happens tonight Good luck mate Thanks Ol It’s not like me not to want to chat away during the fight I really wanted to land that one I lost one this morning I told you earlier didn’t I Another rod has gone There Well done mate A strange fight and a strange netting Thank you mate very much This guy this fishery is really something special Oh my word Well what a fish What a morning This was the first one I landed What a mega carp To be fair they are all stunning This is what Sweden is all about What a trip what a place what a country what a carp A bright white one in amongst all the silt and debris that has built up over 100 years A light lead and white Scopex Squid pop-up with 20 baits over the top It’s melted off and given a mega fight There is a big stone it kept trying to get round the back of But I got her Swedish gold Yeah boy Lets have a look at number 2 Even when they are not scaly they are still scaly We said as we drove down the gravel track about a dream I have been having over and over again Of pine forests and carp that looked exactly like this Peace and quiet just the birds singing then out of nowhere you get a mad take This is what I dreamt Sweden would be like What’s happening Ol My heart is on my mouth I am attached to a carp I didn’t put the rods out until real late last night At 2am this was one of the last ones I put out Literally here mate Just here right in the edge Yes It’s no monster but it is a fish of stature We are leaving Sweden today so I had one chance to catch one Of course you caught one Yeah well you know one rod in the edge Well a couple of rods in the edge Beautiful fish My first Swedish carp Thank you It’s incredible look at that Thats a crazy linear I’m having a lovely life I’ve deliberately kept well away from this corner because I thought when the sun came round they might get in here And they have That was an absolute one toner That is a good fish mate That is a big fish It’s so scaly It’s a fully I know that feeling mate I know what you are experiencing right now Yes Now that’s why you came to Sweden Mate you have just got the fish of most people’s dreams That is the Haga fully Congrats man that is a proper kipper Look at that I only wanted one Swedish carp but I have been gifted with a bonus one What a carp that is No-one is saying a word it’s deadly silent Well I wanted to catch a carp from Sweden I couldn’t have hoped to catch a better one than that That is incredible Thank you Jonas You are welcome congratulations Thanks buddy I don’t think it’s 30lbs maybe 28 pounds That’s not what is important Look at this that is what is important That’s not what it’s about Friendship, good steak, beautiful pine forests and mega carp Good team effort Swe done Stay together on the ferry I’m getting one of those kiddy harness things And a yellow vest If I am alone please call Oli Davies Thank you so much guys Thank you Lovely to meet you all and thanks for your hospitality See you soon Drive safely That was so much fun Such lovely people I know you don’t want to leave Ol Well angled man you did well We both did well It’s not an easy lake The boys have been saying that they can’t quite believe it themselves A bite or two would have been good going but 5 bites and 4 landed No 6 bites 5 landed That’s really good going and we have not been here for 24 hours Well we have fished for 12 hours pretty much So yeah quick in and out session here The previous session to that was amazing at the little park lake It has all been amazing Meeting up with Calle in the first place In and out Swe done Let’s hit the road Big ups Laters Gary Laters Chris There they go Onto the next leg On our way to Poland Goodbye Sweden thank you for having us Hope to see you in the not to distant future cos you’re amazing We love Sweden Off to Poland now Get a good night’s sleep on the ferry tonight and some grub Thank you goodbye And wake up in the morning on the other side of the Baltic sea Well we definitely need a souvenir that’s for sure It could be a contender I quite like him Beds Night Alan I’m not going to see the end of this film no chance Thanks for getting us here safely And letting us have a little kip as well And a shower and shave And a steak Didn’t expect that Didn’t quite make it to the nightclub I did Did you really I was trying to get back into the ferry I went through this door and an alarm went off I could hear loads of people laughing I quickly went out of the door again Was it the nightclub It was the nightclub yeah I think I went in without paying But I went straight out again and nobody told me off If you ain’t driving You are tying Just preparing a load more bottom bait rigs Just prepare a few of these then I’m going to do some Ronnie rigs Then I’ll do some chods and then we are going fishing We have got about 3 hours left to drive so that’s a good few rigs There’s my man Where are we going Just next to this building Our first stop in Poland was to meet up with Pawel he works for Nash in Poland but he has also become a good friend like a lot of the fellow anglers that I work with we don’t often get the opportunity to go fishing so I was buzzing at the prospect of angling with him in his home country of Poland Cheetos Ketchup lovely times Nice one Pawel We headed to the Polish capital Warsaw to meet another good friend Karol who is also part of the Polish Nash team Karol had gone above and beyond the call of duty after liasing with the government local authorities and even the police he had managed so secure us a once in a lifetime fishing opportunity we had been granted unprecedented permission to fish in the gardens of the Royal Baths in Warsaw we were met by the media manager for the site who gave us a tour and told us a bit about the history however it was going in one ear and coming out of the other as all I could see were huge black shapes swimming around he explained to us that yes we could fish but under the strict conditions that we couldn’t start until 10pm when everyone had left the park and we must be off at 4 in the morning I was so buzzing to get started How’s your luck You could win the lottery Or you could come to Poland and wet a line here Just nail that one that is taking white bits of blossom off the surface Immense grass carp Give me some Citruz Look at this Taking them on the drop And again After our guided tour we met up with an amazing guy called Andre who i have met a number of times at the Polish carp show in Poznan he has been fishing catch and release for carp for over 55 years in Poland and all over the world a proper pioneering old school angler we sat and chatted over a coffee and an ice cream and he entertained us with old stories it made me reflect on the attitudes we have in the uk it certainly bucks the stereotype that all Polish eat what they catch this simply isnt the case and Andre was a true ambassador for our sport So far this trip has been nothing short of remarkable Belgium was kind to us Denmark was incredible Sweden blew our minds And now we have rocked up in Poland and met up with the boys And they have really pulled something out of the bag for us They have managed to get permission for us to fish the Royal Baths Not until a bit later when the park is quiet But this isn’t real this is fairytale stuff what we are going to do later We have been for a walk round and it’s remarkable A lot of big fish drifting around under the surface taking blossom off the top And I’m counting down the hours until I get in there myself with a Bread Bomb and a Sawn Off And hopefully we will get the brace shot of all brace shots With the most beautiful building in the background and literally shut down Poland I cannot wait For now though we are following the lads We are off to a more normal park lake to do a bit of fishing and pass the time really We should get there about 4pm Probably do 2 or 3 hours fishing then get back over here to go for a true monster We passed a couple of hours at the park but with nothing to show for our efforts we were itching to get back to the baths ready to start fishing at 10 o clock Ok guys tomorrow it will be history I’m excited I’m really excited For you it has been a lot of hard work so we really appreciate it I hope that we can show what Poland has to offer This is my reason You wanted urban Al This is royalty it is beyond urban So we are sat here waiting impatiently We want to cast out but they won’t let us until the park is closed Alan is also waiting impatiently He keeps texting Pawel lets have a look It’s dark now Not long now Oh Alan That night at the Royal Baths was truly magical aside from the police patrolling on their segways we were alone with the carp we crept around these beautiful gardens with the royal baths as our backdrop trying to tempt the carp it wasnt as easy as we had expected – as visible as they were during the day these fish had only ever been fed in daylight and were elusive in the darkness but as daylight broke we did have reason to take a few quick photos before we slipped away Morning Tired mate Very but it was an epic night I don’t regret it at all Back home you go One from each lake Absolutely incredible night I’m exhausted by I enjoyed every second of it We were really lucky to be here tonight A very special opportunity Royal carp fishing Check this place out So this was the final fish of the session for me None of us have been to sleep yet Karol tried to nick 20 minutes on a bench but other than that it has been a sleepless night But loads of fun Ah mate buzzing Last fish for me Just walked round all night with a Sawn Off and loved every minute of it Thank you Karol thank you Pawel that is an amazing start to our trip to Poland We are going to get this one slipped back then we have a 5 hour journey right down south to Rybnik Where we are going to meet up with Bastl and Nick and do a bit more fishing Ready for a 4 hour drive on no sleep cos that’s how I roll That’s how you roll me on the other hand Flyhunter Please don’t get in an accident Pawel no accidents mate This is how I roll Hopefully not It’s ten to eight and we have 130 miles still to go to the Jungle Lake And it’s tough It is taking it’s toll that sleepless night after an early start yesterday Alan is driving Pawel’s car for him Pavel was flaking having got up at 4am yesterday morning to come and meet us from the ferry So we are still soldiering on Hopefully we will get to the Jungle Lake at about 10am Get the bedchair out and get some sleep I think It’s easy to say that but the chances are that we will probably want to go fishing so Eyes on the road we are doing alright Whilst we were in the north of Poland Bastl and Nick were already fishing further south they were at a place called the Jungle Lake created from an old flooded river valley in true Bastl and Nick style they had made a great start We were hoping for a big one to start and it worked It’s only me and Nick here at this place here in Poland The boys are still up in the North They will be here on Wednesday morning So that leaves the two of us for another 24 hours and we are going to crash it Next one number 2 Yes nice It’s what we came for right It took a little bit of time but it was worth the waiting 20 kilos Let’s get the rods back out Second fish from last night and a really beautiful one We don’t do rig talk No rig talk but this is the @£$% You made it Pawel The path of a soldier bro good skills man How much That’s a nice one We didn’t weigh it but it was bigger than the other one so I would say 21 How big was the common 19.8 So you weighed it Yeah we weighed it We don’t come here for the small ones Yeah I know We never do Bastl’s step by step guide to a 20 kilo Bastl skills step by step guide to a 20 kilo fish But I did join the pop-up team So we had arrived safely at the amazing Jungle Lake but there was no time to sleep with some catching up to do we unloaded the kit and set about fishing Beautiful place I look forward to spending the next 36 hours here It’s a jungle man, like a mini Rainbow, lots and lots of islands, back channels, bays, snags and big carp. Job done four rods on the money Hand placed in some instances Super confident We need this bright sun to go away and then come evening, beep! In hindsight I should have played this one from the bank to get it into that bit of open water the other side of that bar and then gone out in the boat Because me messing around trying to get out there has allowed it to go under that enormous tree Ronnie rig bottom lip absolutely nailed It’s been a very productive last few hours Morning Pawel sleep well I’m not in good shape for filming Well we both got bit of sleep finally last night after our sleepless night Passed out completely Well I came past to drop his boat and he had dropped his phone halfway through his text message Hardcore that’s how we roll Someone didn’t get a lot of sleep though typical Blair I have had a little bit The bream moved in and I started catching them I was at my wit’s end I had to replace rods in the dark and the wind and the rain Got my head down on and off through the latter part of the night and eventually had my first carp take which was a mad buzz nearly pulling the rod off the rest I landed that fish then I landed a second carp which is a really stunning linear I can’t wait to get it out and have a proper look at it Then I had another bream then I had another carp It was a really productive early morning feeding spell It’s gone a bit quiet now I have actually moved two rods to where I have seen a couple of fish crash this morning But yeah buzzing The plan is sort of coming together I have a couple of areas that have done bites now I’ll redo them today Bid Nick and Bastl farewell and fingers crossed they move back in this evening again I’ll try and grab one too as I got done by one You also went bream fishing didn’t you I did quite a bit of bream fishing Unlike you Alan I didn’t bother reeling them in and I didn’t bother replacing the rods I did But today I’ll be on it a bit more Anyway morning coffee time You have earned that mate Well first one of the morning for me and what a beautiful carp it is So chuffed to get this first bite an absolute screamer special carp from the jungle lake This one the battle under the big log The rod had to get passed under the big log Alan was soaking wet Not just because it was checking it down with rain but because I pretty much had to put half my body under the big log Nothing new then there mate When I got him out he carried on fighting Going the extra mile as usual Al I’d like to say it was when the sun was coming but it wasn’t it was gloomy It was that time of the morning when it was all quiet The take came out of the blue Love it what a cool carp Boy this put a smile on my face when it went over the net cord Another crazy battle with it constantly trying to seek sanctuary in the snags Proper chuffed If I don’t catch another carp for the duration of our stay in Poland I will leave a very happy man These are the carp that we prize so much in the UK and here they are Nick weighing in with a nice common from the jungle lake How did you catch it Right in front of the reeds You could see them swimming in front My first ever Polish common carp And what a beauty it is A real fighting machine That’s why we came to the jungle Enjoying all the mosquitos but it’s worth it I would say What have you got there Bastl that’s a nice one It’s the smallest but I would say the prettiest one so far Yeah what a lovely carp man Really angry like it’s going to jump any second Awesome Lovely boys nice work Lovely times Nicely done boys Smashed it And Pawel disappears off through the jungle in search of his carp Pawel’s prize It’s getting quite sunny now The temperature is really rising It was a bit of a wet start this morning Straight away the margin rod is off Such a nice carp I ended up at the end of the lake He found every single snag in the lake probably At the end it went well I’m so glad that miserable rainy weather has passed it was horrible this morning It’s bright sun now and I’ve come to sit in the shade it’s so warm Just before getting my rods out for the evening I’ll quickly show you what I’ve been up to this last two days Two styles of fishing here really One way fishing at the bottom of the marginal shelf in the soft silt The other way at the top of the shelf in 2 to 3 feet of water on the hard gravel The rig for the gravel is very short I fish it with a drop off inline with big lead of 4 maybe even 6 ounces That lead will discharge straight away as soon as the fish picks it up I want them to come straight into contact when they tension that hook link Move it a little bit and immediately hit the lead The other setup is the Ronnie rig And that’s a much longer rig fished on a lead clip with a long ranger style lead The lead will plug into the silt a little bit This is nicely critically balanced and will slowly sit down on top of everything This is the Combi Link It is a coated hook link but it’s not super stiff which means it will will follow the contours of the bottom So there’s my two rigs This what I have had a lot of my fish on over the duration of this trip really Yes I have used the Chod rig as well and some Citruz But in the grand scheme of things if I have been in the silt it’s a Ronnie rig If I’m up on the gravel in the edge I am using a short hook link with a drop off inline Time to get the rods out I reckon it will be bite time in the next couple of hours The boys are going to come over and we will stick the barbecue on again Lovely times I have just rowed my way over to see the boys Morning boys Morning What have you got to show us have you had a busy morning Yeah we were lucky again two nice fish You are lucky too often It’s not luck when you are lucky all the time It is Excellent work These boys are off now What a strain of carp Well held Bastl That’s what you came to Poland for Absolute stunners in here Really good fish to end the session You have done really well man Kinda smashed it I’m really pleased with this And so you should be Better be quick Lovely times Back to the real world So walking around in the jungle is hard work The best way to get about is by jungle taxi Make sure you get a licensed driver though There are cowboys out there Look at him he is all tangled I’m definitely filming that Bon voyage boys And so our time at the mysterious and challenging jungle lake drew to a close and although we didn’t catch any more we had been privileged to witness some amazing fish and some big ones too with both Bastl and Nick catching carp weighing in excess of 20 kilos they certainly drove home with a smile on their faces Well a quiet night last night Deadly quiet I can only presume that the amount of boat usage backed them off a bit as I didn’t do anything different I just had a bit more time to get everything even more right but that’s fishing We are going to Germany to meet up with Mark Time to go home let’s head back to the UK and do everything we can to catch a couple more fish on the way I am a machine You can do it Ol I will drive to Germany Bye Poland A quick pitstop by the side of the road I have found a shower Having a nice shower Al Public shower Poland style I really needed that A little clear cold stream full of streamer weed is exactly what the doctor ordered Right let’s get to Germany At 10 hours the drive from Rybnik to Cologne was the longest leg of our adventure with enough rigs tied for the next two years I caught flies while Oli ate up the miles on the autobahn I will get you to Germany Alan You nearly have Oli is doing the windscreen I’m giving her a little refuel Then we are heading to get the rods out for the night Are you alright Mark Nice to see you And you bro You had a hell of a ride Oli has he is a machine he did all the driving Arriving in Cologne we met up with German big fish angler Marc Voosen again I have known Mark for a number of years and I’m really privileged that he now works alongside me at Nash he is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet so it was great that I was finally getting to do some fishing with him Here he comes just popped into Marc’s mum’s house Fresh as a daisy I needed that thank you You deserved that Right shall we go fishing What is it with us turning up on dusk Al Every place we turn up at this time We have 45 minutes to unload a van reload a van get to the waters edge Then it’s dark and we put our rods out This is the story of our life It looks amazing Another day another sunset Another funfair Are you having a go of the hook a duck It looks like we have an unmanned station I don’t know if that means help yourself or be patient I get to get 10 ducks Great value for money I love an ornamental Well what do you win I hope I win the fairy set as I know Myah will absolutely love it 8 points What can I have You can have handcuffs Samurai sword for protection What about one of those air horns Yeah that’s what I’d like First 20 kilo fish Thank you What does that say man Don’t dream your life live your dream That’s what we are doing man Living the dream Marc had brought us to a large and weedy park lake on the banks of the mighty River Rhein in the city of Cologne where there was not only the chance of a German carp but a big one too So many frogs As soon as you are done with the boat I am going to go and have a paddle myself As much as I’d love to sit here and chat with Marc I need to get my rods out I’ve got one out Listening to you it’s quite tricky to find anything clear So a pretty standard snowman rig Big heavy lead bigger than I would normally us at 8 ounces Pay a little bit of the mainline out Clip on a second lead that is a couple of ounces lighter than the main lead that will act as my back lead Then this float will popup all the way to the surface It’s going to be a case of getting straight in the boat We we talking Marc weren’t we but you can’t land them from the bank Alright mate well I’m going to get my other rod out quickly then you can have your boat Let’s do it lets go fishing Got a couple of spots sorted then Yeah two spots one over on the far bank quite a long way out to be fair Well it seems a long way when you only have one oar and you are paddling through thick weed Which is really nice it’s about two feet deep up towards some snags I fished the float over there Then I found another spot in the channel which is noticeably deeper 1.5 metres maybe a little bit more Nowhere near as clean as the first spot but it’s clean enough to present a rig and see it sitting perfectly on the bottom and bait around it There are big tall weed beds basically all the way round it It’s an enclosed spot so to speak I’m confident and optimistic We are running out of time to be fair It must be about midnight now No its 1am So a couple of rods out one more to go with about 5 hours fishing time on them Come on carp Well that would explain some of the reason that Oli and I didn’t catch last night It certainly wasn’t through lack of trying getting the rods out They were 100% bang on Yes the fish have started spawning It’s a shallow park lake so it’s only to be expected So that means reeling in and going off to find somewhere a lot deeper because today is going to be real hot A 30 degree day We need to find some deep water where they are not so interested in spawning For now we will leave these ones in peace and go in search of some hungry carp Time for a move man Found them spawning Yeah Time to leave Well we are on the road again on the final day of our trip Final destination It’s quite sad really isn’t it Last night’s lake was wicked It’s such a shame our timing wasn’t We were a day out They were spawning like crazy Now we are going somewhere really deep where hopefully the water temperature won’t have risen enough for them to start spawning Living the dream driving around Europe hunting down carp Meeting new friends eating different food I don’t know about the eating different food I could do with more of the eating bit Come on one more stop lets get a German carp A German carp each and we are out of here heading back to the UK I’m really looking forward to tonight It’s deep and they haven’t showed any signs of spawning whatsoever I think it goes down to about 10 metres I have seen a colossal grass carp that could be somewhere between 30 and 40 kilos So I had a few casts at that with a big lump of bread but he wasn’t interested Now I’m going to get out in the boat and drop some rods for the evening Get the rods out as soon as possible and cill with the boys and have a beer Then it’s time to start bidding everyone in Europe farewell and head home It’s been an amazing week And some Come on one more carp Just down here I don’t know if you can see that beautiful sandy spot right up against this bank of weed I’m just going to lower that down and watch it go down on that sandy area Perfect Once we had the rods sorted with kicked back and had a takeaway and social with Marc and Nash Germany consultants Rene and Martin First KFC of the trip Go on That was an absolute ripper Buzzing Not only have I just had a KFC I have gone and caught a carp Thanks boys Looks like quite a nice one Al Very angry Beautiful carp though absolute stunner I was just getting to sleep Had my little candle going down on the beach Planes going overhead Frog chorus Then my bite alarm We made it We did We are alive We made it out of the other side We caught a carp in every country First German carp first Danish carp first Swedish carp Polish carp Big ups lads Thank you So we loaded the gear in the van for the last time and set the sat nav for home but not before one final stop on the way home it was the weekend of WeRfstvl and it was time to party This is the legend that created 20 years of drum and bass Big up Camo and Krooked We are festival Have a great night We will be there It was time for a new dream to live Roll on EuroBanx 5


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