Fabulous Fish Tank FAILS

what up fish tank people
dustinsfishtanks bringing you five fabulous fish tank fans oh yeah that’s
right we’ve all killed some fish and done some stupid stuff in our aquariums
here’s five fabulous fish tank bails from your boy d number five when I was
about 15 years old I got my first 55 gallon aquarium was cracked I fixed it
myself you can see how I fixed it right here 55 gallon tank is ginormous tank 1
I get a ginormous fish I bought myself a PACU that’s right it wasn’t just a
little pocket it was a monster i overfed it the demoniac spiked the fish got sick
I ended up killing it in less than like two months I shouldn’t have sold the
fish in the first place but putting a PACU in a 55 gallon aquarium is not a
good idea a total fish tank failed rest in peace mr. PACU number for the 55
gallon fish tank fails continued when I brought my 5 piranhas to the fraternity
house in college that’s right he used to come home from the bar and find pieces
of salami Turkey and my personal favorite hotdogs which they actually
took a bite up in the aquarium that’s right I also found pizza crust in there
a couple times just kind of pissed me off click the link here to check out the
video I talked about those piranhas more total fail left them alone for the
summer hoping somebody would take care of them they all died pretty quickly
number three fish tank failure looking at right behind me that’s right I over
dirted this 220 I didn’t sip the dirt I use two inches instead of one inch of
dirt and I used way too darn much clay I also didn’t have enough good gas
exchange and I killed a bunch of rainbows with both internal parasites
and I got them sick first with it because of poor water quality you only
need an integer t folks too much dirt is not a good thing too much clay is not a
good thing less is more not more as more when it comes to dirt in your aquarium
and to this day I’m still sifting out big chunks of dirt out of this aquarium
that I wish I’d assisted better number two fish tank failing bulbs 75 gallon in
my office where I had about five Australian rainbows and five turquoise
rainbows which looked cool and kind of balanced at each other out with the
colors I did about a 50% water change down on that tank I thought I had
dechlorinator ready I had the bottle but I did not check the contents of the
bottle and as I started to filled tank back up I realized I was out a
decoy I quickly turned the water off but it was too late there was way too much
chlorine going into the water that I just added
I watched the fish gasp and died in front of my freaking fish loving face it
was terrible but my number one fail happened this past freaking Friday I’m
out in the greenhouse of sunshine and I’m playing shell pens playing that’s
having a great time I moved the coin of the pond I had a freakin right and what
do I do the last tank the last one 25 I drain it all the way down I fill it up
now I use dechlorinator and tons of it in the tank the problem is I left to win
two good foods and got a bite to eat and left the freaking water running and I
killed 20 of my quarry swords that I got from our boys down Imperial tropical
that’s right I had a bunch of sweet ones that I picked out these aren’t just like
neons where they all look the same these were ones that I individually picked out
in Nets myself when I was down at Imperial tropicals in Florida picking
out the fish a couple months back so I’m real pissed about that because they were
breeding at Okoye now silver lining on that story I do have a couple of life
that were in an up or 10 gallon but regardless
pay attention folks don’t be careless don’t overflow your tank that had been
inside my wife would have shot me for having all the water on the floor
luckily bees in the greenhouse I know you have killed some fish or had
some wonderful fish tank fails or you got a good story of a fish tank fail
you’ve heard of so do me a favor drop me a note in the comments of a fish tank
fail you did come on it’s a therapy couch folks put a note in the comments
of what you did we’ll all feel better we’ll all work through it together
or something that you heard somebody did can’t wait to get down to Imperial I
guess I got to go and get some more toys swordtails so if you like what I’m doing
subscribe stay tuned to this Friday for a nice big announcement everybody have a
fabulous freakin week double your fish tank fails bleh to kill me

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