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Falcon Rods Low Rider 20 Fishing Rods | Bass Fishing

Hey everyone, Mike Mc Clullen here at ICast
2014. As you can see we are here in the Falcon booth. We are here with Bass Resource to talk about
a lot of exciting things going on with Falcon. I mean one thing that I’ve always said about
Falcon, and I’ve been with them a number of years now, as everyone knows, they stay ahead
of the curve. I mean there’s no doubt that Falcon is always
the innovator not the imitator, the way I look at it. And one thing about it everybody’s familiar
with the Falcon Low Riders. The Low Riders have been around now for 20
years. So this year we’ve come out with the new Low
Rider 20 Anniversary Edition Falcon. We’ve given this thing a complete face lift. And the thing that’s unique, that a lot of
people don’t realize is the Low Rider got its name from the low riding guide system
on the rod. I mean a lot of rod companies over the recent
years have gone to smaller guide such as the micros and a variety of different guides. But the Low Rider Falcon was one of the first
rods to introduce a rod that had guides that were closer to the blank. So the LowRider20 has taken that one step
further on the Low Rider series and actually put even a smaller guide system on them. The Low Riders are available in 19 different
models. Cliff Crochet, the Cajun Baby, has three of
his own models within this line up. They’re still available in full cork and also
available in the split grip, which a lot of companies still aren’t even offering the split
grip rod. So the next time you get ready to pick a rod
out for almost any application. I mean that’s one thing about the Low Rider
series, available in 19 different rods. You can find a rod that will do almost anything
you want to do with it. So be sure and check out the Low Rider 20s
this year on the Falcon web site or wherever you might pick them up.

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