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Finding Tsukiji (Fish Market)

Tsukiji It’s more than to the word It’s where PASSION meets SUHI Well I don’t know much about passion But you can find lots of sushi-related things here For example RAMEN SHOP Woman buying rice Men cutting fish Motorbike Very SUSHI-related things **FUNNY LAUGH…..** Okay while
there are so many things you can buy here I’d highly recommend trying the street seafood Like these scallops with grilled urchin on top UMMMM Or the SO-FRESH-MAKES-YOU-WANNA-SAY-YES Oysters Life in the market can be pretty hectic But with everyone knowing and enjoying
what they do That’s what makes it… Well “TSUKIJI” I’m gonna tell you what you can do in TSUKIJI fish market You’re going to have some sushi there Because that’s one of the FRESHEST SUSHI you can have in Tokyo Sushi A naturally beautiful creation of mandkind It takes passion, skills, experience and the mind Cut straight like a line So mesmerizing Sushi so tender Looks satisfying Soya sauce pouring Like a peaceful waterfall Rice massaging makes you wanna eat sushi RAW Haha After all What stops you from ordering more Like a dance, the sushi chef performs Like a painting, that the sushi chef draws In this sushi boat, he is the Captain And as a guest, I merely observe as the sushi is.. eaten. The painting so beautiful, I lost my
wordz Sushi so delicious, all I can say is Wott I’m thankful to him, who guided me
all the way To my one and only sushi chef, I say BYEEEEE!

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