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First ASMR CHICKEN New!네네 치킨이 떡볶이라면!매콤치즈스노윙 닭다리 네네볶이 네네땅 Spicy Drumsticks MUKBANG No Talking PRUMIR

The delivery came like this This is raw ramen This is Tteokbokki Coca Cola I’m glad you visited It’s spicy, sweet and cheesey It was very chewy and spicy and sweet. When I was young, I thought of eating ramen frequently. It was a sweet soup If you enjoyed watching, click the thumbs up button and subscribe button! It’s a big boost for me! Click on the little bell icon. Then you can receive new video notification. If you leave a comment, I will try to reflect your opinion in the next video. I’m looking all the comments. Thanks!


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