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Fish flavoured shredded pork (Yu Xiang sauce) authentic Sichuan/ Szechuan food recipe #19 魚香肉絲加春餅

Hi guys! Here is Yi Cannot think of the last I made a Chinese food. & today I’m going to give you guys a Sichuan dish & it’s the most famous, ok, one of the most famous dishes in Sichuan It’s called Yu Xiang Rou Si I looked in internet & tried to find the translation how people are actually translate it into English. & some people say it’s called fish flavoured pork slices ok, but there is no fish in that so it’s a bit funny Although Yu Xiang literally means fish flavoured Or some people call it shredded pork in garlic sauce It’s not exactly garlic sauce, but ok anyway, so this is a sauce in between sweet & sour sauce & spicy sauce So it’s the combination of the 2 You can have this with rice or in this case, in this video, I made some pancakes Hopefully you will enjoy today’s video for our pancakes, we will need 100g of flour 50g of cold water & a bit of oil, you can use vegetable oil, here I use lard mix water into our flour slowly & do a couple of times until our water completely mixed into our flour knead our dough, until it’s smooth then we can close it with a lid & let it rest for about 20 mins after 20 mins, we can take our dough out & roll it to a stick seperate it to an equal 8 parts each small dough should weight around 17-19g then we can flatten it with our plam & roll it to a round shape don’t roll your dough too large, it should be around 6cm diameters then we can do all our 8 doughs You can roll it as if you are rolling a dumpling skin once it’s done, we take one of the dough & brush a bit of oil, here is lard on top we want to brush evenly & lay another dough on top & brush it again on top so we continue with this until we lay all our dough together then we can use our palm to press it both sides the bottom few times & then the top few times We want to make sure all our doughs are evenly & in similar size roughly & all around so use our palm gently press a couple of times & try to extend our dough to a large round shape then we can use a roller to roll our dough evenly then we can do the other size, a couple of times so we just want to make sure all layer are evenly spread out we can brush a little bit more oil on the top then we are going to take a steamer & the oily side on the bottom then we are going to steam this for about 10 mins until it’s cooked so here is the ratio for our yu xiang sauce We will need 4 parts of brown vinegar 3 parts of sugar 2 parts of light soy sauce 1 part of cornstarch 2 parts of water we also need some vegetables for our stir fry 1 medium size carrot 2 garlics & 2 slices of ginger 1 whole spring onion mince our garlic, ginger &spring onion &slice our carrots We will also need some black fungus Here I’m using these dry fungus soak them in boiling water for about 10 mins to rehydrate them We will also need about 250g of pork Here I use pork back, you can also use pork neck cut them to thin trips Now let’s marinate our pork slices We will need 2 tbsp of vegetable oil 2 tbsp of Chinese cooking wine or Chinese rice wine 1 tsp of Chinese pepper powder You can use either black or white pepper powder 1 tbsp of light soy sauce 0.5 tbsp of dark soy sauce then a pinch of salt 1 tbsp of cornstarch & mix with 2 tbsp of water mix it well, then we get our starch water mix into our pork slices as well Gently massage our pork slices then we can set it aside Now let’s do the stir fry going to add a bit of vegetable oil a bit more than you usually do for stir fry turn our stove on high heat We are going to stir fry our pork slices first It wont take too long, all we want is to get this pale & white colour of our pork slices then we can take them out & set them aside Now we need 1 tbsp of our chili paste & as well as 1 tbsp of our dou ban jiang (chili bean paste) It’s optional so add in our chili paste & dou ban jiang into wok & saute them to release the aroma then add in our spring onion, ginger & garlics saute them then add in our pork slices do a quick stir fry then add in our vegetables, our carrots & black fungus until our vegetables are cooked, we can add in our Yu Xiang sauce Just do a quick mix then our yu xiang rou si, fish flavoured shredded pork is ready & sprinkle a bit of spring onion on top & enjoy So here we have our steamed pancakes & our fish flavoured shredded pork or shredded pork with garlic sauce whatever you call it, it’s yu xiang rou si & you can see, there are a lot of black fungus & carrots inside Actually you can use all kinds of vegetables inside which has a bit of solid texture So here I use carrots & black fungus you could also use cucumber maybe & some Chinese veggies They all go great with shredded pork in the sauce & here we have our pancakes You can see they are all stick together but now you can try to seperate them and it’s pretty easy to do that because I brushed a bit of fat in between & you just have to do this gently & try not to break it here you could see, it’s pretty thin I’m just trying to do this one slowly & all you can do is to So here is one All you can do is to wrap your shredded pork with veggies into this wrap & wrap it, eat like a (I don’t know) a spring roll? or like a wrap Hope you enjoyed today’s video if you like it, please give me a thumb up & leave your comments below If you want to see more videos like this one please sub to my channel & share this video with your friends if you like see ya


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