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Fish tank LED light | DIY Aquarium light | Tamil

Hi, welcome to my budget hobbies In this video I have covered this fish tank’s light setup This is an old tank, I have explained about it in part 1 video This tank is taken from a warehouse So we didn’t get anything Filtration setup is in part 1 In this series we are going to see the lighting setup Next series we will see the tank setup As it’s comes in old fluorescent setup we have to dismantle it totally and do LED setup So we are going to see that now let’s go Ok this is the cover that we removed It comes with fluorescent light setup, good setup full of aluminum base This side we have two switches and two plugs let’s see if we can use it Let’s remove this entirely first, and see how it is Ok we have almost dismantled it, Good quality chokes of ancient times looks perfect, removing wires We are not using the base, but it is made of aluminum good quality,doubt,whether we will get such qualities nowadays. Let’s remove all these. We need only this base We can stick the LED here. We will see whether we can connect this wire First we have to clean this place with thinner We are going to stick the light here so in need to be dust free So clean this place thoroughly Ok, let’s check the switch connection Let’s check whether it is in working condition Fully covered in rust Cleaning with rust remover Including switch nothing is in working condition Am cleaning the plug, look it’s sand and rust Now the switch connections are restored after hard work
with the help of rust remover For one switch I have made sure the supply will come in the
wire and another switch supply directed it to plug point Will connect one for light and another for motor Now I have the sleeves and SMPS I will connect them in the
end. First let us paste the light We are going to use this LED We will use red, green and blue In market tri- color led too available in one bulb you will get
3 color But it didn’t have enough brightness So am using this 3 colors When this three light up together it gives white feel Pink is too available Pink is very nice If you place pink and white together it will enhance the red and
blue color of the fish. Best option is this three, it will be good for all color fishes. So am going to use this now. Am going to connect 3 of each of these in parallel You have to connect red with red and white with white You will find two wire in it connect red with red and white with
white Like this you can connect as many as you want just choose adapter accordingly One blub comes around 12 volt 2.4watts As am connecting 9 bulbs adapter with minimum AMPS is
enough no need to buy 5 or 10 AMPS adapter When you connect 10 bulbs together 1 or 2 AMPS is enough I have got 2 amps adapter so I am going to fix that. We are going to have 3 light module We are going to fix red green and blue so for that lets make a 9 light set up Red green blue Second row, blue, red, green Third, green blue red Like this let’s make a square diagram with this three color Let’s follow this First let’s stick the red light As it is compact in space we have to leave space for other colors red is over next green Have fixed the colors, all colors will be joined together in a triangle So that all the colors will merge together Let’s move on to connection part Bulbs are pasted neatly and soldered Plus and minus have been inter linked and brought into a
single out Now let’s connect the SMPs Have purchased 2 amps smps Have planned to keep SMPS in this place so that it will be fine for connection and also it will look
compact First let’s connect this. Going to give power supply for smps Let’s fix all with sleeve Ok, connected to power supply Everything is attached with sleeve You will find different LED variants in shops from 10 to 50
rupees We can choose according to our need. Lot of colours available in market I have chosen these colors Have bought this SMPS separately 12 volt 2 amps Have connected this to power We have to do one thing finally We can’t trust the double side tapes stability, so what am going
to do is Sticking all these things with hot glue gun for safety SMPS is fixed tightly For safey purpose sticking with hot glue gone is good. Ok all is finished, nothing will happen Why hot glue gun means it is removable I will connect let’s see how it is Switching on Come out well That’s all over. Let’s clean it once thoroughly and fix it Red green and blue will mix together and give us white feel That’s not a problem Only those who have electric knowledge try this AS we are using it near water, it is dangerous Ok placed and connected, will switch on now. This is a tri- color light setup The stone setup you are seeing is dummy setup Next i will do th original setup this a sample stone for a demo In next video we will see the tank setup Subscribe and press the bell button without fail so that you will get notified when I post the next video setup will be coered in it With this stones I will do a setup as it looks nice let’s meet, Thank you.


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