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Fishing Bloopers! Shark Grouper 2020 Compilation

well hello everybody i’m choppin chance and welcome to this episode of chew on this This, is the blooper edition and it took us this is ten years of footage for more? Check out the cool, stuff that’s happened, we provide over these past ten years? and it’s tied off you, see Come on man i’m gonna pull it get pump Come on gunshots head you got him chad you got it Got it boy you got him won’t you ever though You, gotta, go fast here so i didn’t you, better correct. Go faster go faster He’s trying to take you to the wreck that’s, where the red thing Yeah, boy! Way to go, big dog, that’s awesome work take it go, get them, oh, boys after example say pulsates go go go go go come on come on it’s time for me to get those bonita off and see if i catch another one Here we go? Welcome to the to on this saltwater fishing show, fishing television with Here we go? i Think, he’s still there yeah He lost a ride it’s on his foot He’s trying everything, yeah, that’s part a story Like pick it up and pull it like you’re fighting a fish get back come on yes You know it’s just like Yep and you know. You’re countin on jodie you just put a pig in it you know. Exactly You know i was a little kid i used to watch shows and see them catch fish like This, not this size with smaller fish it always, be like man don’t do that Let’s get let’s get he’s got his hair Hey, baby good job good job your nakedness let’s get here come on Right to the f second of all in the given website Yeah, i bet okay? Total technical dot-com just Got em all prepared you guys, and we’re going, after you, guess it’s a big goliath grouper so let Me grab one of these big bait I’m gonna, see what’s down? There, we just arrived live real time here hey, done Come on hold yeah ha ha come on oh come on, oh, my, goodness you, guys know i’m almost done completely i still think i’d do it Come on pops then, what pops back no Ah thank you you, guys i’m home that whole fish my head Well hope everybody, enjoyed the craziness that you just saw From 10 plus years of bloopers and craziness has happened to on this, we had a Wonderful time to him in all these different Episodes it was a great time it was a blast and i thought you at home would love an opportunity to see him all put together, we appreciate you for tuning in Thank, you very much and at the end if you, want to see more chew On this video every couple of them up there, be sure to subscribe hammer that like button i really appreciate it Godspeed we’ll see you guys next episode and remember when You, see that big fish before you toss that bait out there to them you tell, them chew on this


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