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Fishing Downtown Kingston and Area for Largemouth Bass w/ Googan Baits

Hello and welcome back. Today we are down at the Floating Bridge and I’m here to fish for some bass, or really anything
that I can catch you might end up getting some blue gill or perch but
target’s bass. This spot is just outside of Amherstview and Amherstview is not too far outside of Kingston and there’s a good amount of shoreline. You can fish this bridge over
here too. All of this. I’ve heard that walleye will come in here at night
sometimes. People have caught them here and then we can also fish on the other side of that bridge too, so, Let’s get a line wet, eh? Let’s give it a try on this side Okay I’m not having any luck as of yet, so I’m gonna try and break out the Googan Baits. It’s about time.
I’ve been waiting to use these. to use these waiting for the right
moment Yeah, I think that’s what we’ll do. Okeechobee Craw Oh! That’s a bite! Oh, Yep, Alright! What is this? This is awesome. This will be my first decent fish at Parrots Bay
I get it in don’t speak too soon Oh, it’s a largie.
Yeah, decent largie. Hah Oh Yeah! Okay. First fish on the Googan baits. Right on!
Crack and Craw, you have pulled through. Fish of the day
first fish with the Crack and Craw or or a Googan Bait. That’s awesome nice largemouth bass Let’s get it back, and get another this bait has such good action.
The arms are just like “bwlwwlwlw?” We’ll see if that makes the cut. Alright, so I snagged one largemouth here,
let’s head to my next spot. See what I can get there Okay, today I’m down at Douglass Fleur Park. It’s a park that’s
just on the edge of downtown basically go to the end of Willington street and
you’re there. It’s a beautiful park, lots of shoreline yeah let’s see what we can
get here. I have pulled out some largemouth out of here before maybe like
two to three pounds even some good size largies so maybe we’ll get into them
today look at these ducks taking up this
valuable casting real estate Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Saw him smash
that get up here Oh no way! Oh, that’s a biggin. Woah Okay Okay so – Oooo Yeah Big fish. Just pulled it outta there.
It was – my bat was right at shore it just came up and smashed it.
Woah. Alright, that’s awesome. Wow.
Wou’re a big fish. Nice to meet you – Oh, and your spawning, look at you. Let’s get you back in there. Holy! I wasn’t expecting that,
that was awesome. After so long of getting nothing not even seeing a bass
and having that guy just Hammer it oh boy Oh boy, oh boy, that was awesome. Okay so
second bass with the Crackin Craw so it works and first bass with my new
baitcaster so it works So what did you think? Did you like that?
I caught a couple bass at least, I showed you some shoreline around Kingston in
Amherstview that you can fish at Both my cameras are dead I’m now using my
cell phone so I hope you like what you saw. Caught a couple, fish showed you a
couple shorelines, hit that like button if you want to see some more shoreline
and be sure to subscribe if you like what you’re seeing and want to see more
catch you later

  • Great video man, seems like your videos are improving in terms of editing and filming. Some great shots and transitions and can also see you’re getting more comfortable with talking to the camera as well. Hope you don’t mind me asking but where’d you get yourself the goog? I know you can get it from there website but shipping to Canada costs quite a bit.

  • Don't ever eat anything out of that water down there! The river street pumping station at the edge of that park is well known for dumping raw sewage in that water for the past 25+ years.

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