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Fishing for Beginners | How To Handle Catfish

Welcome back to Fish Like Us! In this
video we’re going to go over a very common fish down here in Florida called the
Hardhead Catfish. This fish is responsible for a lot of
injuries! And here it comes up right now. Okay, we’ve had it on the line for just a
little bit, and it is tired. And that’s a good thing, because these fish, they can hurt
you! Oh don’t do it. Don’t do it. Owe! No, no, no. Not okay. Catfish are dangerous! A lot like the
freshwater catfish they have barb’s. Barb’s that can stick you. One right here. Can you hear him croaking? There’s the barb right here. And then I’m pinching there. Right there. You can grab these fish but it does require a very specific
technique and I’m going to show you. I’m going to grab him so I trap his
barb’s that can get me. This right here. There’s a big spine sticking right there,
and there’s a big spine sticking right here. And there’s a big spine sticking
off the top. If you get stuck with these fish the slime that are surrounding
these catfish hurts bad! It stings and it will swell up depending on how far that barb
sticks in you. The reason I’m talking about this fish though is because we
catch a lot of these! Folks catch lots of catfish down here in Florida. And we we turn a lot of them
loose. It looks like I’m gonna need to get out the de-hooker to get that out of there. Let’s put that away. So here it is, the hard head
catfish. He’s got spines that can stick you. He’s also
got a really hard head. These fish are fun to fight and you will catch a
lot of these fish down here in Florida but be extremely careful when you catch
them because of these barb’s and their poisonous nature (when they’re slime gets
all stuck in you). We’re gonna let this one go because although you can
keep these and people do eat these they’re not like our freshwater friends.
They are considered less than choice. They’re an unregulated species. It looks
like he’s ready to go back in the water. Even releasing these you got to be
careful because they always start kicking right when you release them.
There he goes. Look at this! Look at this (slime). Catfish!
Still fun though. Fish Like Us. Hey, if you like this video
please click Subscribe, and leave us a comment below. How many catfish do
you catch when you go fishing?


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