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Fishing for GIANT Lake Trout: Lake Superior

(upbeat country music) – [Larry] Alright team, charge! ♪ Take me out on the water – We eat fish. ♪ Or way out in the woods ♪ Where the breathing is
easy, the living is good ♪ Out in the great outdoors – And welcome to
Larry Smith Outdoors. We’re sponsored by the
Badger Sportsman Magazine, Bartlein Barrels, Warrior
Boats, Big Snow Resort, Lynch Mukwonago, Wings Over
Wisconsin, Mike’s Country Meats, Midwest Shooters Supplies,
Burgers’ Smokehouse, Dowco, Vexilar, Dick
Smith’s Bait and Tackle, Komelon Measuring Tools,
Kmiec Law Firm, Norm’s Ag, and Jiffy. And remember, it’s a
great day to be alive. Holy moly! (upbeat country music) Hey, good morning and welcome
to Larry Smith Outdoors. Guess what, we’re
up in Lake Superior with our good friend Tommy
Hicks with Beyond the Catch and I’ll tell you, Tommy, we are gonna put
some miles on today and try to catch some
trophy lake trout. – We’re gonna put
a lot of miles on, we’re gonna cover about 30
miles outside the harbor, we’re gonna go all throughout
the Apostle Islands, fish on the east
side of the islands. We’re gonna go for some
giant lake trout today. We’re not going just for eaters, we’re gonna mix it in, we got a really good
spot goin’ out here, we should have numbers,
we should have eaters. And hopefully at the end, Larry brought all of
his (mumbles) gear, we’re gonna pretend
it’s early ice. We’re gonna do a
little (mumbles). – You know, I’ll
tell you what, Tommy. As far as the conditions, we’ve got absolutely
awesome conditions as far as making
a long run today. You know, Lake Superior,
personally is probably one of the most
dangerous bodies of water when you’re talking
about inland, you know, Great Lakes scenario, this is definitely one of them
lakes I don’t like being on when you got 30
mile an hour winds. – We have to make a call
when we come up to this spot, a lot of days I can’t make it, yesterday we couldn’t
have gotten out here, we might have some
leftover rollers coming in from the big lake
but today’s perfect. Overcast, everything. – Yeah. Especially when you’re
fishing Great Lakes like this, definitely, you know, your
electronics, your radar, you know, the weather,
all that stuff, it’s a big factor.
– You definitely wanna know what you’re doin’
before you go out, especially where
we’re goin’ today. – Hey, I’ll tell
you what, Tommy. We got a heck of a crew today, we got your dad out here, we got your good
friend Jeff out here, you got your
wife-to-be Mackenzie, and her girlfriend– – [Tommy] The maid of honor. – Right, oh my gosh!
– Maid of honor and the guy that’s
marryin’ us, Jeff. – [Larry] Holy cats! – And that’s in, it’ll be a week after this airs! – Hey, stay tuned, let’s
see what happens today up on Lake Superior
fishing lake trout. (techno music) – [Announcer] Creating
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topnotch hardwood smoked meats that you’ll be proud to
serve family and friends. Visit us online at or look us up at your local grocery store. (upbeat rock music) – [Larry] Hey, Tommy, what
do you got goin’ on here? We’re finally out here,
what 30 miles out– – 30 miles out, we
just stuck a dodger and a spinning glow on. – And we’re in about what? 90 feet of water? – 135.
– 135, holy cat! Now, are these fish all
tight in the bottom? – No. We’re gonna fish
anywhere from 20, 30 feet out dipsy divers down to– I stay a little off the bottom
under a lot of big rocks. – Okay.
– We’ll be in some areas of rock terminals
as big as this boat. – Holy cats! (chuckles) – If you bounce bottom too much, I’ve lost a lot
of gear out here, so don’t you wanna do that. (upbeat rock music) There you go, now you’re on. – Here, Katie. – Katie, get back there.
– Come on, girl! Alright, Katie!
– A little left, Dad. Slow down a little bit, Dad. – [Larry] That’s a nice fish! I can’t believe that it’s
literally about 10 minutes, we caught the first fish. Alright, Katie! Come on, girl! – [Tommy] Nice fish,
alright go ahead! – [Larry] Good deal! – [Tommy] Beautiful! – Tommy, I’ll tell you what, if there’s ever a place I
ever wanna eat a lake trout, it would definitely be
out at Lake Superior. – These are good fish here. – [Larry] And
absolutely beautiful! That is, that’s awesome! Nice job, Kate! – Beautiful! And that’s a good one for
the grill right there. I don’t keep many fish
much bigger than this. – [Larry] The perfect
eating size, huh? – Good 23, 24 inch eater. Red fin and meat that
look just like a salmon. (upbeat rock music) – Feels like a nice fish, huh?
– I think so! – Have you ever
done this before? – I have! (laughs) Not as much as I’d like! – Yeah, it must be nice everyday to come off fishing, right? And while you’re at work, right? – Oh, yeah, it’s great. – So, in a very short
time you’re actually gonna be marrying this guy. – I am. 26 days! – Wow!
– Comin’ up! – Are you nervous? – Little bit.
– Right? I think, if I was you,
I’d be nervous, too! – I’m excited. – Oh, you are? Excited-nervous?
– I am. – [Tommy] What do you got
on there, a bigger one? – I do, I hope so! – [Larry] Holy cats,
that is a nice fish! Woohoohoo!
– Nice! – Wow!
– Very nice. Yup, if you go a little
slower, I’m up high enough. – [Larry] That is absolutely, nice, nice lake trout. I love that clear water. – [Tommy] Beautiful, beautiful!
– Look at that’s a beautiful fish! – [Tommy] Whoo! Nice job! Take a look at that! – That’s awesome! – [Larry] Wow! – [Tommy] No wonder
it took you so long to wind that thing in!
– I know right? I love it! – Beautiful. – Come on, Katie! This looks, feels like a
little bigger fish this time. – [Tommy] That’s how one– Ooh, oh, oh, easy, easy,
easy, just hold him. – That’s a big fish, huh? – [Tommy] Yup. – [Larry] Just hangin’ right
down on that bottom, huh? (upbeat rock music) (water splashes softly) Nice! Alright, Katie! You got her? – [Tommy] Just get
rid of that handle. – Okay. – Real nice, pretty! Whoo! Pretty, do you see how
dark they are out here? – [Larry] They are,
they’re beautiful coloring. – [Tommy] There ain’t
many places in the islands you can even get ’em this dark. Whoop, look at that. Popped right off. Popped right off. – [Mackenzie] Good job, Katie! – Nice fish, Katie! – [Larry] They’re all nice fish! – Little kiss? – Aww!
– Aww! – Did you see that? It almost turned
into a brown trout! (laughter) – [Larry] Nice job! (upbeat rock music) – [Tommy] Look at
that stuff, eh? – Yeah, look at that! (laughter) Why’s it always have to be
funny stuff at my expense? I just wanna know that one time! Right, one time! (upbeat rock music) Talk to us, talk to us! You know, why is it
when the camera’s on, you never stop talking? – What do you mean? – Oh, I mean when
the camera’s off, you never stop talking, right? (laughter) – She takes this fishing
a little serious. When she loses
one, a little tip, we all run to the cabin and
shut the door for a while. – We already had the talk. If I lose a fish on film, don’t freak out or
swear or hit anyone. – It’s like you’re saying
you have a potty mouth if you lose a fish. – I’m a poor sport.
– She’s gettin’ a lot better, Larry, she’s getting
a lot better. – [Larry] Nice job, another
nice fish, I’ll tell you that! – [Tommy] Nice fish! Another nice fish! – [Larry] Good job, girl! – Thank you! – [Announcer] Badger
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less than Lynch (upbeat techno music) – Come on, girls! – [Tommy] Double, Katie! – Double, Jeff, get one! – Jeff? – I’m comin’, I’m comin’, I’m comin’!
– Alright, Katie! We’re definitely keepin’
these girls busy this morning. At least Tommy is. I’m cookin’ the bacon
over here, right? – See what happens when we eat? Whoo!
– The fish eat– That’s your key , huh? I like that!
– That’s the key! – [Tommy] Since, Larry,
you started me with that, I tell ya. – [Larry] It’s been limit after limit.
– It works. (upbeat jazz music) Neutral? Keep coming home. Oh, look at that one, Larry! – [Larry] Nice fish! – [Tommy] Keep coming,
that’s alright, keep coming. – [Larry] (laughs) Holy cats! – [Tommy] Got ’em! – [Larry] Wow! Tommy! This is incredible,
incredible fishing. – [Jeff] Do you need help? – [Tommy] I got ’em. – [Larry] Whoa! – Look at that fish. – [Larry] That is
absolutely beautiful! That’s a great shot, too. Nice job, Tommy,
I’ll tell you that. – Nice job!
– Thanks! – Beautiful fish.
– Fat fish! (upbeat jazz music) – Who’s comin’? – [Larry] Come on, girls, Jeff? Jeff, let Jeff get one, yeah! Jeff’s gotta get one. Jeff! Man of Wisdom. It’s not just Jeff,
it’s Man of Wisdom. Hey, and it’s Preacher
Jeff, too, right? – Preacher!
– Man of the cloth! – Wow, Preacher Jeff! Gonna marry you in a couple
of weeks, huh, Tommy? Jeff, what do you got to say? You always have something. – This could be a decent fish. (laughter) – [Larry] It’s amazing
the excitement that I see comin’ out of your face. There you go! (laughs) – Oh, my! (shouts) Watch this! He’s giving up now! (laughter) (upbeat jazz music) – [Tommy] Nice fish. Nice fish. Good job, captain!
– Nice! Nice job! – [Tommy] Beautiful fish. Another tagged fish. – [Larry] It is. – [Tommy] Nice job, sir. – [Larry] Good job! Preacher Jeff! Man of Wisdom. (upbeat jazz music) – That’s a good
fish there, Katie. – Good fish?
– Yup. – [Larry] Alright! Nice job! Kate, we’re not gonna let
you sit around too long. Right, back to work! – [Tommy] Just make sure
you’ll wait till they’re close then swipe at ’em. – [Larry] Okay. – [Tommy] You got that? – I got it, yup. Wait till they get
close and swipe at ’em. That’s what Tommy Hicks said. Beyond the Catch, right? – I remember this one story. I won’t mention any
names and I was a kid. Big brown. And that happened. And you will never get
that fish back in the net when you catch it in
the net behind the hoop. – [Larry] Makes
it a little tough. – Oh!
– Nice fish. – Oh, yeah!
– Yeah! – Nice! Nice fish. Katie, if I miss this
fish, we’re all done. Nice! – [Tommy] Nice job! Nice fish!
– Nice job, girl! – [Mackenzie] Good job, Katie! – Look at that! Come right in here on the left. Beautiful! (laughter) Beautiful.
– Nice job! – [Tommy] Awesome. – [Larry] Gotta love this. Tommy, what brings
people up to Ashland? Up to Lake Superior? Besides the beautiful lake trout fishing?
– Just trip out here. I mean, we didn’t see
a lot this morning, we had a lot of fog.
– Right. – I’m guessing on the way
in we’ll have that sun out and you’ll see some of
the views on islands, it’s just gorgeous. The clay, the red clay. The sandstone cliffs and caves and lighthouses. There’s so much to do
and there’s kayaking. People go on just
the boat tours alone. A lot of people just
catchin’ fish is a bonus. (upbeat jazz music) Another nice fish.
– Wow! – Another nice fish. How does that feel?
– Good! Really good. – Finally a day off
work, and you don’t have to drive the boat, you get
to actually catch a fish. – I don’t have to
work at my second job. – I’ve had this poor girl
workin’ seven days a week. Everyday she’s off in Marissa. She first mates
for me on the boat. – Are you payin’ her?
– It’s okay, I’m the boss. – [Larry] Oh, you’re the boss? – I tell everybody she’s the
most expensive auto-pilot I’ve ever had. (laughs) – It’s true, it’s true. (upbeat rock music) – [Larry] Got it. Nice.
– Alright, go ahead. Nice fish! – [Larry] Very nice. – Look at that. – Check it out! – Nice! Why do you always got
that camera on my face? – [Dan] ‘Cause it’s
a television show? – I know, but it doesn’t
always have to be in my face. Put it in Jeff’s face. Put it in Tom’s face. – [Dan] Tom’s busy
drivin’ the boat! Doin’ a tremendous
job, I must say. – [Larry] Jeffrey! – Yeah, Larry called this one.
– You know what? I saw that fish come
right up and boomp! Slammed that. That’s the cool part about it. It’s nice havin’ that
Lowrance unit in the back here to watch that. – [Tommy] It’s
amazing, isn’t it? – Yeah, I love your stuff.
– Mark a fish, catch a fish. In a hundred and
30 feet of water. – That is amazing. – We haven’t put
him on the boat yet. There’s a good chance
he may get knocked off by the net man.
(Tommy laughs) – I’m the net guy. – Oh, that’s right!
– Right! – Nice job.
– Good job, net man! – [Larry] Thank you, thank you! Thank you, thank you! (upbeat rock music) (camera clicks)
(pan sizzles) – Shotgun Chef here on the
shores of Lake Winnebago. We got Larry’s guys on the
lake right now guiding ’em, they’re comin’ in, I got
fresh trout that they caught with Tommy Hicks over there. I got leeks, Burger Smokehouse
bacon, I got crisp (mumbles), I got potatoes with
Lowry’s salt on it, got the cast iron
smokin’ hot right now, ready to go for the trout. And I’m gonna pull
a little chardonnay, see that (mumbles) chardonnay? You want real dry
white wine with this to put in there. See how the pan’s smokin’ hot? Here then, after you put
the trout in, folks, watch. It’s gonna shrink right up. Hear that sizzle? Keep that on high. See how it’s shriveling up? That’s what you wanna see. I made a call in to Smith, he
should be comin’ off to drink any second now. – Shotgun. Off to drink?
– Hey, he-he-hey! – What is going on here? Hey, you know what? I’ll tell you what,
Shotgun Cheffer. That wind is blowin’ right
out to where we’re fishin’, we couldn’t take it any longer, I know you told us 15 minutes, but we’re ready to eat! What do you got happenin’ here today?
– I got a little time. Hey, there’s a huge
giveaway right now, Larry. We got all the stuff
we use on the show. Lodge cast iron, we
got the Sterno burner, we have one of those Dutch
ovens giving away. So you gotta like
us on Facebook, and the more shares– The last person won
had four shares on it, I mean, everyday share was on. – So we get to win all
this stuff here, Shotgun? – Yeah, from here over. Not this stuff. This is what we’re
eatin’ today, alright? – [Larry] Okay. (laughs) – [Shotgun] I know you wanna
eat that, too, but yeah. Some of your
seasoning salt there, we got the tongs. Show ’em what they got, Larry. – Looks like a
pretty good package you got going on here, Shotgun. So again, how can
they win this stuff? – Watch TV, this
episode’s gonna be on, and they can see the Fox
Sports or Channel 18, you’re gonna like us
on Facebook and share. The more you share, the
more people that share it, the computer kicks in,
and pulls that name up, when they pull your name up– – Then they get to win all this stuff.
– Yup. And you might come right? That all’s gonna be delivered
to ’em by hand, I heard. – I don’t think
that’s gonna happen. (relaxing country music) – [Shotgun] How is it, guys? – Excellent, excellent, Shotgun! – Alright. Don’t forget, guys. Like us, Facebook. Watch us on 300 web. The IT guys’ gonna
tell us what day we’re drawin’ this prize. It’s worth it. Right?
– Mm, yup! – [Shotgun] What happened? (laughs) Oh my God! (makes gobbling noises) Shotgun Cheffer, Winnebago,
Smith, we’re done. Out.
– Hey, remember, it’s a great day to be alive. – And fish like to eat, too. – Mm, so do I. – [Shotgun] Nice. – [Announcer] For over 25 years,
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any purchase of a Sonar Phone, you get a free smart
phone arm band! That’s the Sonar
Phone by Vexilar. (dramatic orchestral music) (upbeat country music) – Right in the middle of ham. Mm, look what happened.
– You should see this some hammy ham-ham. – [Tommy] Nice fish. Beautiful! Beautiful! Few marks on him. Old lamprey mark or something? – [Larry] Few battle scars, huh? – [Tommy] Let’s
get him released. Beautiful. – [Dan] Hey, is
this a fishing show or an eating show? – We like to eat and fish,
why can’t we do both? Right, just like, you know hey. Just like some people
like to hunt and fish? I like to hunt, fish and eat. And Man of Wisdom
agrees with me. – Definitely, you like to eat. You do like to eat
just by lookin’ at ya. (upbeat rock music) – Like always an absolutely
awesome time up here in Bayfield. You know, I love comin’
up to this Ashland area, the Apostle Islands. There’s just so many things
to do and see up here. And the fishing is
like second to none. And you know, besides
all them things, I always have a
great time with you. And you know what? I thank everybody for
the great day we had and all the fish we had. And you know what? If people wanna get a
hold of you and come up and enjoy this great experience, tell everybody out there
how they can do it. – Yeah, everybody, of
course, join Facebook. Beyond the Catch Guide Service, you can give us a
call at 715-292-4342 and And– – Take it from there, huh?
– Let’s go fishin’. – Hey, make sure
everybody checks us out in all of our social media
stuff during the week because we always have a
lot of great things goin’ on and just remember,
like I always say, what a great day to be alive! – Dan, turn up to
film that spot. I don’t want ’em to
see anything over here. And then there’s that
landmark right over there. – [Dan] Little out further. – Cheese! – How’s that lake trout, Danny? – [Dan] Yup, that
was close enough, I could taste it probably. – What are you doing? You wanna show
everybody our secrets? – Stinkbait. (laughter) – [Dan] Oh, dude, that’s gross. – If you’re gonna marry
a native American girl, gotta be able to eat raw fish. (laughter)


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