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(Horrible Screeching) oh we got a taker! we got a taker! (Date) yo, good morning logang whats pooaa *whispers poppin* So as you guys know, I lost my voice, but I hear it slowly coming back. And I know because I can do this: *scale of he’s* (from low to high) *high pitched screaming* *high pitched animal screaming* Yeah bro, yea that sounds good. Also a good thing I *hiss* I was able to sleep in today, For the first time in a while I was actually able to get some sleep so, huh. Booyah! However as usual, these workouts got me messed up man, I’m just… sss- I’m tired, I’m exhausted, So I need to get some food in me. Right now. Oh, my God, I need this right now. Huh Huh.Huh Huh Huh Huh (Explosion) ALUAHKBAR Damn dude, it’s been a while since I’ve done this joke but uh… *screams KUNG PAO* Ohhhhhh, ya bro. Zucchini scramble, take me away. So this makes me happy, this is like my, my first dose of energy for the day. Also, sittin’ here realizes me, makes me realize, that I need to shave my chest. I will eventually . I have a plan though. I wanna get more ripped, and then shave because when you shave you look like extremely ripped. So if I get super ripped, and then shave my chest, choopchopchoopchoopchoop (explosion) Oh my God, Zucchini scramble, I love you so much! *Music Plays* …The Prophecy is true… (Screams) Ugh! Good morning. My child, my baby, my sweet, my love, where are you going? Dude, you, are making such a mess back-Like you have destroyed my house, Maverick. What do you have to say for yourself? Huh, what? (Bird saying) HELP ME Speak up! Where you going? You can’t run away from life’s problems all the time, Maverick. No you can’t! Just remember guys, if you’re thinking about getting a bird, this is -this is what that looks like. What are you- Oh my god I need to know what you were trying to do, Mav, Like what, build a nest? or what? Alright i’ll talk to you later, buddy don’t try to-mother-f*** Imma go talk to you later You go ahead and just… stay there I guess ok bye… What a weird f***ing bird Ok! So whats happening today, uh, first off I have to go to a meeting for my “Logan Paul vs.” show. It got picked up baby! Season two! So that’s gonna be good Also, I know that in yesterdays vlog I left you guys on a cliffhanger “whats in the box?” Right? This cool-like magical painting box *Mark walks in* Mark: OH Sup dude? – I didn’t think you’d be home Well I am. Mark: I can… – I’m just saying, like if you’re gonna come in the house when I’m here like… don’t. *silence* A’right let me just-get-get some of my stuff – You got some balls coming in *giggle* Mark: “Yes” Logan: “Coming in his house” Got ‘im! Got ‘im! -Got you! Yo, so, if you guys did not know… Mark and I got in like a childish fight, we broke each others… …sh(squeaky), and uh… wait hold on… Oh hi Mark! -Oh hi Mark. Oh hi Logan! So yeah, we broke each others stuff, ‘Cuz you how we like, as roommates, were always like… YOU’RE a bad roommate! No YOU’RE a bad roommate! This is like, (idk) it’s a little true sometimes. BUT we’re good, right? We resolved it at the end of the… BUT we’re good, right? We resolved it at the end of the… – No, no, we’re not good. Thought you said we were… – Oh, for the vlog? – Oh, for the vlog? – Yeah I’m not recording right now. Yeah but don’t f*** up on me. But yeah we try to be adults about this . I (stumbles) I can only do that so much. Marks Pretty Good at it Oh did you get a hair cut, it looks pretty good. Mark – nah ai looks horrible ugh ohh, I guess i kind of did just say that, yeah i does kind of look like sh** (squeaks) Also there’s a TV with a green screen on it. Oh, look its the Teletubbies- Wow, that’s– Aw, woah, penguins! That’s so dope. But second off, who doesn’t finish bread sticks? BREADSTICKS ARE F[bleep]KN DELICIOUS! Back to the fishing for people idea. So We’re gonna put the money on the end of this fishing rod and then Take my money! I wonder if the I know you caught my Go Pro but don’t take my money! What’s going on? Goodbye Logan’s Vlog, I’m gonna buy snacks now. A-HA-HA! So that was funny, Amanda. You’re a funny girl. So funny. So funny. And on that note guys, that is the vlog! I feel like – I know you guys probably agree that was like, the best vlog I’ve had in a while– I know they haven’t been the best lately– But guys I’m busy, I’m doing stuff, I’m trying to become a movie star. So, if you’re not part of the Lo-Gang make sure you subscribe Lo-Gang, if you are subscribed I freakin’ love u! Oh! Also, I’m pranking my brother Jay tomorrow. I can say it because by the tim ethis vlog will be up, we’ll be done filming the prank. It is going to be epic. We are going to his house in the morning and I can’t tell you too much.– But I’ll c u tomorrow Take it easy, fans. Do you know how I sign off? YEAHHH! Your penis is so hardcore. Peace! [outro] [incoherent noise]


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