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Fishing in Greece Day 04

4th Day! Is it the 4th or the 3rd Day? It’s the 4th day. Today we are going to fish with softbaits, for Horse Mackerel and we will see what happens. Vlad! I’m coming! What camera should I use? Which ever you want. What is it? I don’t know. A nice fish. Oh, yes it is! Tetra Works. It’s a Leerfish! Maybe it’s a fault hooked Mullet. Wow! Did you see that? Yeah It’s ok. There it is! Bravo! There it is again. Yes, strike! And strike again. There it is again, look at my rod tip. Nope, you are tripping me. Yeah. My whole rod was shacking. What plonkers we are. Dude No. No. No. No. Way to go! The second time. Bravo. It’s a good fish! Man, a nice fish! What a fighter, man! Is it a Leerfish? I don’t know, but it’s a really solid fish. I have luck with the Leerfish today. SD Card Error! Turn it off and on again. Wow, it’s a Leerfish man! The same size as the previous one. There is a second one! Cast Vlad! Where? The second one is right besides mine. There they are! Watch out so we don’t tangle up. Where are you? I’m on the right side. How did it strike? I don’t even remember now. You are lucky today. It is going right. No, no, over the line. Oh man! The second one is gone. The Leerfish love Tetra softbaits. Is this fish a little bit stronger? Yes it is, but it runs under the boat. I can not turn it. It’s ok now. Yes, this one is stronger than the one before. I think that it is a bit bigger. It’s unbelievable how much power it got left. I have a 0.20mm leader on, I must not force it. Vlad multicam* Is the main line 6lb? Yes it is. I have to respect the fish to the end. I threw them softbaits with a sbirolino I fished like that in Edipsos. Barracudas and everything! And dorados, bonitos in large numbers. But here, nothing. How was your day? Was it successful? Today was good There were no serious fish. Just some leerfish, horse mackerel … What was besides that? We know that there wasn’t any chub, walleye, carp and sturgeon. A Bream! Cheers! Well done.


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