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Fishing is fun!

My name is sergeant Brian Beliveau. I
work for the Springfield Police Department in the city’s metro unit. We were approached
by partners from the US Fish and Wildlife regarding the Cops and Bobbers
program. We’re dealing with primarily urban youth. I think geographically there
is no ponds or areas for children to fish in the city. For my area in
particular this was an exciting opportunity for them to come down here
and to do this. My name is WaNet Mattews and this is my son Blessed. Hi They had really talked about the Cops and Bobbers. How this year you don’t have to
really bring your own fishing pole that they’ll bring the supplies and everything you need. The kids can come for free and be able to used to supplies so I said, “Oh that’s great!” It was actually a phenomenal turnout and it was was exciting to see kids who might not have ever even like seen a live fish pull them out of the water and
start screaming and running around in circles. And when we went they had everything. They had
plenty of poles. They had plenty of bait. Remember they had worms? A lot of
the Rangers came around and it kind of helped us. My son, he found out how to- how do you look for the trout? Remember the stripes? Long stripes. And there’s golden trout. Yeah, golden trout too. So we found out the ways to look
for different fish. So how many pumpkinseeds did you catch? Four. Yeah, you caught four. We had one cop who kept coming over. I said, “How do you do this?” He said, “Hold on let me get someone!” because I didn’t know how to take the fish off the hook. So yeah, it was great. It kept their interest a long time. They were all very enthusiastic. A lot of
smiles on their faces. A lot of pride in what they were doing so
it was a phenomenal, phenomenal event. Will we come next year? Yeah. Yeah. Did you like it? Yeah. It was very fulfilling. It was very exciting. A lot of kids had fun. I know that not just him but he met other kids and they had fun too. Maybe we can just fish like
someday when the fishing derby is not even here. For more practice? Yeah. I wish there was like actually some like penguins here. There’s no penguins here! Because if we had like a fake squid and put it on a hook I could just put it in the water and then just catch a penguin. So the goal for next year is to catch a penguin? No!

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