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Fishing Minute Tip: My Favorite Trout Setup

Hey there! You have closed captions on! As you may have noticed already, I verify and do random comments through all my videos Hope you enjoy these random “easter eggs.” ๐Ÿ™‚ Did you know the F5 is for Family, Fitness, Firearms, Finances, and Fun!? Me neither….wait…. Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well! Welcome to another Fishing Minute. Today I wanted to show my preferred set up right now
for trout fishing. So this has been my most successful set up and I wanted to
share what I’ve discovered. You can see how I kind of realized what I got into
during my first trout fishing video, but wanted to show a little bit more clearly
and up-close this setup. So starting off I have my ultralight rod. I am saving up
to get a little bit larger one, but you know this TravelMate’s been doing really
well. I have some six pound test line and I had to go down to my little barrel
swivel with the clip on the end. After that I have it connected to a trout
magnet hook as well as their little jig that they provide their little lure. And
a little bite by Gulp! and here you can see the one that I’m using the Gulp!
corn/maize. This has been primarily or mostly successful right now for me on
the river. So what I’ll do I’ll cast upstream and let the current take it
down and carry it down in front of the fish. There’s even in this video I’m getting
ready to show, you’ll see that I can actually see the fish. And so you’ll see
me just sort of cast it and plop it down right in front and it worked out really
well, but you can go and cast it further upstream and let it carry it down slowly
reeling it in to help out and you know get it back to you. So anyway, I
hope you enjoyed this the this catching video. This is me fishing in Asheville,
North Carolina the day they restocked the trout in June of 2019.
So they just restocked it and I went back to my favorite spot over in Asheville and
here’s what happened: I will go to a new spot, I promise. But you can see why I like it I’m curious to see how many people are using subtitles and notice these comments If you do see these closed captions, leave “just keep swimming” as a comment. Also, I’ll do a shout out on future videos of favorite comments Yeah, that fish just wiggled off the hook and took off. You can barely see it in the water. What was extra fun about this fishing trip was my wife and son were with me after doing a surprise visit. Got to see me catch the first 3 Sloooooow Moooootion…. I was proud of this moment. He slipped out of my hand but I was able to catch him bare handed! That’s 3! You can actually see 2 schools of fish in the water. Handheld cam cast and almost catch. Happened a couple times What other types of videos would you like me to do? I finally got a more trout friendly net, so containing the trout will be a whole lot easier! Required selfie. Lol Do you prefer the fishing musical compilations or the ones with no music and me saying “Got one! Got one! Got one!”? Let me know in the comments Thanks for watching this video! Hope this
was helpful. Hope this is entertaining. Let me know if there’s any questions
that you may have. I’ll be happy to do more of these little Fishing Minute
videos. Let me know what you do for your favorite trout setups. I have some ideas
on some other lures I want to try. Of course, you know, doing our research to be
better and better fishermen never stops. And so always happy to…
so always enthusiastic to learn from more experienced fishermen and even
local knowledge is critical. So anyway that’s all for now! I’d love any support
through likes, comments, subscriptions, but that’s all for now.
Goodbye, God bless, I’ll see you soon!


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