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Hi everyone, is February 12 and hope good
weather outside yes is good day outside. Hello we away to fishing, My and Martin just made
it on the sprinter. Hello everyone we here see you for a wild, (music) we not catch any
fish today, see you next video, we at sprinter station to waiting for the sprinter, (the
train), we waiting for train, I talk to yo when I get in Escondido, I we back heading
home we not catch anything, It nice out there, good weather (yep),we catch little bites,
we catch a pier, and we saw family nemo the bird. you saw a movie family nemo (it goes
mac,mac) Preston and I back home from fishing, so we back home, My friend Preston want to
say something we say the bird and my fanny family nemo sound, You saw a movie family
nemo Disney movie Hi everyone, Martin want me make the sound effect if you ever watch
family nemo, Best the haping today not fishing today we say lot birds out there we get close
to them but you get very close to the? the bite!! no little seen in the movie they goes
(ma,ma,ma,ma) yes in the movie so that best wildlife we saw today no fish today but we
catch pier no bady, not anyone pier today catch nothing, So anything we back home , good
time (so) good weather, so that end of fishing day today (yes,day 1) Next month catch us
go back out there again. But we might go to Oceanside harbor next you see us, So stay
turn for that, and take easy every buddy , OK by people, by,by.


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