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Fishing on the Green River near Liberty, Kentucky – Catfish & Drum

We’re out here on the Green River, near the town of Liberty, Kentucky and I’m pretty much targeting whatever I can catch
today – I know there’s some channel catfish in here and also some drum so I have chicken liver on one rod and night
crawler on the other, and just going to see if I can hook into something. We had a good bit of rain here last
night and that has made the water be pretty stained and there’s a
little bit of debris floating down so I’m not sure how that will impact my fishing.
Also there’s rain in the forecast today so hopefully we’ll be able to hook into
something before we get rained out. there we got something not sure what [I think] it’s a little channel catfish a really small one Well there’s something in the river, anyway. This
thing is only about, I’m gonna say 11 or 12 inches long at the most but it’s a start. I think I’ll give him a protein shake and throw him
back – let him grow a little bit. I got something with a little more size on not huge, though I’m gonna say it’s either a carp or a drum no, I might be wrong about that nice little drum here notice there’s a a line some people have a little trouble deciding whether something is a carp or a
drum but you can see there’s a line that goes right back along the side – a lateral line that goes clear from
front to back – I don’t know how well you can see it on the video but I’m told that if it has that we’re looking at a drum and not a carp so I’m gonna take this little fella home and fry him up to eat. Out here on the green river again and same spot I was at yesterday but the water is considerably higher now
had some more rain yesterday and it’s uh… really muddy and lots of debris today
worse than yesterday

  • Yeah, he had quite a time getting it in. Much of the fight is not shown in the video. It was in current when he hooked it, and it was all he could do to pull it upstream without breaking the line. Thanks for the feedback!

  • I don't think they really look very similar at all. It's just that they have the bottom-feeder nose on them, and some folks jump to conclusions. Where did you have to go to catch a drum? I wish there were some around here (PA).

  • We took a trip to Norris Lake in Tennessee. Filmed 4 videos while we were there, 2 herping, 2 fishing. I didn't get the actual drum catch on film, I was fishing by myself that morning, but we got some fantastic smallmouth bass action. Was that one any good? Mines still in the freezer, gonna eat him soon, but if they are anything like their saltwater cousins, should be really good eating.

  • I had the fillets in my brother's fridge (where we were staying while in KY) with the intention of frying them up sometime before we left. Somehow the time got away from us and we didn't get to it. I'll need to call my brother and ask him how it was. I've heard they are good.

  • I know the feeling. Seems like I've been working too much and fishing too little as of late. Last month I only got out one time. Hope to change that this month. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Look up "freshwater drum" on Wikipedia or Google. That should give you all the information you need.

  • love your vids, I'm from northern ky and fish a few times a week, I recently started fishing at a pay lake where they have as much as 70 pounders in there, but I only been catching 20-30 pound shovel heads, and no blue cats, whats up with that

  • I'd be happy with 20-30 pounders – so far I've caught those only in my dreams. But a 70 would be nice, too!

  • Are drum good eating?? And can u catch them in jersey cause I never caught one of them…nice catch!!!!

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