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Fishing rod repair / Essential to you / rod building

When the fishing rod guide is damaged. Repair, and how to replace it. Strip epoxy to remove the existing guide. Be careful not to damage the rod ~ It also provides a clean and smooth finish. So what’s with the guide ?? Secure the guide with tape. We will proceed to line 1.2 as a line. It fixes the ply. Approximately 5mm from the tip of the body of the guide Start from the back If you open it a little, push it forward. Cut a fixed ply Proceed again. Please wrap the line up about 5mm before. To finish the line by putting the line inward at the end Pull out the pile with the overlapping line. Pull strongly to finish the knot. Paints colors to match the load and color. If you apply the epoxy beautifully, the work is completed. You should apply it evenly at first and turn the rod at a constant speed. If you have any help, please subscribe and enjoy.
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