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Fishing the FIRST EVER Redcrest: PART I of 2

♪ Ready for the feast ♪ ♪ That’s all within my reach ♪ ♪ It’s all in my reach ♪ ♪ I’m going all the way ♪ – [Brandon] Get in here. ♪ I’m going ♪
– Ooh, hey. ♪ Yeah my blood is rebel ♪ ♪ I’m going ♪ – Gotcha that time sucker. ♪ I’m going to another level ♪ – Got her There we go. ♪ To another level ♪ – There we go. – Aw it’s a good one. – Yeah! I’m pumped right now, that was intense. (typing) – Today’s our little like, production day so, two day’s of practice and now we’re heading in to do a little production work, photos, video, that will run this week on live TV show, all that. So, we gotta go get some goods. Make us look pretty. I have no idea. This one would be super cool to win because it would surprise me. Those are my favorite ones.
– Some of your bigger wins, did you know you were gonna win before, or were they surprises? – Um… I had a pretty good idea. You’re welcome. – I appreciate ya. It was fun to watch.
– Thank you. – [Videographer] What’s going on here? – Hero shots. Buncha heroes. Buncha bad mamma-jammas. – [Director] And when you
look up at me cross your arms. – Okay. – [Director] Three, two, one. (dramatic music) – [Videographer] There you go. – Don’t film that. – [Director] When you put the paper down, look at the camera, the same look. – To be the best, you gotta beat the best. In this format, you have to catch ’em. I’m proud to be one of those top thirty. I’m excited to be here. I’m here to win. Here to
take that trophy home. And walk away with the big fat check. We just finished up shootin’ video. Photos for REDCREST. I’m changing out of my jersey. – [Videographer] It’s gonna get weird. – Get outta here. – [Videographer] I’m gonna close
your guy’s eyes real quick. – Get outta here. Ready… – [Videographer] And… what’s up dude? – Let’s go. – [Videographer] Going
back to the camper, right? – Yes, tackle prep. Gotta shoot some videos
for (muffled speaking). – [Videographer] Tell me
what the deal is tonight. – Oh, we’re having a little General Tire appreciation
dinner, thinga-ma-jigger. So, the top thirty guys and
their significant others are attending this dinner. Don’t worry, we’ll be back before nine. (chill music) – [Videographer] What’s today? – Day One, of the, REDCREST Championship. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. – [Videographer] How was practice? – It was not good, have not found much. What? – [Tiff] I thought it was good. – My practice? – Yeah. – Someone hasn’t been
listening very often. – You must not talk when I’m here – [ Videographer] To be
fair, he said Chickamauga, he didn’t find anything. Actually he said, he
might’ve found a very small – When he says he has a bad practice, it’s usually a really good turnout. – [Videographer] We’re on to you. – No. – [Videographer] We’re on to you. – I had, I have one tiny little baby area. After that, freestyle. Like, take me an hour to fish small area, picking at every grass particle apart. – [Brandon] It is cool
that it is the first one. Though there will only be one group of thirty that ever fishes the first REDCREST. That’s pretty cool. Where it goes from here, who knows but, it’s pretty dang cool
to be in the first one. The only place I had
confidence in was right there, and there’s already
two boats sittin in it. Zack Birge and Michael Neal. Parked right in it. Almost guaranteed, here them on the score tracker. Ugh. (rock music) Oh weird, he weighing one in. (laughs) Oh weird, he weighing another one. It’s gonna be brutal. Gosh, dang it. And another one. Sure, you can blow up on
my frog and not eat it. – [Score Keeper] Ten inches. – Not that big at all. He
just felt like a giant one. (rock music) – Get in here – [Score Keeper] One pound, seven ounces. – Get over there. – That might be two, oh that’s a big ole green one. Good large mouth. Yeah, that’s a big. Stay on there. Stay on there. Nice. That’s more like it, two-twelve baby. Stay on there, stay on there. Yes. Yes. Make somethin happen here. Good one. Choked it too. That’s why I thought he was big, he had a mouth full of
water when I set the hook. Smoke and a pancake, eh. ♪ Oh-Oh-Oh ♪ ♪ Into the wild ♪ – Okay. – [Score Keeper] End of first period, you are currently at thirteenth place with thirteen pounds, ten ounces. You are two pounds, ten
ounces outside tenth. – Not bad. Thirteenth. Thirteenth, with thirteen pounds. I don’t know, we’re making the most of it. That’s all I can say. Cause, not being able to fish the best stuff except for after it’s been pounded, we’re making do. It disappeared! The whole frog was frickin
gone under the water. Not very big, but I finally got one. Figured the trick out, just don’t watch your frog. Getting somethin’ goin’ finally. Gol-lee! (rock music) It’s fighting like a
catfish, no it’s a bass. It is fightin’ weird. B-X Brat goin’ to work. If that is a bass, that is a big one. Gosh, it choked it. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Two casts in a row. Yeah. Feels like another good one too. Get in here! There we go. Gawd-dang. I think there’s some bass on that jetty. Think there’s some bass up there. Glad those guys left. I’m like one bite away from first. Changed real quick. (laughing) Got a little different
pep in our step now. Patience, Kyle, patience.
That’s all we needed today. Just a little patience. Period two, better than period one. Finally got to slide on in where I
wanted to fish originally. Fish it the way that I wanted to fish it. And we were able to catch some fish. (dramatic music) – Ah, feels like a good one. Ease up, there we go. (laughing) That was awesome. That was so cool. He came on glued to that thing. For the people, so I’m talking about fish. Suppose to eat the frog for the people. Small mouth, easy there buckwheat. There we go. Come on, slight move. (upbeat dramatic music) – [Score Keeper] Two pounds, one once. – Nice. Today was… an interesting day. I didn’t expect there to be two guys sitting right where I wanted to start. – That was a long day.
– First day! – Thanks. – (muffled speaking) – [Videographer] Worked out pretty good. – Like just sit there and watch. – Yeah, it’s a lotta day watching. – From our home base. – Find somethin’ in your last hour? – Not really. Not really. – We’re in eighth place, fifty-one pounds, we
gotta a nineteen pound lead over twentieth, the cut line, to move on to the next day. So we need to be in that top twenty. Like I said, nineteen
pound lead over twentieth. So, decent lead, but we’re
still gonna have to catch ’em, to make somethin’ happen. Look, I don’t see Micheal or Zack yet. We’d almost have it all to ourselves other than the locals. Alright, day two. REDCREST Championship. It’s a little foggy this
morning as you can tell. Oh, who wants to bet on
a backlash first cast. (dramatic music) – [Brandon] If I can’t see it, or what the problem is. He didn’t even touch it. Got to be kidding me. I mean look at that like, they suck it under and nothin’. (dramatic music) Finally played one smart. Made it good finally. Took ’em a hot minute to get it. – [Score Keeper] One pound, three ounces. – It’s a start, it’s a start. (dramatic music) One, seven. – You’re four pounds, like five ounces above twentieth place. – Gosh, dang that’s not good. Oh no you’re okay. Four pounds above twentieth. Man, yesterday was so much fun. Why can’t we do that again? (dramatic music) That was a bad, bad first period. Real bad, worst than yesterday. Still got about twelve
pounds over Strader. There’s where I kinda
went, ooh this isn’t good. – [Score Keeper] One pound, five ounces. – Get second period started. Gotcha that time sucker. Helps just look the other direction. I’ve already set the hook. That’s gotta be movin’ us
back up the board a little. We’re gonna run the ways, we’re gonna go down river a ways. Hey bass, where you at? (dramatic music) – Oh, it got me on a rock. That’s not good, or grass or somethin’. Tryna’ keep ’em off the rocks, and eight pound test, got me on the grass. Got ’em over the rocks. Can’t drop my talons. He’s right there, I can see him. Oh gosh. Got ’em, that was a train-wreck. And how much do we have? Oh gosh, (laughs). That’s scary, oh we’re in fifteenth. It’s important to have as many people between you and twenty as possible. Ooh, hey. There we go. There we go. Come here
Sampsonite. Look at him. He’s all hunchback lookin’. – [Score Keeper] pounds, eleven ounces. – There we go, that a little- We gained a little bit of a gap. Almost like eight pounds over twentieth. Oof, that was stressful for a little while. Got that one area, outside of that, I don’t really
have confidence in anything. Maybe, where we caught
all those small mouth. At the end of today, but those aren’t gonna
get it done tomorrow. Can’t catch them quick enough, and I don’t think there’s enough in there. How big do you want it? Do you want it like the whole page, or just like a little spot? You don’t know? Are you gonna have other people sign it? – Yeah. – Okay, I’ll just sign it little then. Yesterday was a lot better than today, but I kinda laid off the area that I’m concentrating on. I have one really small area that I caught fifty-one
pounds out of yesterday. And then, today, I caught some more fish
in there this morning. Started in there, and then ended up leaving and trying to go find some new water because weights are gonna zero. I fish again on Saturday, and I’ll have a live camera in my boat and I gotta make somehthin’ happen ’cause outside of that one area I really don’t have anything. So, I was tryna find some new water. Hopefully I can come up
with somethin’ on Saturday, or just a new group of fish move in ’cause I don’t know if there’s enough to make it ’til Sunday. (dramatic music) – Oh big booty Judy? – [Videographer] Yeah- My Venmo for this week is big booty Judy. Only one dollar bills. – [Videographer] (laughs)


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