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Fishing With Gummy Worms and Catching a lot of Catfish

Yeah we got all these fish covered up with ice… Yeah ya’ll gonna need a bigger boat if you
keep catching em like that. Oh you broke the block up. Yeah that block ice it will still
hold even though you broke it up. That’s a big one here. Hold him up for me. Awe yeah
grab paddle back over there that way he can get a good picture of him. Awe that’s a nice
fish, blue cat huh? Blue cat, we got one spotted cat. (Fish) Alright guys, We’re coming over
there, that would be great I want to take a look at this I’m excited about fishing I
come out here and fished for 3 weeks and I had to go home because all I was catching
was turtles and snakes but I didn’t think to use Gummy Worms I’ll be honest with you.
LOL I got a piece in the front the Gummy Worm! That’s a spotted cat, see him down in there?
Yeah that’s nice, let me get a hold of this thing and hold it still, yeah that’s good
eating right there, now here, here’s your best eating right here, what is that it’s
green? That’s a yellow catfish, spotted catfish they call it. That’s you that’s your best
eating right there, get a picture of it. That’s your best eating. Rake some of that Ice back
so he can get a picture, yeah that block ice is gonna work real good that Spell Family
Sno-Block Ice look there is the big one right there that is a big fish, awe yeah oh yeah
that’s 20 lbs right there 18 pounds maybe Alright guys I appreciate it, ya’ll come back
anytime I’m open 7 days a week oh you open 7 days? Yes sir, I will see you again then.
God Bless Ya’ll. You too! Spell Family Sno-Balls featuring block ice, nachos, frito pie, ice
cream and candy. Like us on Facebook, I said, Like us on Facebook, Like us on TV like us
on Facebook, for something sweet to eat, like us on Facebook for service after the smile
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