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Fishing with the Law: Kathleen Stuman – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

(music) [Kathleen]
There you go. [Fisherman at event]
Uh, yeah, I caught my first fish today. I caught another yesterday and it’s awesome. [Laura]
Laura [Kathleen]
Laura, nice to meet you. Come on up. Y’all want to carry your poles?
My name is Kathleen Stuman and my event here today, it’s a Kid Fish for the Special Needs
and also for the Special Needs adults. [Randi Wayland]
There’s nothing more satisfying than to see a 50-year-old adult catch their first
fish. [Kathleen]
Got one over there. Looks like Nancy got one. [Randi]
I’ve been helping her and she’s been helping me and I call her my daughter. [Kathleen]
There you go, Lindsey. Look how big it is. All right! Awesome. Fist bump. All right.
I used to go fishing a lot, deep-see fishing with my dad. I enjoyed that and just being
outside and I thought it was pretty cool when a couple of game wardens came over to the
boat and they wanted to see the fish in our ice chest. Just checking it out and asking
my dad questions and I was just sitting there like, okay, what did we do wrong? And he goes,
no that’s their job. And I thought, man. And then they drove off in a boat and I thought,
man, that’s cool. [Young fisherman]
That’s a big one. [Game Warden]
You going to cook it for dinner? [Fisherman]
Yeah. [Game Warden]
You want to catch another one? Let�s catch another one. (laughter) [Kathleen]
I started watching other fishing events with kids. I thought that was pretty neat and I
wanted to do something a little bit different. I started thinking about my dad and how I
enjoyed fishing, and I wanted to bring the kids to enjoy that, what I enjoyed. To give
back to him. (music) Since he passed away with cancer, I wanted
to kind of look at these children that have these needs. Nice to meet you. (child laughter) I think it’s an honor to be a part of it,
to be accepted as a game warden into this job and, uh, I just with my dad was here to
see it. I think it would have blew his mind. Because he loved the outdoors so much, too. (music) It makes me feel good inside that one of these
kids, I mean, if they catch a fish and they’re jumping up for joy and laughing, I mean that’s,
that’s what this is all about. (camera click) Awesome!


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