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From Tuna to Sushi: Visiting the Tuna Cutting Show and Tasting Fresh Fish in Tokyo – LIVE JAPAN

Good morning everybody!
I am Lulu, a reporter for Live Japan. Today, I am at Japan’s largest wholesale market, the Tsukiji Market. In addition to sushi, seafood, and ramen restaurants, you can also purchase various goods at Tsukiji Market, such as cooking utensils. Today, I came to see the tuna cutting show that is held every week. Let’s go! The tuna cutting show starts from 10 a.m. Go ahead and take a photo, it’s the last time it’ll look like that. Let’s start! Wow, it’s big! Come a bit closer. Yes, huddle right up! It’s 10 now, so let’s start with the tuna cutting show! You’ve waited for this, so go ahead and take a look at the belly. That is otoro (the fat underbelly of the tuna). First, let’s take off the head. It’s being beheaded! Now that we removed the head and the tail we will cut the tuna into four. This right here is the most difficult part of tuna cutting. The left side is otoro, the right side is chu-toro (medium-fatty tuna). Chu-toro (medium-fatty tuna) Right, it’s properly prepared. Bring out the knife! Now I’ll cut with this long knife. This knife is long and flexible. It is used by holding the tip of the blade. The two of us make the cut. It’s teamwork. Come on, count loudly! One, two – go! Next is cutting the otoro. You’ll hardly get the chance to eat tuna as fresh as this, so is anyone hungry for some tuna? is anyone hungry for some tuna? The otoro looks so amazing. I want to try! Well then, let’s go inside the restaurant. Yes please! I’ll dig in now. Itadakimasu! In which order should I eat? From the left is akami (lean tuna), chu-toro, abura-toro (broiled tuna), and naka-ochi (flesh from the spine). I eat from the right side with my right hand. It’s delicious! Very delicious tuna I don’t think that there are many restaurants that stock an entire tuna, so what are the merits of doing that? Inside the tuna are various parts as well. They differ in sense of touch and taste. Our restaurant has its own tuna cutting show, but some valuable parts, such as the crown of the head, naka-ochi, and kama-toro (fatty tuna from the collar bone), are valuable rarities, and you can only get a bit from each fish. Being able to cut these rare parts is a big merit. I think there are only merits of cutting an entire fish. I got to enjoy very fresh, very delicious tuna! The Tsukiji Market is supposed to move to Toyosu in 2017,
but it has not been confirmed yet. Even if the market moves to another place, the Outer Market will
stay as it is, so rest assured! So, when you come to see the Tsukiji Market, make sure to visit Tsukiji Sushi Ichiban! It’s so~ delicious!

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