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Frost Premium Ice Fishing Line – The Evolution of Best Ice Line

The Clam Outdoors line up of the Premium Frost Fishing Lines are all made with top of the line quality materials, high tolerance and the perfect balance between providing strong hook sets and seeing the subtlest of bites. This is what we call the Clam Blue X Factor. Something we as anglers tend to focus on is the lures we’re using the rods we have, the reels or the rest of the technical aspects of our fishing system what we’re often overlooking is our line which is the most important link to the fish. I’m Lucas Matzke from Clam Outdoors and I am here to tell you about the revolutionary new Frost Ice Line from Clam Pro Tackle. Lets drive in and take a closer look! As you walk through the aisles of your favorite sporting goods store or bait shop you often times notice the endless arrays of fishing lines that come in all sorts of pound tests, diameters, colors, and materials. It would be easy for an angler to get confused with all of these. Clam Pro Tackle believes it has has come up with a line up of new fishing lines called the Frost Line Up that has the perfect balance of strength, sensitivity, and quality that is going to make your decision much easier the next time. The NEW Frost Ice line up of fishing lines was designed with all ice anglers in mind. Its unique engineering is a Japanese design that comes from the highest quality raw materials available. This angler friendly design allows for the line to come off your spool straighter giving you less coils and headaches. The Frost Line up comes in three different models, the Frost Mono, Frost Fluorocarbon, and the Frost Braid. This diverse selection lets anglers match their fishing line with their presentations or specific species they are chasing. Both the monofilament and fluorocarbon come in two different colors as well as a range of 1-8lb test. This gives anglers the ability to set up their rod and reels for something such as finicky bluegills or monster walleyes. One of the first things you will notice about both the mono and fluoro lines is they are nearly invisible once they hit the water giving anglers the stealthiness needed whether going after leary fish beneath the ice or fishing clear water. Frost Braid can be found in either a smoke or high vis yellow and it has a range of 2-15lb test giving anglers a range of applications on the ice. Not only does the new Frost Ice Line Up give anglers a wide range of applications, it is the smaller and often overlooked details that are going to increase your success on the ice. All three of the different lines are highly abrasion resistant giving anglers peace of mind as that line is rubbing against the bottom of the hole that they aren’t going to lose that trophy of a lifetime. Other benefits include low stretch which provides stronger hooksets. The line up is also designed for cold weather and the winter elements which means you don’t lose strength and suppleness in the cold. Finally, Clam has gone as far as making sure that these new lines have been IGFA tested – meaning your line and diameter are true and incredibly accurate. If you want the catch the best, you need to fish with the best spool up with some Clam Pro Tackle Frost Line The results speak for themselves!

  • This is the only line I will ever use>>> I have use mono filament in the past and I will never use it again. Strong knots, doesn't get brittle, higher pound test for smaller diameter, no memory. I am very happy with it.

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