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is really big if you so I keep its nose
like hands alright guys we just hooked on something big
alright guys welcome back to another episode I’ve been here quite a few times
I have found three guns here so far I am bringing my new magnet here anyways
we’re going to throw the 1500 pound brute down here so we can’t find
anything nothing what is that now for sure what this is
it does look like it’s junk anybody knows what this thing might be
go ahead let me know down in the comments oh god something we got there hey that couple bolts and screws okay
that fine knows all time not for sure what that is oh look at that got a
little rabbit on it I wonder where it goes – anybody knows what this goes to
let me know down in the comments something on there yeah there’s that big
ol hook alright guys we just hooked onto something big is really big alright guys I feel I got it Oh guy
thing look at that I think it’s really hard to get all the
water does the junk over in well here’s the game warden and see what
he wants how the glory vineyard these things does a little bit things right
there so far I’ve and I are very long time
found three guns died here so far yeah yeah yeah he I in the past not today
yeah I turned him into Marion County he’s finally gave them back to me a
couple days ago yeah so they gonna find anything linked oh yeah man you too
thank you guys I just pulled up a big on that this thing though the fishing lures
in it that was a good thing we got that out of the water it’s take a look what
we found today we did not find a whole lot today because I’ve been here so many
times this is the same place where we found it three guns and the sword if you
guys been watching but we did pull out this bill ran out of this room I think
it was more a hot that I did find this I’m not for sure what this goes to let
me know down in the comments if you know what this goes to it little does have a
little rabbit on it I’m not for sure so just let me know it looks like I found
some sort of bracket it is piece of junk did find this fishing lures


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