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Giant Tub of Sea Creatures! Animal Planet Shark Toys.

Hi My name is Ethan. And my name is Cole And today we got this big uhhh. Animal Planet bit tub of Sea Animals Let’s open it and see what kind of Sea animals there are Whoa A Lemon Shark I think Shark! Why is there trees? It’s a sea volcano There it is. A giant Octopus Whoa Look at this big dolphin We got one of these. I forgot thier names Oh my goodness Blue Whale Look at this shark Here is coral. So what is this thing Look at this shark Got a little volcano some more coral Here is a Whale Shark Looks like we got a tiny little lemon shark A little tiny blue whale Got a little sea turtle Some more of this We got a bunch of this A little whale shark A dolphin Got a killer whale A little humpback. A little crab A little lobster A little shark! A little hammerhead Some rocks Got a little dolphin A little octopus A starfish! Like Patrick Oh a sea snake A sea horse! A eel! Some more rocks Oh. A octopus And the rest just rocks Look at this shark And thats it This set comes with three big whales and one little whale And also comes with two big dolphins and on little dolphin A big killer whale and a baby killer whale. A big hammerhead and a baby hammerhead shark A big whale shark and a baby whale shark A sea turtle Three lemon sharks A big giant octopus Eel, squid, octopus, lobster, and a sea snake Two sea volcanos And a lot of rocks and coral I think it is the best, awesomest, and coolest sea creatures I’ve ever seen. This is the best sharks Ive ever had Thats a good word Thanks for watching! Please subscribe for more fun

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