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Gone Fish’n and The Video Speaks for Itself

(upbeat guitar) (logo whooshing) Mr. Fisher you have a parking ticket on India Street. Yes, Your Honor. Is there anything you wish to tell me about it? Your Honor I’m not from Providence, I’m from Woonsocket, and I go up there fishing. I take my son every Friday night to go fishing and I park in the same area every week, and I been fishing for the last nine weeks and never received a ticket. You know, so I wasn’t sure. There wasn’t no signs and I just received this in the mail. I wasn’t even aware. Mm-hmm.
Your Honor. Did you take photographs of the area? I didn’t, Your Honor. Yeah. I wasn’t even aware that I had the ticket. I received it in the mail. Mm-hmm. So you learned the ticket after it tripled? Yes. So it was a $30 ticket, now it’s $90? Yes, Your Honor.
Mm-hmm. Did you catch any fish? Yes.
What did you catch? Stripers. Oh, you catching stripers in the bay? Right on the storm barriers. I have a picture of one if you wanna see one. Sure. He took a picture of a fish, not the parking spot. I didn’t know. Were you fly fishing or were you just? No, not fly fishing. You weren’t fly fishing, huh? That’s what, three pounds? No, that’s about uh, that’s 24 inches right there. It’s not the legal size. It has to be 28. Oh, you had to throw this one back? Yes. Did you throw it back?
Yes, always. We’re gonna turn this over to the fish warden. Always. (laughing) It’s happening everywhere, Judge. The catch and release. How old is your son? My son just turned four. Four?
Yes, sir. Oh, and you got him fishing already, huh? Spend a lot of time with him, I guess, right? Yes.
Yeah? Did you bring him to court this morning? No, he’s at home, it was too early, he’s sleeping. All right, I’m gonna give you a break on this. Thank you so much, Your Honor. If you go down there again, check it out. There’s probably a sign there. Okay.
You know, if there’s not, then obviously park there, but if there is, find a place where there isn’t a sign. But on the condition you continue to take your kid fishing. Right?
Always, yes. You gotta spend time with him. Yes, Your Honor.
Those are precious moments that you’ll never forget.
Yes. Good luck.
Thank you. I love that Christopher takes his son fishing every Friday night. That’s a bond they will share together for the rest of their lives. Sharing your passions with your children will not only give you a way to connect and spend quality time with them, it will also help them grow by expanding their world, activating their imaginations, and most importantly, by getting their faces away from their phones. Good luck fishing this Friday, Christopher. And if you have any extra striper filets, you know where to find me. Patricia Buente. Good day. Good morning. Patricia, you’re charged with going through a red light on Service Road Seven and Broadway. Yes.
You think you did it? No, I don’t.
You don’t? I think the (laughs). Tell me what you think. I’m not familiar with the area. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Let’s assume that you were like in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Right.
You ever been there? No.
No. And you’re driving down the street, and you see a red light, what do you do? I stop. Well, it doesn’t make any difference if you’re familiar with the area (laughs). Well what I’m saying is.
It has nothing to do with it, it’s the light. Oh, you’re right, you’re right. But um.
But what? I think I’ll stop. Okay, we’re gonna take a look. Okay.
Okay. You’re so lucky, we have a video of it. Let’s take a look at it. The light is red, and you made a right hand turn. Now, up next to the light, it says right turn on red after stop. I didn’t slow down to stop. My lights are on. No, you slowed down. You had two choices, slow down or tip the car over. (laughing) So, you slowed down, right? Well, evidently, the video speaks for itself. She’s stealing your line, Inspector Quinn. Your Honor, I’m sure she must’ve heard that one time before Judge. It was sort of a close call, I thought. Now Inspector Quinn, she doesn’t have any previous record at all, so what do you suggest? I’ll have to check the accident records for the rollovers that she was involved in. If there are none, Your Honor, I say you agree to dismiss. No, that was my first one. Trying to get familiar with the area. I’m from Wisconsin. You’re from Wisconsin?
Mm-hmm. Oh, you didn’t tell us that. Now it’s gonna be $120.
Oh, hold on, how did the Celtics make out last night in Milwaukee? They won. The Celtics won? Yeah, they did. I’ll stick with my decision then, Judge. (laughing) Alright, under Inspector Quinn’s recommendation the matter is dismissed. Thank you very much. I believe in the power of a good catch phrase. Gary Coleman had, “What you talkin’ about, Willis?” Paris Hilton had, “That’s hot.” And Ziggy Quinn has, “The video speaks for itself.” Sounds simple, but it took years to perfect my understated, yet powerful delivery. Your Honor, the video speaks for itself. Your Honor based on the video evidence, the video speaks for itself. Your Honor, the video speaks for itself. Patricia, if you are going to quote me in my own court room, at least give me credit, or next time it will be “Hasta la vista, baby.” Copyright Arnold Schwarzenegger. See, Patricia, it’s not that hard. All rise and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge, subscribe now.


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