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Googan Rod Challenge EXPOSED | TRUTH about Rod Selection

don’t break on me don’t break on me hey
guys welcome back – under episode of ask West I’m here in the Dick’s Sporting
Goods fishing Department I wanted to quickly address something I’ve been
seeing on YouTube lately it kind of scares me a little bit you see these
dougen rod challenges and they’re you know it’s hype videos anything you know
pulling trucks and and testing that gear out it gets different gear but one thing
quickly I’m a team member of loose I’m sponsored by lose and I noticed they
compared a lose combo to their googan rod combo and I don’t have anything
against that but it kind of scares me the only thing that scares me is that I
think there’s a little bit of misinformation I don’t know if I want to
call it misinformation or not but I think we’re like I think people could
get the wrong idea of what this rod and reel combo is good for so here I’ve got
two googan rod combo all right seven foot six inch and it’s a special type of
glass combo that favorite rods come up with to be ultra strong so it’s similar
to an ugly stick got a ton of Bend I don’t know if y’all can see this but the
thing is just a noodle which is awesome it makes it extremely durable to the
point where you basically cannot break the thing but as a bass fisherman to me
that is not the best thing that you want for bass fishing you know if I was gonna
buy a rod and reel combo for a kid that was in you know Four to five year old range
probably yeah a combo like this if you’re doing some live bait bobber
fishing or something that combo would be really good but you know my kids are in
that seven to eight and I think anybody beyond that range somebody that wants to
really learn about fishing that kind of knows that they’re interested I don’t
think that’s really the right combo for them so going back again we’ll compare
this to the lose this is the American Hero same price range $60.00 rod and
reel again two-piece seven foot six much more backbone in this rod I don’t know
if you can see that you have the bend on it probably doing a
bad job of filling that but anyway different action entirely so instead of
that really light like a light action rod very moderate action you have more
of a fast action in this loose rod and I think that’s very important and the
reason is is because we have graphite incorporated into this rod you know it’s
important i m6 so it’s a 6-ton graphite rod now if you know anything about rods
and reels I can do a tutorial on this later if you guys really want that but
the higher the tonnage is and of course it varies depending on what kind of
graphite you’ve gotten the rod you know different grades of graphite are
obviously a lot more sensitive than others but for the majority of the part
the higher the tonnage is on that rod the more sensitivity you’ll have but it
is get more brittle as you get higher tonnage as well so this low tonnage like
this it’s going to be relatively durable but it’s also going to have a little
sensitivity there and to me that’s extremely important you know if I’m a
beginner that’s bass fishing or if I’m a beginner
that really wants to get into to more than live bait fishing bobber fishing
you know say you’re you’re throwing a little jerk bait or a little crank bait
or a shaky head drop shot a lot of the things that these combos would be good
for you want that additional sensitivity that you’re gonna get with that graphite
in there it’ll help you when you’re detecting bites learning how to detect
bites for the first time so you’ll be able to do that you’ll be able to fill
those bites and kind of get an idea of how to properly finish a whole lot of
techniques other than just you know moving techniques or live bait
techniques so I think you guys should take a peek at that not trying to get
not trying to knock lunker’s TV or any of the güven squad I just wanted to get
some some different information out of there I feel like some of this stuff
that we put on these videos can be a little bit misconstrued so I’m just
trying to give you some good information going out there shopping for a rod me
personally I would be getting if I was looking for a rod in this range I would
be getting something like to lose something that’s really one piece is
what I’d be looking for I would spend a little more for a combo get a one-piece
rod hiya tonnage of graphite as I could
closer 7-foot I think that would be ideal I’ll give you guys some
recommendations down there but comb it down below
tell me what you think as always guys if you liked the video go ahead smash that
like button subscribe to the channel share it with your friends I really want
to get this information out there because I feel like it’s very important
that we inform you know the younger generation that’s getting up and fishing
the guys that are just now starting out and I feel like for a lot of things that
googan rod would be good they’re doing combo would be good but you know if
you’re getting into bass fishing if you’re a little bit more serious it’s
probably not the combo for you in that price range thank you alright guys again
talking about good combos in that same price range that’s a gook and rod that
lose laser combo the American Hero the American Hero actually has a faster gear
ratio then the googan one looks like the laser is the same gear ratio you want to
go back over here seven plus one ball bearings on the loose reels I think it’s
six plus one on the American Hero the googan one is only four plus one so
that will affect your I’m smoothing this overall and I’m gonna say that the lose
reel did feel much smoother you can see also here that we have a two-piece rod
on this one as well now what I promised you guys was a recommendation what I
would recommend is get something a little higher price where I could get
that one piece rod so we’ll go to the Mach speed spin again this is a grand
total of twenty dollars more than that other combo you run down here you can
get the one-piece versions of the rod they have the two-piece down here you
can get for one piece that’s what I would recommend that seven-foot medium
action and that’s a higher gear ratio again it’s a six to one so it’s a little
bit nicer reel faster gear ratio you can see overall a little bit better
rod we’ll see here again same thing I am six but anytime you have one piece rod
versus a two-piece rod you’re gonna get a lot more sensitivity through that
blank it’s gonna be an overall better combo for a beginner than something
that’s two-piece or something that doesn’t have any graph

  • I’m just going to come out and say it I used to love flair and lunkers but now I don’t even watch them because all it’s going to be is promoting their sponsors buy favorite rods buy mtb buy my merchandise. And don’t even get me stared on the clickbait.

  • Let me know some of you HONEST opinions. Do you disagree? What are some combos that you recommend for beginners? Do you want an in depth video explaining graphite rod tonnage?

  • It is a ugly stick, It’s not designed to fish for bass like Lews.. Googan is pretty pricey for what you get. Might be a good shiner rod .

  • The googans sure as hell aren't what they used to be. I'd much rather watch raw fishing footage with in depth explanations than Google Maps secret pond Ebay bat lure mtb challenge gone wrong almost died bought a tank buy my rods extravaganza. Also, 90 percent of the info out there applys to big resoviors and river systems, which is no big deal, but learning about how my home lakes in Michigan work is very entertaining. Thanks Ben Nowak!

  • Finally someone put it out there, I see where they are going with it but they need one for someone really wanting to fish

  • Good to see your info on this kind of stuff need more of it love your vids man hope to see some more of them big ole smallies I also use to watch the forgotten but got where I can’t stand to see them and I’ve been catching a lot of bucket mouths down here on lake Gville been so great I think I’m gonna lay out work a few days after the memorial holiday hopefully all the boats on the water don’t make it to muddy lol anyway keep on hookin em

  • Using the name to sale a cheap product $$$$$$$$. Bottom line you would be better off with one good rod and reel versus 10 of that cheaper product.

  • Good on you for trying to be informative rather than trying to sell a product. The Googans are feeding on ignorance to sell sub-par product as far as bass fishing goes. The same can be said for Favorite Fishing rods. For the money, it's not worth it for BASS fishing. If you're a bank catfisherman it's probably for you. I'll always favor REEL Fishing (you, Mikey, others) over a disguised infomercial.

  • I haven't watched anything 'Googan-related' for quite some time, but I think that you hit the bullseye on the principle of the matter. If someone is just a beginner / youth / dabbling in fishing, then a cheap combo will be fine. However, if that person becomes more invested in the sport, it is important to understand the technologies, materials, and their characteristics to make an informed purchase.

  • I’m not huge on open face. The only open face I have is the lews American eagle like this video. Huge difference for the bass bite. Googan rod made every bass that hit feel reel finicky. The American eagle is 2 piece rod and I felt more of a bite and structure. No comparison whatsoever. I don’t understand why they pulling a car and etc. if you can’t get a proper hookset that’s not going to matter and pulling a car is nothing like pulling a fish that’s going where it wants turning their head oppose to pulling a car. I don’t dislike googans but it’s clear they are just trying to make money.

  • Thank you!! Ive never been of a fan of the "ugly stick genre." I'd rather get the right rod for the job with the sensitivity i need for that application.

  • I think this was perfectly said! I personally like Lunkers (Rob), and I wouldn’t be butt hurt by this. Two totally different rods, and I feel like their mission was to make a durable rod. In that they have succeeded, but failed to really implement the bass style rod that you really need when fishing a wide range of baits. Good video man.

  • I've personally stocked the American Hero combos for a store due to their price point and my customer base. I've picked up the Googan rod and reel combo as well and there's not much of a comparison. I've also stocked the Ike kid's fishing combo at a lower price point….decent, but heavy rod and not a great reel. Absolutely agree with the rod "stiffness" or action (fast/extra fast) for bass fishing. The stiffer rod will store and release energy more quickly, resulting in a longer cast (not sure my physics is 100, correct me if wrong). I've noticed a stiffer rod requires less movement to affect the bait, versus a rod like an ugly stick where most of the energy is lost in the material itself. Bass fishing: stiff rod (except crankbaits) and light. Good, light reel. Lews makes some good stuff, never used them, but seem to be high quality, light and great bearings.

  • Pflueger trion is good combo for about 60 bucks. Only downside is if you get a 7’ it only comes with the 4000 size reel. I like the 3000 size better. But just a personal preference.

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